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The Water Cooler

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Pinned and LockedThe Hive at Forum Rules

Please read the following post for the rules and guidelines governing use of the Hive at

0 16791 RamblinReck 10/24/09 11:25 AM
by: RamblinReck

UCF vs Penn State in Ireland in jeopardy due to volcano

How's THAT for a thread title?  Story...

4 320 GTJT622 Today 8:03 AM
by: GoldMiner

Happy Birthday Hercules

The C-130 is 60 today.   Fantastic machine built right here in Metro Atlanta.

19 595 65rat Today 7:55 AM
by: KevinGT

HotJust sold my house

Multiple Pages 1 2 

It was on the market for one day.  As you were

34 1333 gtfan7773 Today 7:47 AM
by: pdt71

Atlanta weather

Looks like hot and humid is what's in store for Atlanta for the next 10 days.  Hopefully if will

5 733 pwalker8 Today 7:30 AM
by: pwalker8

The wife zone chart!

Multiple Pages 1 2 This is great!!!

22 1635 TechAKnee Today 7:21 AM
by: HotRodWreck

Warrant issued Ga woman in explosives case - chk those big guns

8 439 technodude Today 7:10 AM
by: BunnyByYunkus


Is the new Cabela's open yet?  We drove past the building last Thursday and the parking lot was

18 911 BornAJacket Today 6:08 AM
by: GoldSeater

538 Burrito Contest

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Anyone familiar with Bell Street Burritos in Atlanta? According to the Burrito

21 661 colajacket Today 5:27 AM
by: UE225

HotStrange restaurant experiences

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

We have all probably had our share of unusual things that happened to us or someone else while

65 1929 65rat Today 4:08 AM
by: 84Jacket

Small claims statute of limitations question

It is stated here   that the statute of limitations on small

0 45 AcworthJacket2 Today 3:57 AM
by: AcworthJacket2

List of Major Pet Peeves

1) People yielding to me in traffic. You think you're better than me because you're in the lane

14 673 buzzrocket Today 12:45 AM
by: Woski

16 yr old arrested and suspended for story re: killing dinosaur

16 757 technodude Today 12:00 AM
by: gthawk

Attorney recommendations in Western North Carolina?

Unfortunately, I find I need to hire a real estate litigator and was wondering if anyone has a

5 288 IG2BAFB Yesterday 11:52 PM
by: gthawk

HotMajor pet peeve: Bless you! after I sneeze

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Why does everybody consider this a courtesy to bless me after I sneeze?  When I dont acknowledge

35 1038 TampaBayJacket Yesterday 11:51 PM
by: gthog61

Book recs

I just finished reading what turned out to be one of my favorite books of all time - The Art of

17 617 kylemf Yesterday 11:27 PM
by: GoodTimes Beer

LP Question

The DHS has recently mandated that a business I work with add security (more fencing and

5 238 OracleJacket Yesterday 11:22 PM
by: GoldMiner

Quick Poll: Rent a Car in Kauai: Y or N

Going to Kauai the first week in September (no, not missing any games). We're staying at the St.

15 505 gtspewake Yesterday 11:02 PM
by: GoldMiner

Falcons resign Eric Weems This is a

3 194 technodude Yesterday 10:13 PM
by: WaCoJacket

Ebola to Atlanta

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

Great news! Emory is receiving an Ebola patient. I was hoping we would get the most

68 2311 GoldBeard Yesterday 10:05 PM
by: WhenYouSayBud

College Football Futures Betting....

So certain online sportsbooks and Vegas have Georgia Tech 500/1 odds to win the National

11 336 YellowJacket2000 Yesterday 10:04 PM
by: wesleyd21

I phone 5s now or wait for 6?

Time to upgrade phone. Thinking about crossing over to the dark side and trying the I phone.

17 855 KMc83 Yesterday 9:32 PM
by: xenoabe

Carpeting ??

There was a thread about carpet installation recently and best I remember there was no

6 294 okeefe Yesterday 9:22 PM
by: Bremstrallung

Anyone here who can explain Lyapunov exponents?

Just not making sense to me and I need them to make sense to me. Any help?

1 84 stinger78 Yesterday 9:18 PM
by: stinger78

Braves @PIT, @CIN, and @NYM

Late start on this thread.  My apologies.  The bats showed up in the first inning of the road

17 624 kidfabulous Yesterday 6:36 PM
by: JbtgoG

USA Today's Top 10 Engineering colleges

Interesting list.  While debatable as they all are, I give this list a B+ for having the nads to

19 1269 GTJT622 Yesterday 4:52 PM
by: okeefe

Lightning fried my TV today .. woot

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I'm now in the market for an extremely affordable replacement to my Samsung 37" TV, which

20 669 beej67 Yesterday 4:48 PM
by: colajacket

(Braves) All of the scummy stuff Tim Lee was doing is...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

...starting to come to light. Link 1 ^This isn't mamby pamby stuff. First link has two

30 1736 beej67 Yesterday 4:44 PM
by: colajacket

You're Welcome, Version 4.0

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...11 12 13 

Let's keep it going! 

248 4651 GTMoose Yesterday 4:43 PM
by: HVACjacket

Bill Tush talks about the early days of WTBS/WTCG

9 518 GTJT622 Yesterday 3:39 PM
by: yellow1990

O'Keefe HS recollections

Multiple Pages 1 2 

While reading about a favorite entertainer, Jerry Reed (of Smoky and the Bandit fame among

20 779 BlitzJacket Yesterday 1:05 PM
by: GaStinger2005

Lenovo 2-in-1 vs. Surface Pro 3

We are in the market for a new laptop/tablet and have played around with several at Best Buy and

4 395 sdr23555 Yesterday 11:13 AM
by: SmackEmJackets

Excellent Solution to an Inconvenient Problem

1 227 OracleJacket Yesterday 9:51 AM
by: colajacket

Wednesday (Humpday) BOTD

4 1197 jkmckay Yesterday 9:51 AM
by: colajacket

Emory Healthcare ebola talk

According to news media shortly before noon, the first of two patients that EHC has been

0 95 technodude Yesterday 9:29 AM
by: technodude

Thursday BOTD

2 754 jkmckay Yesterday 8:12 AM
by: jkmckay

SDAoTD™ Thursday August 21......

Paleolithic 'Escargot' Subglacial Life Beneath Antarctic Ice Sheet Jurassic Mammals

0 34 Buzzfan Yesterday 12:04 AM
by: Buzzfan

Apple 16 gb mini Ipad on sale at Target soliciting input before

I  purchase. I mostly just surf the web & email, Skype with Grandchildren, do some

5 342 georgytech 8/20/14 10:22 PM
by: gthawk

The Holy Grail: Allman Brothers at Fillmore East

...complete recordings has finally been released:

10 755 Beeski 8/20/14 9:32 PM
by: huntnbee

First day of classes at Tech today

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

My how times have changed.  I'm sure some of you fartekers recall the days of when we were on

63 1570 GTJT622 8/20/14 9:26 PM
by: gtrules
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