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Posted: Today 5:48 PM

Re: Anyone notice that the worse Michigan becomes.... 

i feel you on this as a ND fan (I know I wont get much love here for that).   It really humbled me as a ND fan but we had to be down for 15 years and some fans still don't get it.  Michigan can bounce back really quick if they hire the right guy but as a fan of a rival team I hope they keep Hoke or hire another Hoke type and wallow around for 10 more years.  Always puzzled me reading this board that some tOSU fans would root for scUM outside of conference play (even though they are obviously a small minority).  Yesterday was the perfect setup for a tOSU fan, everyone win in the BIG but scUM, let them get embarrassed.  If MSU continues as a top 10-15 team yearly they have already replaced scUM in the conference.  If Franklin is the right coach for Pedo State then the big will be fine because Pedo State will be top 15 too.  Wisconsin can be 10-25 depending on year.  Nebraska 15-30 with Pelini could go even higher into the tOSU / MSU / possible PSU range if they hired an elite coach instead of just a good coach.  Iowa / Rutgers / Maryland are all capable of being borderline top 25 teams in good years and never being truely bad (Illinois bad).  BIG will be fine and although the SEC will be hard to catch can easily still compete with the BIG 12 and PAC 12 and should be better than the ACC 80% of the time.  The downfall of the BIG is overrated but the downfall of scUM is not.  You can easily root for the BIG to be strong except for scUM to be embarrassed / humiliated at the same time.
AZBUCKFAN wrote: ...the more delusional they become as well? They refer to TOSU (who has OWNED them so far in the 21st century) simply as  "Ohio". (Maybe they're too stupid to know the actual name of their rival.)

They refer to MSU as "Little Brother", too. Well, "Little Brother" has been kicking their asses in recent years...with no letup in sight. 

This just goes to prove that they need SEVERAL more seasons of humiliation to bring their moronic fans, players, and coaches, back to reality. I cannot believe there are any self-professing Buckeyes fans who want them to improve to re-establish some balance in the rivalry. Screw them...let them wallow around in their delusional muck for many years to come.
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Posted: Yesterday 10:18 PM


ArdyB wrote:

--- calibuckeyefan wrote:

oh how the mighty have fallen..

these kind of losses at michigan are not even surprising anymore..   
when was their last good team.. 2006?


This is a new low for them. They need a slam dunk hire to revitalize that program.
WRONG! They need several more seasons of humiliation. biggrin

A PROUD 1%'er
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