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The Water Cooler

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Please read the following post for the rules and guidelines governing use of the Hive at

0 17181 RamblinReck 10/24/09 11:25 AM
by: RamblinReck

You're Welcome, Version 4.0

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...14 15 16 

Let's keep it going! 

312 5490 GTMoose Today 9:34 PM
by: MountainBuzzMan

FSU qb at it again

Who thinks this might end badly for FSU..not this incident particularly but in the future, if

4 162 georgytech Today 9:34 PM
by: GTMule

Zesto on Ponce Closing

The Zesto on Ponce in Atlanta is closing.  I love that place!  Good shakes, good chili

19 907 vapspwi Today 9:30 PM
by: straightjacket

New Braves stadium naming rights announced...

Makes sense, my top guesses for a hometown partnership would have been SunTrust, Home

7 639 NickaJacket Today 9:29 PM
by: gthawk

Finally watched the GT/GASO replay.

Came away with very different takes than while I was enduring the shock of watching it live.

3 255 GrumbleBee Today 9:27 PM
by: waltonbuzz

Auburn has not won an OOC road game in 17 years.

How is that possible???? (BTW didn't research this saw it as a blurb for the Thurs night

2 102 CCjkt Today 9:25 PM
by: CCjkt

Week 4 ATS thread

Multiple Pages 1 2 

6-8 on CFB Cooler picks so far and 5-5 on NFL.  Here goes Week 4 CFB... Alabama -14.5

20 357 GTJT622 Today 9:17 PM
by: GTJT622

The Dwags and Hokies on this week's USA Today Misery Index

GT gets an honorable mention...

10 723 GTJT622 Today 8:28 PM
by: MWT89

Quail Hunting in Georgia

Any of you five have a recommendation for a good spot to go quail hunting either in north or

8 378 gtjackets21 Today 8:25 PM
by: Peachtreebuzz40

Okay Falcons fans, I need a scouting report

How do you feel about this Thursdays game against the Bucs?  If you feel confident, you are

2 37 TampaBayJacket Today 8:25 PM
by: steeznutz

Scotland Vote on Thursday...

Thoughts?? Hard to believe this could actually happen....   A new UK flag would have to

9 709 byteback Today 6:44 PM
by: 4shotB

Tushday BOTD

1 379 jkmckay Today 6:14 PM
by: poodle

Come on, where's the Apple hate?

It's one of the Hive's most endearing traditions: every time  Apple comes out with another

11 551 BunnyByYunkus Today 6:02 PM
by: midgajacket

New home PC time: Recs?.......

Replacing a 3-yr-old Dell Inspiron 570 running Windows7. Looking for an up-to-date tower/monitor

5 228 Buzzfan Today 5:43 PM
by: Buzzfan

Tony Stewart case to go to Grand Jury

Didn't see this coming.  Thought it might have played itself out but the DA says he will be

3 335 YlJacket Today 5:39 PM
by: techknowledgey

Anybody play Ingress?

Curious to know if anybody here plays Ingress, and if so, what area. I'm pretty addicted to

0 62 davelo Today 5:24 PM
by: davelo

HotAdrian Peterson of the Vikings indicted on child abuse

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

LINK This is not what the NFL wanted to hear today.

54 1451 ESPNjacket Today 4:20 PM
by: LeatherneckJacket

CFB Playoffs - looking ahead

My predictions as of today:  SEC, FSU, Oregon, and for the last spot either ND, BYU, or

5 240 olgoldandwhite Today 4:15 PM
by: 1990Jackets

Wish this illegal border crossing law would work on southern ...

border like it does up north .  Perhaps those caught on southern border could work off their

2 214 AFRJacket Today 3:57 PM
by: RamblingRick

Need a LARGE Walk in Cooler/Freezer for Your Beer?

See item 1000 on page 3 of the auction listing .

0 112 RamblingRick Today 3:52 PM
by: RamblingRick

BYU QB Hill is 24 yrs old

Multiple Pages 1 2 

and he is a junior? What a unfair advantage they have with these mission trips! I remember

36 1260 gtjacket22 Today 3:51 PM
by: AFRJacket

Braves road trip

Multiple Pages 1 2 

The Braves have absolutely imploded on this road trip.  They are 3-7 in their last 10 games and

28 571 pwalker8 Today 3:45 PM
by: TBuzz

Do you have a toddler at home or a grandkid?

If so, I have a never worn, Size 2T blue Tech Hoodie. It is free to the first person that lets

3 176 SolicitorJacket Today 3:18 PM
by: GTsnakes

Article on NFL Security

NFL Security is supposed to protect The Shield . It's an interesting read.  Any of you 5 an

0 116 colajacket Today 1:18 PM
by: colajacket

Week 3 Fantasy Football Thread

With all due respect to GTJT, and besides the fact that week 2 is not "technically over

10 236 senoiajacket Today 1:18 PM
by: Buzz4GT

Any auto insurance recommendations? (Goodbye AAA Auto Club South

I have had AAA Auto Club South insurance for a long time. But now they are dropping coverage in

7 459 ObeeWanKenoBee Today 12:26 PM
by: gtaww3583

538 on Goodell

NFL Owners may be overvaluing Goodell Says Tagliabue and Rozelle are more responsible for

9 565 colajacket Today 11:53 AM
by: ESPNjacket

Georgia Southern head coach's ball cap

& I assume the others as well had the GATA logo on the back, some of you youngsters

16 1526 georgytech Today 11:14 AM
by: Panthersville

Mobile PC Repair

Any of you 5 ever used a mobile PC repair company?  My mom's laptop is looking like it has a

3 130 GTsnakes Today 11:08 AM
by: gtaww3583

The latest GT license plates

I haven't really paid attention since I got one for my other car years ago, but I recently got

17 1131 Buzzrock Today 10:17 AM
by: generalwood

Fitbit or Jawbone?

Inquiring minds want to know.

13 791 Dash12 Today 10:08 AM
by: MabletonJacket

I did something today I havent done for many years

I actually bought a newspaper and read it.  Wow, I forgot what a simple pleasure it is to sit on

6 721 TampaBayJacket Today 9:59 AM
by: StockbridgeSteve

Army officer told he cannot enter his daughter's school ...

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

while wearing a uniform .  At least the School Superintendent corrected the situation!!!

52 1444 AFRJacket Today 9:25 AM
by: waltonbuzz

Home Alarm System Monitoring Company

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Who do you use and what do you pay monthly for this?  Long story, but we have to change

20 674 c5bee Today 12:03 AM
by: gthawk

Want to be entertained? Listen to 95.5 right now

Scott Howard & CMR talking about dwag football.

1 569 GoldMiner Yesterday 9:35 PM
by: MountainBuzzMan

Week 2 NFL fantasy thread

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I welcome your suggestions (and why)... Flex (need 1): Knowshon Moreno, MIA (@ BUF) or

39 542 GTJT622 Yesterday 9:19 PM
by: wesleyd21

? for Big Green Egg owners

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Are the BGE worth their high prices?  What extras are a must have for the first time buyer?  I

39 1462 GTime Yesterday 8:56 PM
by: BlitzJacket

Monday BOTD

5 1053 jkmckay Yesterday 8:23 PM
by: jkmckay

Will the USC vs Boston College be re-broadcast?

I have tivo'd the re broadcast of ECU vs VT, but I can' t find the BC game. I know I can get it

6 201 DullDean Yesterday 7:46 PM
by: LibertarianJacket
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