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The Water Cooler

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0 17153 RamblinReck 10/24/09 11:25 AM
by: RamblinReck

Braves road trip

The Braves have absolutely imploded on this road trip.  They are 3-7 in their last 10 games and

9 225 pwalker8 Today 2:47 AM
by: AllanRay

HotUSCe gashin n slashin Dwags.....

Multiple Pages 1 2 

On the ground & In the air. 31-20. GO You visorboys!

28 911 GrumbleBee Today 1:25 AM
by: Woski

The latest GT license plates

I haven't really paid attention since I got one for my other car years ago, but I recently got

3 201 Buzzrock Today 12:37 AM
by: droopyGT

New Primo Smoker/Grill

I just bought one (18.5" round) off a guy who won it at his job.  Brand new.  Never smoked

3 289 Blowthewhistle Today 12:18 AM
by: Blowthewhistle

GSM Switch?

I have a need to remotely turn a device on/off and a GSM switch over the cell network seems to

1 75 OracleJacket Yesterday 11:36 PM
by: 65rat

Shark Tank

Just watched (rerun) a Tech Grad pick up a $500K investment from Mark Cuban for 5% of his

0 77 okeefe Yesterday 11:34 PM
by: okeefe

I did something today I havent done for many years

I actually bought a newspaper and read it.  Wow, I forgot what a simple pleasure it is to sit on

5 515 TampaBayJacket Yesterday 11:24 PM
by: Buzzrock

Are the Falcons who we thought they are?

Another dud on the road. Matt Ryan is the main reason why today's game was as close as it was.

6 338 technodude Yesterday 11:20 PM
by: LosAveJacket

Georgia Southern head coach's ball cap

& I assume the others as well had the GATA logo on the back, some of you youngsters

8 706 georgytech Yesterday 10:58 PM
by: gsupaintballer

Amazingly, a spot in the college football playoff

opened up last night. As my late father used to say, " I love it when Georgia loses, but

13 872 oldwreck Yesterday 10:09 PM
by: BackstreetBuzz

Adrian Peterson of the Vikings indicted on child abuse

Multiple Pages 1 2 

LINK This is not what the NFL wanted to hear today.

31 1124 ESPNjacket Yesterday 10:06 PM
by: YlJacket

Does EBAY still have our media guides for purchase ?


0 32 oldwreck Yesterday 10:05 PM
by: oldwreck

Week 3 ATS (Against the Spread)

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

OK - need your help as usual. Lines just came out. I will choose not to pick this game, but

56 910 stovallGT Yesterday 9:42 PM
by: ontheflats

Fitbit or Jawbone?

Inquiring minds want to know.

5 366 Dash12 Yesterday 9:27 PM
by: gsupaintballer

BYU QB Hill is 24 yrs old

Multiple Pages 1 2 

and he is a junior? What a unfair advantage they have with these mission trips! I remember

32 1138 gtjacket22 Yesterday 7:57 PM
by: poodle

Will the USC vs Boston College be re-broadcast?

I have tivo'd the re broadcast of ECU vs VT, but I can' t find the BC game. I know I can get it

1 58 DullDean Yesterday 7:54 PM
by: Peachtreebuzz40

Atlanta Airport Question

Flying domestic tomorrow morning. Can I check in and check my bags at the new international

3 284 boozinbuzz Yesterday 7:25 PM
by: WhenYouSayBud

Horschel wins Fed Ex cup, does the gator chomp

As an ex-gator, he gave the crowd the Florida gator chomp and drew a lot of boos from the

0 179 65rat Yesterday 6:59 PM
by: 65rat

UVA storms the field after....

Beating # 22 Louisville. Has it really got that bad in Charlottesville?

7 572 General Tech Yesterday 6:48 PM
by: ctmoore8

Balancing golf balls

I've been reading today about the supposed benefits of balancing golf balls so that the heavy

19 1037 65rat Yesterday 2:19 PM
by: GoldSeater

Vegas, Baby!

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

SWMBO and I are headed to Vegas Saturday for 5 days.  I haven't been since I was 9, so I'm

54 958 allamericanbuzz Yesterday 12:27 PM
by: JoeHamIsMyHero

Rob Ford withdraws from mayoral race

He finally cracked! LINK

15 599 ESPNjacket Yesterday 12:17 PM
by: JoeHamIsMyHero

Flourescent Light Issue

The laundry room lights in our new to us house just didn't fire up, 100%, so I risked life and

2 260 pdt71 Yesterday 11:13 AM
by: MountainBuzzMan

Week 2 NFL fantasy thread

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I welcome your suggestions (and why)... Flex (need 1): Knowshon Moreno, MIA (@ BUF) or

33 494 GTJT622 Yesterday 10:49 AM
by: GTJT622

And the streak continues - 6/6

I don't watch a lot of football.  However, one disturbing trend I've noticed is that if I watch

5 692 KevinGT Yesterday 10:38 AM
by: Buzzrock

? for Big Green Egg owners

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Are the BGE worth their high prices?  What extras are a must have for the first time buyer?  I

37 1362 GTime Yesterday 9:04 AM
by: Buzzrock


Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. Whoever sows to please their

0 48 89Tex Yesterday 7:50 AM
by: 89Tex

Will BC beat USC?

Up 27-17 half way through the 3rd Qtr.  Can they pull off the upset?

11 506 Texwood 9/13/14 11:59 PM
by: stinger78

UVA beats the Ville!

Louisville doing their best ACC imitation in their inaugural year - beating the good teams and

2 269 stinger78 9/13/14 11:22 PM
by: 84Jacket


Good luck to Maggie Bridges in the Miss America competition.

1 699 gt1973 9/13/14 11:07 PM
by: YlJacket

Talking about the Wheels Coming Off in a Football Game

Multiple Pages 1 2 

On Friday, Perry HS played Peach Co HS (was #6).  The first half was such a good game.  Peach

22 1481 JaxJackuarBaybee 9/13/14 3:50 PM
by: techfowl

Model Helicopter with Camera advice needed

For real estate photography. I'm just starting my research. Any help would be appreciated as to

15 702 GoldMiner 9/13/14 9:26 AM
by: SunBum

Couple of Smoking Questions

I'm smoking a 5 lb brisket tomorrow on a regular Weber kettle.  I'm thinking 4 hours in the

15 760 70GTGrad 9/13/14 9:05 AM
by: generalwood

At what point does ML baseball adopt an effective helmet?

Marlin's MVP candidate  Giancarlo Stanton out for year after being hit in the face

14 624 65rat 9/13/14 8:51 AM
by: Sucrose3Kips

The BEST ATL Burger

Multiple Pages 1 2 

According to Creative Loafing .

36 1835 YooperBuzz 9/13/14 8:21 AM
by: georgytech

who was the first NFL player punished by the league

Who was the first NFL player punished by the league for domestic abuse? Before the recent

17 620 BornAJacket 9/13/14 6:34 AM
by: 67King

Atlanta Hawks to be sold

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

Apparently Bruce Levenson had a Donald Sterling moment

83 1839 ArchEast 9/13/14 12:27 AM
by: steeznutz

San Jose to Sonoma

We are headed to San Jose tomorrow (very early), renting a car and planning on being in Sonoma

15 443 TDHV84 9/13/14 12:15 AM
by: BEESerk

Urgent help! Need a GT FB jersey...

asap. I teach HS math and our school next week is having a "jersey day" next week as

6 578 4shotB 9/12/14 10:27 PM
by: Peachtreebuzz40
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