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Re: Racket


Posted: 1/12/2013 7:51 PM

Re: Racket 

Lumpy wrote: Chad is our Cowher. When that name meant nothing............

HE wants to be here and would have paid money for the opportunity to do this.

Beats chasing the little girl with the curl who won't give you the time of day.

Been nothing like this since Bernie picked us.


I like your Kosar analogy.  And most certainly most of us on PF didn't want that cherub Kelly.

But....the still needs to prove his merit.
There will be ups and downs and sideways rounds.

Let's see what kind of staff and scout network is built.

10 years ago when apple stock was hovering at 8 bucks a share and threatening to go into the tank , Tried to convince those I new who had cash going to waste to buy all they could stand , three stock splits and a couple millionaires made over night later with a stock that sells in the mid five fities those basturds who disn't listen have nothing but remorse.

Anyody can pick the sunday games with Mondays results  lump .

The fools in this case are te ones who didn't go after the job .

We have 50 million in cap , a young roster with beaucoup  experience a young coach who wants to be here  who got a thousand yards receiving and damn near 400o yards passing out of two brain dead dweebs amssing a 10 -6 record with a brain dead head coach , with a roster who overall wasn't fit for some teams practice squads .

Now years later with more training Joseph returns from Egypt to show the family what he's learned, and they're flush to take advantage.

It just feels right , that's all I can tell ya .

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