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Re: Attacking D = Reboot

Posted: 1/25/2013 1:53 PM

Re: Attacking D = Reboot 

Gary Reents wrote:
I wonder what his real weight is. I've seen it at 255, 260 and 264. I suspect its more like 270 now.  I suppose you can get him to drop down to the 255 lb range. He's got the athleticism. His 40 time was 4.69  and his vertical leap was 31 inches. WHich puts him about the middle of the 2012 OLB numbers at the combine.

But I don't believe he's played LB of any type in college so he would be pretty lost out there if asked to cover.
Oh yeah.  The experience part would make me think it's not a project worth taking on.  Not really arguing that point.  Although if we were I'd mention that it's arguably just as difficult to learn 2gap technique as a 34 DE as it is to learn coverage and responsibilities of a 34 OLB. 

Frankly I wasn't that high on him as a 43 DE.   I think he's a system DE who benefitted a lot from Taylor's presence.  I think they can find a guy with a few years experience who is more predictable as a 34 OLB regardless of who they draft.  And they should be drafting someone regardless of who they get in FA.
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