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Understanding Recruiting and Building a team


Posted: 6/24/2013 5:53 PM

Understanding Recruiting and Building a team 

This years class is going to more about building a team and depth. There is not going to  be much playing time available here in the next few years with last 2 recruiting classes

Our main focus is OL i guarantee we will have a top  OL recruiting class this year, Other than OL special teams was a concern and we addressed the issue with a kicker i know you star gazers hate that offerpirate

Building depth with quality players is important they are the back bone of a team,  Piling up with 5 star players at each position year in and year doesnt work They want to come in and play they are not going to wanna wait 2 years for their turn. Than you have transfers and you start getting thin at some spots. 

Some of you that get caught up in the Rankings and Recruiting hype  have so much to learn on how to build a team.

Never question an offer from any staff that has seen the kid in person at camp, Believe it or not those are the safest offers you can make.


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Posted: 6/24/2013 7:00 PM

Re: Understanding Recruiting and Building a team 

The point of recruiting is getting to a position where it is never imperative to have to sign that ONE recruit for critical depth or instant impact as a freshman. It is about building the program to the point where you taking about the same #s of players at each position every year, ideally, with adjustments being made for depth due to injury/transfers/idiocy as seen fit, and the staff can use extra spots for recruiting the best player available, not an extra OL b/c a walkon will be #7 on the depth chart if you don't, or guaranteeing playing time to a knucklehead b/c both the staff and the knucklehead know that the team doesn't have anyone nearly as good available to start for them otherwise.

Socialism works fine until you run out of other peoples money........
                          Margaret Thatcher

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Posted: 6/24/2013 7:11 PM

Re: Understanding Recruiting and Building a team 

Both of you make great points. Thanks for the insight, truly.
The wise shall inherit glory, but shame shall be the promotion of fools.
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