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RE: Attacking D = Reboot


Posted: 1/29/2013 2:26 PM

RE: Attacking D = Reboot 

Horton believes his defense will be difficult for opponents to prepare for.

“I use the word multiple front,” Horton said. “Coach Rob uses hybrid. They’re the same term. They’re just different semantics of language. We are going to be a defense that gives offenses problems. Our guys can play a multitude of things. I don’t like to get pigeonholed into, ‘Well, he is this.’ Here’s what we’re going to be: We’re going to be a team that looks at the offense and tries to take away what they do best. Now that may mean one snap being a 5-2. The next snap it may be a 4-4. It will be predicated by what the offense does, and we have athletes that can stand up, that can put their hand in the ground, that can run. So that’s why I go back to the multi-front defense. I can’t tell you what we’re going to be right now. It depends on who we line up game one against. What do they do? What do we need to take away? The thing I’m most excited about is I have a group of athletes that can run and hit and they’re not limited to just saying, ‘Coach, line me up in a specific front, number system and play.’ Just run and hit.

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