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Re: 4-3 or 3-4 vs the read option


Posted: 1/15/2013 10:31 PM

Re: 4-3 or 3-4 vs the read option 

0tter wrote:

IMHO you're better off in a 43 if you're going to play against the read option.  Since the purpose of any option defense play is to limit the options of the QB and force him to make a mistake (or attack your strength) you are probably better able to focuse on playing a fundamentally good defense than a defense that sacrifices fundamentals for disguises.

The 34 relies more on the disquised zone blitz and catching the QB by surprise.  But against an option a blitz leaves an opening.  If you're playing base 34 v. 43 you are more likely to give up 3-4 yards rather than 2-3 yards just because of reaction times from your backers.

In general you just need to play an honest defensive set.  You do that with a solid front 7 that can play disciplined.  And a bend/don't break defese like Belichick/Romeo  that gives up small chunks of yards in the middle of the field but keeps everything in front of them and tightens up as they near the redzone. 

IMHO NFL defenses in the past 3-4 years have become more undisciplined at the line in response to pass-first offenses.  You get guys who gamble against the pocket pass and don't look to defend the run or stay home in their position in case of an option.  Positionally they've build around more ends with speed.

The success of the read option is likely going to see a response in defenses where they work more at fundamentals.  

Frankly this is a good time to ignore the trend on offense and go more pass oriented - not less.  And against a read option offense you want ends like Courtney Brown rather than Jabaal Sheard. 

Thanks for the detailed response. I thought 4-3 at first too, but then I was thinking that a fair amount of read option works off misdirection. If the offense isn't sure if the 4th (or 5th) rushers are coming from one side or the other, they could roll right into a tackle for loss. Likewise, you can't cause hesitation in a LBer who's shooting into the backfield anyway.

Just thinking.....
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