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Lunch Bunch Report 1/05/04 -- Jamie Newberg by JezebelJacket


Posted: 3/31/2007 3:01 PM

Lunch Bunch Report 1/05/04 -- Jamie Newberg by JezebelJacket 


Henry Halliday announced that Anthony Lawston has been readmitted and in enrolled for Spring semester at Tech. Unfortunately his eligibility is up.

Today’s speaker was Jamie Newberg, The Insiders, College Football recruiting expert.

1. Jamie has spoken at the Lunch Bunch five or 6 times before.

2. Jamie introduced Scott Kennedy who is also with The Insiders. Scott is the Southeastern recruiting analyst. Scott has worked four or 5 years for The Insiders. Scott really hustles.

3. Q: What happened to Border Wars? All Rival boards went a different route. Jamie could not bring the name with him. Wanted to cover more nationally. Now is

4. Congrats to Georgia Tech and Chan Gailey. Jamie admitted that he was one of the naysayers at the beginning of the season. He did not think that Tech had a prayer. Gailey has done a great job this year. Two keys things happened this year. 1) Jon Tenuta coaching the defense and the front 7. 2) Having a franchise quarterback in Reggie Ball.

5. Tech is much further along.


7. When you have a Reggie Ball it really helps with recruiting.

8. Tech has a great building block.

9. P. J. Daniels has been very special.

10. Recruiting ranking doesn’t really mean a thing.

11. Maryland probably has the #1 recruiting class in the ACC. GT is probably in the top 3rd of the ACC.

12. In regards to recruiting you have to fill in your needs, get the kids in school, and then coach them up.

13. Tech is bringing in two quarterbacks: Kyle Manley, 6’3”, 185, Buford HS, Buford, GA and Taylor Bennett, 6’3”, 201, Lafayette Senior HS, Ballwin, MO. It is really hard to recruit quarterbacks. Tough position. GT did a great sell job to get both of these quarterbacks.

14. Jamie saw Kyle play as a junior. He was pretty impressed. Throws a nice ball. Not going to blow you away but gets the job done. Quarterback is a position that you look for poise and leadership. Kyle already possesses these qualities.

15. Taylor Bennett is a southpaw. Taylor did not start his junior year. Scott has seen Taylor play. Taylor is raw. There is no pressure to start him right away. Scott says that he is a “gunslinger”. Great mobility. Fearless, maybe too fearless. Two different guys with two different styles. In regards to Taylor, when they arrive raw you don’t have to break bad habits.

16. Q: What is the story behind Taylor Bennett with regards to Boise State and Georgia Tech commitments? A: Jamie was not sure, could only speculate. Supposedly the Offense Coordinator at Boise State was up for a head coaching job somewhere. He may not be there for that time period.

17. Q: What made Georgia Tech go after Taylor Bennett? A: Jamie said that he peeked their interest after the Nike Camp.

18. Kyle Manley is more of a proven commodity.

19. Two (2) RB’s coming in. Two “bruisers” from the state of Pennsylvania. Mike Cox, 6’2”, 248, Red Land SHS, Lewisberry, PA. Will probably play FB at Tech. Justin Guadagni, 6’1”, 228, South Allegheny JSHS, McKeesport, PA. Justin can play on both sides of the ball.

20. This year’s class has a lot of versatility.

21. Tech has recruited the state well.

22. Tech has recruited all over the country.

23. Tech needs to get students with 3.0’s and of course at least 900 on their SAT’s. There are a lot of kids that don’t meet those requirements in the metro Atlanta area.

24. Two (2) WR’s commitments. Patrick Clark, 5’9”, 168, Mandarin HS, Jacksonville, FL and James Johnson, 6’, 180, West Orange HS, Lake Mary, FL. Johnson is a Nate Curry type. Will probably play WR or CB.

25. No TE commitments yet.

26. Offensive Line. One (1) commitment. Jacob Lonowski, 6’5”, 275, Elkhorn Secondary HS, Elkhorn, NE. Technically our only OL to date. Will probably play offensive tackle.

27. Two (2) DT commitments. Elris Anyaibe, 6’2”, 275, De Soto HS, De Soto, TX and David Brown, 6’3”, 255, Bob Jones HS, Madison, AL. Elris is a center prospect. Will probably start off on defense. Scott says that he runs really well. Fun to watch. Pulls a lot; runs a lot. Real good football player. Plays well on OL. Jamie loves David Brown. David is “big time academics”. Both of his parents graduated from the University of Alabama. Jamie thinks he may be Tech’s biggest commitment to date.

28. One (1) DE. A. J. Smith, 225, Jesuit HS, Jesup, GA. George Godsey was from the same area. Very rangy. Great frame. Can play both sides of the ball. Jamie loves his motor on the edge.

29. Two (2) LB commitments. Travis Chambers, 6’, 220, Chamblee HS, Chamblee, GA and Gary Guyton, 6’4”, 215, Bradwell Institute, Hinesville, GA. Travis is one of Scott’s favorites. Kid is a warrior. 160-165 tackles as a junior. Probably 5’10 ½”. Terrific player. Gary Guyton is a Key Fox type of player.

30. One (1) Safety commitment. Eric Williams, 6’3”, 290, Metter HS, Metter, GA. Big hitter. Could be a starter for a couple of years. Rangy. Cover skills good. Hitting skills better.

31. One (1) CB commitment. Jamal Lewis, 6’, 167, Jonesboro HS, Buford, GA. Very quick. Runs exceptionally well.

32. One (1) Kicker commitment. Gary Cismesia, 6’, 190, Lakewood Ranch HS, Bradenton, FL. Kicked a 57 yarder this past season. Top kicker in Florida.

33. Tech is interested in Kyle Cook, a punter out of Woodward Academy, College Park, GA.

34. Calvin Johnson. If Signing Day was today, Jamie thinks that Calvin would come to Tech. Has an NFL body. Scott really gushes over him. Films do not do him justice. Unguardable at the high school level. Big strong hands. Big burst after the catch. Ability to block down the field. Will knock your block off. Missing blazing 4.4 speed. He is a phenom. Going to visit UGA this weekend. UGA needs receivers. Education is paramount to Calvin. Calvin wants to major in engineering. Calvin had a picture taken of him holding a slide rule.

35. Jamie was surprised that Brandon Miller (DE), Miller Country HS, Colquitt, GA -- visited Tech. Miller doesn’t say much. The State’s top player since Charles Grant. Runs well. Could play WR. Visiting UGA and FSU. He is visiting UGA last.

36. Q: What about Georgia Tech giving scholarships to kickers and punters? A: Just depends on the school. Some schools will give scholarships to kicker/punters every other year. Tech needs a punter. Don’t know what they will do.

37. Darryl Robertson (DE), Jonesboro HS, Jonesboro, GA. Is presently committed to FSU. Tech has offered. Darryl may turn and commit to Tech. Rangy kind of player.

38. Djay Jones, (S), Camden County HS, Kingsland, GA. Tech has offered. Tech is the frontrunner.

39. Raeshon Ball (CB), Stephenson HS, Stone Mountain, GA. Tech has offered. Raeshon is probably headed to GT. Q: Being only 5’8”, how does that affect him playing CB? A: Scott pointed out that Tim Wansley who plays for Tampa Bay Buccaneers is only 5’8”. Marcus Ball is a LB, 205, and is a sophomore. Probably the best athlete in the Ball family. The Balls are all strong. You ought to see Mr. Ball in the weight room.

40. Chris Davis (S), Marist School, Atlanta, GA. Tech has offered. Tech might get him. Could play WR, CB.

41. Andrew Gardner (OL), Sandy Creek HS, Tyrone, GA. Keep an eye on him. Tech just offered. Wake Forest and Duke have offered him also.

42. Will Judson (CB), Sandy Creek HS, Tyrone, GA. Very Fast. Could be headed to Tech if he gets his grades in order.

43. Q: How do Miami and Virginia Tech coming into the league affect us recruiting wise? A: It’s going to help all the ACC schools in recruiting, especially 2-3 years down the road.

44. Tech is in the mix for Darius Walker (RB), Buford HS, Buford, GA. Tech has offered. Tech is on the outside looking in. Darius is interested in Notre Dame and Stanford.

45. Jeremy Ciulla (OL), Kennesaw Mountain HS, Kennesaw, GA. Tech has offered. Jeremy will visit Tech. Scott says that Jeremy is going to Michigan. Justin fell in love with Michigan immediately. It is a “done deal”.

46. Justin Decker (OL), Struthers HS, Struthers, OH. Good chance that Tech could get him. Visited in December. Tech has offered.

47. Ronnie Palmer (LB), Spring HS, Spring,TX. Tech has a good chance to get him. Tech has already offered.

48. Drew Guase (RB), Springs HS, Spring, TX. Teammate of Ronnie Palmer. Will visit Tech. Tech has already offered.

49. Maurice Crum, Jr. (LB), Tampa Bay Technical, Tampa Bay, FL. Could end up at Tech. Tech has already offered.

50. Amos Gbunblee (TE), Cypress Springs HS, Cypress, TX. Has already visited Tech. Tech has offered.

51. Darryl Richard (DT), Destrehan HS, Destrehan, LA. Big time academic. Tech has offered. Darryl is looking at Stanford and Notre Dame.

52. The Bowl game win and the season really helped.

53. Q: Clemson’s visits are all done. Why do some schools wait until later? A: A lot of schools do it differently. Some like to do it in January. Some want to try and be the last school that the recruit visits so that the visit will be fresh in his mind.

54. Q: How do you rate kids? A: Rating is all in the eyes of the beholder.

55. Q: What about Kevin Patterson? Scott says no offer from Tech. No plans to visit Tech. Kevin Patterson is a CB/S, 5’11”, 171, Camden County HS, Kingsland, GA.

56. Darius Walker will be on Jamie’s Count Down to Signing Day show this Wednesday. Calvin Johnson may be a guest also.

57. Q: How do you find and recruit kids flying under the radar screen? A: It is very difficult. We have 13-14 scouts but there are 3,000 kids out there to scout. Tech always seems to find them.

58. Q: I am a product of the 50’s and graduated form Tech in Industrial Management. We didn’t have to take Physics and Calculus. What do you do regarding academics? A: Another Lunch Buncher in the audience stated that all kids at Tech have to take Calculus. Jamie: With the new NCAA rules, 20% of courses have to be completed by the end of their freshman year, 40% by their sophomore, 60% by their junior year, and 80% in their last year of eligibility. Tech just has to find the right student athletes.

59. Q: How do you get academic information about the kids? Will the kids answer? A: Usually go to the colleges. Scott said that when you talk about a recruit that Tech is considering, you do not have to worry about their academics because GT has already checked everything out. Jamie: Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia are the last 3 bottom states in SAT scores and academics. If you can not do the work load at Georgia Tech you will not make the 20/40/60/80 requirements. Core requirements went up this year. There will be more NCAA academic reforms in the future.

60. Q: Why didn’t Tech recruit Chris Covington (CB) out of Brookwood HS? A: Jamie could not answer that. Said that he is a great high school player. Okay speed.

61. It’s not all about height, weight, and speed. Player may look like Tarzan, play like Jane.

62. Everybody sees something different. It is tough for us to do.

63. Q: Curious, why is Tech recruiting so many players in Louisiana and Texas? A: Jamie did not know. One Lunch Buncher said that the connection was due to David Kelly. Scott says that Louisiana and Georgia are good states to recruit. 80 Division-1 players. In Louisiana, academics can be a problem.

64. Q: How is Gailey doing as compared to O’Leary? A: If you had asked me the season before I would have said O’Leary. But Gailey has done a good job this year. Tech is doing a really good job at recruiting.

65. Q: How do the 10 players flunking out affected us in recruiting? A: It has always been known that Tech is a tough academic school. Scott said he asked some of the players after it happened if they were getting enough help and they said “Oh, yeah!” Current Tech players are the best advertisement. There is proven stability.

66. Q: Since you are a Gator fan, what do you think is going to happen with Steve Spurrier? A: He could end up at UNC. Steve likes warm weather.

67. Q: What is your opinion of Ron Zook? A: Zook is a great recruiter, Really gets out on the recruiting trail…even with a bum leg. Getting it done with a lot of holes.

68. Q: What does Miami look like regarding recruiting? A: Miami turns kids down. There is tons of talent in Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, and Miami. Miami is going to do very well. In the top 5 in the country.

69. Some of the top quarterbacks nationally. Xavier Lee is a slam dunk for FSU. Brian Brohm is interested in Louisville, Notre Dame, and Tennessee. Rhett Bomar is committed to Oklahoma. Matt Tuisasosopo is committed to Washington. Chadd Henne is committed to Michigan.

70. Best QB’s depth wise in Georgia. Even more next year. D. T. McDowall, Tucker HS, Tucker, GA will probably end up at Nebraska.

71. Q: Will Dick Saban stay at LSU? A: Saban is not going anywhere. If he does he will not bring anyone with him from LSU. Saban is tireless. Defensive genius.

72. It’s fun to be right.

73. Q: Do you think that David Pollack is going to leave UGA for the NFL? A: Jamie does not think so. Who knows? If he is predicted to go in the first round then he will probably go. UGA may be the preseason #1 or #2.

74. Q: What about Nat Dorsey going pro? A: He could be a “1st day guy.”

TOP10B had the Prime Rib sandwich special.

Our upcoming speakers are:

January 12, 2004        John Zarzycki, GTAA Director of Marketing and Sales
January 19, 2004        John Carter, Georgia Tech Foundation
January 26, 2004        Danny Hall, Head Baseball Coach
February 2, 2004        Greg Garrett
February 9, 2004        Victor Menocal
February 16, 2004        Paul Hewitt, Head Men’s Basketball Coach
February 23, 2004        Jon Babul, Director of Athletics, Mount Paran School
March 1, 2004        Dean Keener, Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach

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