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Re: Chud's PC demeanor

Posted: 1/14/2013 12:09 AM

Re: Chud's PC demeanor 

Respectfully disagree. Haslam and Banner are not hair trigger type guys. THey want continuity because they know continuity gives the same value as an extra 2nd round draft pick. 

OTOH I totally agree that they demand accountability. So I see the new regime as pushing very hard, and getting Chud everything they can so he (Browns) can succeed.

Therefore, in one sense you are correct about the hair trigger thing. If they see Chud is over his head and cannot do it. They will fire him. They will not take the chicken way of Mike Holmgren who wasted a whole season by giving Mangini an extra year. But here again they are not like MH whose paucity of research resulted in the hiring of the tepid PS.

They have done the homework. Chud has a proven record of adapting to the talent of the players he has and enhancing it. We are a much better team today, solely because we have Chud and no longer have PS.
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