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Re: OT: The Puyallup Fair is no more . . .

Posted: 01/18/2013 12:50 PM

Re: OT: The Puyallup Fair is no more . . . 

AntiDuckDawg wrote:
BurntridgeDawg wrote: Effective 2013, The Fair will be known as the Washington State Fair.

Anything with "Puyallup Fair" on it becomes a collectors item.

Went to a shareholder meeting yesterday and learned mucho.

Note: - after I married Mrs BRD, I learned she is the great great grandaughter of the president of the founding fathers of the Puyallup Fair.  She gave me one share, and we attend The Fair 3-4 times each fall + the spring fair.

Anybody interested in "Fair Stats" = I can post, but there are 4 pages of these Fair stats.

By the way, we get 102 entrance tickets to the fall fair, and have 80 commited - the rest we try to find folks who want to go and save money entering the fair.  You know you spend money at the fair.

The roller coaster is being rebuilt and plenty other upgrades going on.

The Fair is the 2nd largest fair in the U. S.
It was the Western Washington Fair all along!!  I grew up in Puyallup, and I got lucky enough to move.
All posters every year advertising The Fair are hanging on the walls of the office complex.  "Western Washington Fair" is many of then but not all.

At the meeting, plenty talk on "collector items" in addition to Fair business.  "Puyallup Fair" logo is no more.

By the way, chatted with the guy who "gets performers" to perform at the fair.  They have more requests from name performers than they can handle.  C&W is the biggest draw, particularly during the rodeo portion.  Some performers are very very pricey.  By next week, they should finalize all 2013 performances.

A construction bud lives 4 blocks from the fair.  Guess where we park?biggrin
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