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The Water Cooler

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Pinned and LockedThe Hive at Forum Rules

Please read the following post for the rules and guidelines governing use of the Hive at

0 17201 RamblinReck 10/24/09 11:25 AM
by: RamblinReck

Anybody live near Prattville or Montgomery, AL

Im contemplating a move to that area. Curious about the area and places to live? We are a family

7 212 MidsouthJacket Today 5:47 PM
by: normjacket

Nice story about a "Hell of an Engineer" ...

"Football and Family : A Reflection on the Georgia Southern vs Georgia Tech Game"

3 76 AFRJacket Today 5:35 PM
by: gatech87

Ken Burn's The Roosevelts

Good stuff... warts and all. KB definitely didn't sugar coat it. Seven-part, fourteen hour film

9 360 GottaGoodBuzz Today 5:33 PM
by: poodle

What Virus Do I have?

My firefox browser has twice switched from yahoo as my home page to a firefox home page and

1 52 goldbybirth Today 5:15 PM
by: okeefe

HotScotland Vote on Thursday...

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

Thoughts?? Hard to believe this could actually happen....   A new UK flag would have to

70 1523 byteback Today 5:06 PM
by: TDHV84

Best Cellphone Plans

I've got a friend who asked me about the best cellphone plan (3 smarthpones is what she wants)

12 606 GoldMiner Today 5:01 PM
by: RamblingRick

Weird Question: What to do with extra sod?

So, we had our front yard re-landscaped and have 2 1/4 pallets of zoysia sod left over. The sod

6 268 TenaciousBuzz Today 4:53 PM
by: RamblingRick

Week 4 ATS thread

Multiple Pages 1 2 

6-8 on CFB Cooler picks so far and 5-5 on NFL.  Here goes Week 4 CFB... Alabama -14.5

32 581 GTJT622 Today 4:48 PM
by: CCjkt

Quail Hunting in Georgia

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Any of you five have a recommendation for a good spot to go quail hunting either in north or

25 670 gtjackets21 Today 4:47 PM
by: Peachtreebuzz40

25 Colleges Where Students Are Both Hot And Smart ...

Interesting list .  Some of the schools greatly surprise me.  What say you?

8 380 AFRJacket Today 4:46 PM
by: waltonbuzz

yet another MARTA observation

This morning the automated announcement indicated one could disembark at the Midtown station for

12 918 Jeff Today 4:36 PM
by: KMc83

Life with no NFL ?

Some interesting thoughts...

2 164 CCjkt Today 4:32 PM
by: KMc83

Help pick my next tablet (Google Nexus vs. Amazon HDX)

I'd like to replace my first generation Kindle Fire tablet with either the Google Nexus 7 or the

1 50 coldbeer Today 4:32 PM
by: GTKirk99

Philips Arena parking advice please

Just found out I'm going to the late 10:30pm Garth show on Saturday and I need help.  I imagine

8 315 RyanJordan Today 3:36 PM
by: dlc83

Week 3 Fantasy Football Thread

Multiple Pages 1 2 

With all due respect to GTJT, and besides the fact that week 2 is not "technically over

27 403 senoiajacket Today 3:13 PM
by: kidfabulous

Financial decision help

I've been given the option of taking a pension distribution from a former employer.  The amount

15 555 SlackJacket Today 3:01 PM
by: GTJeffC

Auburn has not won an OOC road game in 17 years.

How is that possible???? (BTW didn't research this saw it as a blurb for the Thurs night

12 1051 CCjkt Today 2:19 PM
by: WhiteandGoldmachine

Anyone actually replaced their laptop with a Surface Pro 3?

I'm considering moving to one.  I don't do a lot of high-powered computing- just word processing

8 500 89Tex Today 2:18 PM
by: rugbyjacket

Campground Recommendation?

Looking to take family camping in October to do some tent camping. Wife and I have been several

6 183 jimbo1 Today 2:15 PM
by: Buzzfan

HotFSU qb at it again

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Who thinks this might end badly for FSU..not this incident particularly but in the future, if

35 1883 georgytech Today 1:59 PM
by: wreckaholic

You're Welcome, Version 4.0

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...15 16 17 

Let's keep it going! 

322 5577 GTMoose Today 1:22 PM
by: HotRodWreck

Cashiers, NC - any tips?

Heading up tomorrow from the SAV.  Never been. Told the kid I'd take her fishing and hiking.

9 416 wesleyd21 Today 1:02 PM
by: 70GTGrad



4 776 AGJacket Today 12:57 PM
by: AGJacket

Next year's Braves...

I'm an optimist at heart, but next year's Braves have a chance to be markedly better (or at

14 517 tajacket Today 11:53 AM
by: LeatherneckJacket

Residential surveyor recommendations in North Metro

Need a residential survey for a home/.60 acre lot in the Peachtree Corners area. Any

0 43 coldbeer Today 11:47 AM
by: coldbeer

Tony Stewart case to go to Grand Jury

Didn't see this coming.  Thought it might have played itself out but the DA says he will be

4 539 YlJacket Today 11:39 AM
by: Presjacket

Anybody play Ingress?

Curious to know if anybody here plays Ingress, and if so, what area. I'm pretty addicted to

9 512 davelo Today 10:53 AM
by: colajacket

Laptop recco for 5th graders

One of my daughters wants a laptop to do school work.  The other one doesn't really care.  They

1 98 67King Today 10:04 AM
by: waltonbuzz

New Braves stadium naming rights announced...

Makes sense, my top guesses for a hometown partnership would have been SunTrust, Home

10 1051 NickaJacket Today 8:35 AM
by: GrumbleBee

UVA, UM and NC better get it done this weekend.

Up against BYU, Neb and ECU.  If not, we shall punish them even more than already planned later

15 635 GoldMiner Yesterday 10:38 PM
by: droopyGT

Apple Watch Thoughts

Fairly lengthy read, but I think this is a GREAT article from John Gruber.  He's probably what

11 508 kemble Yesterday 8:45 PM
by: fathead

Device Unlock/Iphone5s/Best for Selling

Hey yall.   I want to sell my IPhone 5S and upgrade to the 6, but I'm off my upgrade cycle.

2 375 BigGTMike Yesterday 8:39 PM
by: ylwjacket

SDAoTD™ Wednesday September 17....

Chimpanzees Inherently Violent, Study Finds What Set Earth's Plates in Motion? New

1 59 Buzzfan Yesterday 8:19 PM
by: porterjack

Rutgers "higher education"

No politics, of course.  Derision, laughing, etc. encouraged.  If you would like to answer the

12 841 GoldMiner Yesterday 4:49 PM
by: poodle

Humpday BOTD

1 843 jkmckay Yesterday 4:48 PM
by: jkmckay

Zesto on Ponce Closing

Multiple Pages 1 2 

The Zesto on Ponce in Atlanta is closing.  I love that place!  Good shakes, good chili

24 1185 vapspwi Yesterday 4:12 PM
by: gt1973

Falcon’s game concussion question

In the first quarter of the Bengal's game, one of their LBs hit Matt Ryan and had a hard time

1 154 dhand69 Yesterday 3:35 PM
by: Buzz4GT

ESPN article on Miami vs Nebrasks - what use to be

This is an excerpt listing the talent on the Miami team.  Crazy. If only the 1995 Huskers

4 314 root4gt Yesterday 2:19 PM
by: 1990Jackets

Come on, where's the Apple hate?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

It's one of the Hive's most endearing traditions: every time  Apple comes out with another

21 897 BunnyByYunkus Yesterday 2:15 PM
by: waltonbuzz
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