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Re: Attacking D = Reboot

  • redright
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Posted: 1/13/2013 8:57 PM

Re: Attacking D = Reboot 

Question...who fits?

Don't we need speed or at least more speed than what we have at LB? And Doesn't an attacking D require better play from our DBs?  Only Haden and Ward seem to fit.  Shorty has speed but can't tackle or cover and the rest lack tackling skills. At least, I didn't see a lot of good fundamental tackling by our DBs, excepting Brown and he is likely to move on.

And if we are an attacking D, don't we need more from our DL? even if it is based on a 3 man line, we should have some DL that can rush a passer.  Watt is not available and it looks like Sheard is being placed at LB.

Just have a bunch of questions as what our attacking D will be and how the players we have fit.  Looks as if we will need  a half dozen additions. So who fits?  Where do we get help and who?

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Posted: 1/13/2013 11:07 PM

Re: Attacking D = Reboot 

I think you guys are going nuts over nothing. I really think this will be a gradual transition to a system where we can use both. Chud has stated that he will build a system that takes advantage of the talent that is there now.

Personally i think he stays mostly 4-3 and starts filling in pieces first that gives him the flexibility to switch back and forth. I think the big tell on how close he thinks it is will be in Free agency and where he spends the dough.

There is a LOT of talent in the FA Safety position this off season. D Goldson who would fit perfect in the AFCN would be a huge upgrade. The safety in Buffalo is another option.

I think this will be a lot more gradual then we are talking here. If chud stays true to his word he will build the defense around what is here and add to it.
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Posted: 1/14/2013 7:08 AM

Re: Attacking D = Reboot 

We can get the 2nd corner and starting FS in FA. The pass rushing OLB with pick 6 in round one.

Bob's your uncle.

Wake me up when we are 10 and 6...

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