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The Water Cooler

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Pinned and LockedThe Hive at Forum Rules

Please read the following post for the rules and guidelines governing use of the Hive at

0 16145 RamblinReck 10/24/09 11:25 AM
by: RamblinReck

One big *** Flag Pole Great story, great engineering.

2 229 pdt71 Today 11:31 PM
by: techknowledgey


“But to you who are listening I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless

0 12 89Tex Today 10:51 PM
by: 89Tex

HotBraves open "2nd half" w/ 11 at home

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 

3 vs. PHI, 4 vs. MIA, and then 4 vs. SD (weekend wrap-around series w/ a Monday noon game)

101 624 kidfabulous Today 9:44 PM
by: pwalker8


So if you got a significant sum of money, more than is covered by FDIC insurance, and wanted to

7 397 70GTGrad Today 9:36 PM
by: TechAKnee

Why do women/girls wear high heel shoes?

To make their arse look better? To make themselves taller? Why?.. doing that contortion to their

6 471 GottaGoodBuzz Today 9:10 PM
by: originalwombat

Dan Uggla called up by the Giants

What an amazingly quick turnaround.

0 138 technodude Today 7:29 PM
by: technodude

Costco GT taligate chair

Multiple Pages 1 2 

So, either last FB season or the year before, I noticed some people tailgating next to us had

24 2115 WG19Jacket Today 7:16 PM
by: JacketDansWife

HotIsrael vs Palestine...who ya got?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...17 18 19 

After years of watching them poke at one another over and over, this time it looks like it could

369 2373 GTJT622 Today 7:12 PM
by: LeatherneckJacket

NFL to fine players for curse words and gang signs in 14-15

Great move by Commish Goddell. More details on this breaking news below.

0 22 technodude Today 7:00 PM
by: technodude

Ask the Hive: Father-Daughter Wedding Dance Song Recommendations

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I may regret this, but I'll do it anyway. My daughter is getting married in a few weeks. She

37 893 Presjacket Today 5:57 PM
by: Jacked

Seattle Recs?

Flying out to Seattle tomorrow (Friday) and staying through till Monday.  College roommate is

15 444 3rdGenerationTechGrad Today 5:55 PM
by: Jacked

Ray Rice gets 2 game suspension for knocking out his finacée

3 118 Vanillalite Today 5:41 PM
by: Sucrose3Kips

Man in road rage incident run over by own truck

1 192 technodude Today 5:39 PM
by: Sucrose3Kips

Favorite Cover Songs

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

It's been a while, and somebody else started some of these lists.  But what are some of your

76 961 colajacket Today 4:48 PM
by: 79rat95grad

HotPOLL: If you could club one of the following people to death....

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Who would it be? 1) Tom Shane (aka Mr Friendly) 2) Mike Geller (the other annoying jeweler)

31 1067 shipreck Today 4:46 PM
by: poodle

HotCan You Name This Company?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Its CEO is just 33 years old. Its CFO is younger than Katy Perry. The head of Investor

32 1301 gt1973 Today 3:45 PM
by: allamericanbuzz

Golf course review requests...

I've played St. Marlo, Bradshaw Farm, and Riverpines. Can you guys tell me how wolf creek,

6 264 WaCoJacket Today 3:29 PM

unplanned consequences from the World Cup.

Tens of thousands of Argentinians may not go home.

0 310 BornAJacket Today 3:23 PM
by: BornAJacket

MARTA eyeing North Line expansion up GA 400 corridor

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

North Fulton is doomed.  

61 1385 ArchEast Today 3:21 PM
by: pwalker8

Any Opie and Anthony fans out there?

If so, what do you think is going to happen with the show long term without Anthony? I

0 83 Techster1 Today 2:30 PM
by: Techster1

I'm beginning to think the [ps] is mostly just California

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...16 17 18 

Seems like every other nasty story comes out of there.  Makes you wonder if all their cops are

352 6610 beej67 Today 2:23 PM
by: beej67

anyone have an ESPN3 login/pswd I can borrow?

Trying to watch the CrossFit games today and this weekend and the only place to see them is

1 134 gtdmb Today 2:20 PM
by: gtspewake

Tech 11th out of The 50 Most Technologically Advanced Univ. Pretty

5 391 technodude Today 1:57 PM
by: droopyGT

2015 Masters Practice Rounds

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Any of you 5 get drawn? I didn't. Still allive for tournament Tix. Updated....... 2016

23 666 pdt71 Today 1:54 PM
by: NickaJacket

Another neat SpaceX video

Returning first stage for a controlled landing.  Their goal is to return one to land before

8 218 okeefe Today 1:39 PM
by: okeefe

Roddy White agrees to 4 yr, $32 million extension with Falcons

This is great news.

4 351 technodude Today 1:30 PM
by: xenoabe

Why oh why does the AJC

throw their sales "paper" in my yard when I've never requested it?  I've asked them

3 304 CCjkt Today 12:55 PM
by: 85jacket

Francouer called up by the Padres

I knew they were having a bad season but didn't realize it was THAT awful.      

14 729 CCjkt Today 12:21 PM
by: oldwreck

Any good history/nonfiction books been released lately?

I finished "Unbroken" a while ago and I need a new read.  Generally I'm attracted to

11 482 RyanJordan Today 12:07 PM
by: daBuzz

Dragon Con - who's going this year?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Figured it was about time to do a roll call. I'm ready for my end of summer vacation, I'll

24 1187 dtm1997 Today 12:02 PM
by: Jacketbuckeye

Jury duty......

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Have to report Monday morning. I know I should embrace my civic duty but I've been called

41 1363 poodle Today 12:01 PM
by: AFRJacket

Right now SCI, H2, and Discovery

are all showing alien shows. These are the 'smart' people channels.  Are they trying to tell

6 375 CheekGT95 Today 11:41 AM
by: ctmoore8

Italy recommendations - Amalfi Coast

Multiple Pages 1 2 

My wife and I are planning to go to Italy next month for our 30th anniversary. We went for our

35 1286 HLNEngineer Today 11:41 AM
by: LaGrangeJacket

Nick Saban is secretly a plumber!!!

0 226 Vanillalite Today 9:42 AM
by: Vanillalite

Anyone here like rugby or cricket?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

How did you become a fan of either of these sports? Have you played either game? ,etc.... just

24 475 LawrencevilleNole Today 8:56 AM

Dan Uggla to sign witht the Giants

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

Got themselves a great clubhouse guy.

60 1201 technodude Yesterday 8:37 PM
by: tajacket

UGA football target steals at Dwag Night

Do they not pay their recruits enough anymore?

16 1369 technodude Yesterday 8:35 PM
by: RyanJordan

Small Ball verses Long Ball

Ok, here is a topic that perhaps can remain light hearted.  On the Braves broadcast, the

4 391 pwalker8 Yesterday 5:25 PM
by: colajacket

America’s Top Threats in Space Are Lasers and Nukes

Interesting read with a GT mention

0 95 65rat Yesterday 4:48 PM
by: 65rat
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