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Re: Chud's PC demeanor

Posted: 1/12/2013 5:11 PM

Re: Chud's PC demeanor 

mattvan2 wrote:

--- mistero wrote:

This is what else I took from it.


I love the Browns and no one needs to make me watch a power point slideshow to help me understand why Steeler week is everything.

Chud is one of us.


So was LeCharles Bentley.
Yeah but if Chud messes up his knees he can still coach.

How do you know he can coach with good knees? By what he did in Cleveland last go around? Chud is already the savior of the franchise and still hasn't got a parking space in Berea yet. All because "he wanted to coach here" and "gets" the Steelers "rivalry"? Really? We love this guy because it was last call and we've been striking out all night and someone finally pays attention to us so they must be the one?

Browns fans will swallow anything as long it makes us feel good about our home town.
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