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The Water Cooler

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Pinned and LockedThe Hive at Forum Rules

Please read the following post for the rules and guidelines governing use of the Hive at

0 17303 RamblinReck 10/24/09 11:25 AM
by: RamblinReck

Helmet watch

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

A subset of uni watch.  I think Nebraska is commonly held up as a team that won't

40 1365 ESPNjacket Today 7:01 AM
by: AugustaJacket

F$U faking it?

Link Well, he claimed Ga Southern faked injuries too.   I didn't see much of the game, so

3 338 senoiajacket Today 6:58 AM
by: HotRodWreck

Who would have believed this 5 years ago?

US set to overtake Saudi Arabia in liquid petroleum production.

7 430 socaljacket Today 6:19 AM
by: BhamBee

George O'Leary accused of abuse, racial remarks

From USA Today: The suit alleges that O'Leary used a derogatory word for

9 549 ESPNjacket Today 6:19 AM
by: 67King


Multiple Pages 1 2 

I noticed that the Vikings have a running back named McKinnon who played at Georgian Southern.

31 1006 Peachtreebuzz40 Today 5:57 AM
by: technodude

HotBraves finish 79-83, 17 games back of WAS

Multiple Pages 1 2 

It's really a shame the season has ended, as we just won 2 in a row and may have been ready to

27 555 kidfabulous Today 5:05 AM
by: pwalker8

HotSand Sales in Ann Arbor

Multiple Pages 1 2 

So the blue and maize crowd at The Big House is in a tizzy over a really bad start to the

32 1494 SolicitorJacket Yesterday 11:20 PM
by: 67King

DVD ripping - Suggestions Please

I'm copying my DVD's to my Western Digital My Cloud.  I'd like to know what you 5 use.  I know

2 152 GoldMiner Yesterday 11:17 PM
by: MITYellowJacket

From the not so surprising

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Yet another team has learned the hard way that Charlie Weiss is a really ****** head coach.

21 1185 Buzz4GT Yesterday 11:15 PM
by: MITYellowJacket

Capital One Georgia Tech Credit Card

I just received a letter from Capital One saying they are discontinuing the Georgia tech Alumni

3 299 Vespula Yesterday 10:54 PM
by: dobeedobeedo

How It's Made - Yellow Jacket Edition

Okay, which one of you five is this? Yellow Jacket Tuba Maker on How It's Made Appears

2 142 velojacket Yesterday 10:31 PM
by: velojacket

Rome Air show, Oct. 18 - Need info from locals, please...

When the Blues or Thunderbirds come to Dobbins, I prefer to park off Atlanta Road at the end of

3 171 92buzz Yesterday 10:20 PM
by: 92buzz

Laying down some winter rye grass seed

Now that temps are in the 60-75 max per day range here in God's Country, looking to lay down

5 244 GTJT622 Yesterday 9:22 PM
by: OracleJacket

Southwest Airlines

Ok I have heard rave reviews about Southwest...I totally don't get it.  Worst travel experience

15 1038 rugbyjacket Yesterday 8:12 PM
by: Peachtreebuzz40

Ohio State football coach tackles fan on field

Here is the story and video from yesterday's game.

10 859 technodude Yesterday 7:46 PM
by: steeznutz

Kroy Biermann totally sucks and still talking smack

Terrible game and then at the end you can hear him say "You aren't going anywhere today

4 971 Vanillalite Yesterday 7:12 PM
by: Peachtreebuzz40

Missing UVA student

The story of the coed missing in Charlottesville is strange in so many ways.  They have a guy

9 1705 generalwood Yesterday 5:03 PM
by: GTJT622

Transferring money to a Canadian bank account

My wife's son is living in Toronto, and I'm looking for the least costly way to send him money.

7 414 ramblinwreckguru Yesterday 5:01 PM
by: ramblinwreckguru

USB Port replacement

I have discovered on of the two USB ports on my Toshiba laptop is "broke." How hard

6 204 pdt71 Yesterday 5:00 PM
by: GTDean

A quick summary of the Hong Kong protests

I thought this was a quick read to understand what is going on there. Excerpt: After

15 606 ESPNjacket Yesterday 4:45 PM
by: waltonbuzz

HotClash of the Generations

Multiple Pages 1 2 

During this mornings views as I was catching up with the week's news, I ran across a rather

29 1150 pwalker8 Yesterday 4:22 PM
by: LaGrangeJacket

HotHive Experiment: Budget for Median Income

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

I didn't enter either of the last two threads in a major way because I knew they'd be locked.

63 1331 beej67 Yesterday 4:17 PM
by: RamblingRick


John 3:16-17  (NIV) 16  For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only

0 28 89Tex Yesterday 4:15 PM
by: 89Tex

Top 10 NFL receivers?

May just be a list of my favorites but all were pretty good. Lance Alworth great nickname of

16 547 georgytech Yesterday 2:32 PM
by: ctmoore8

Hanging TV's and Installing Surround Sound

Getting ready to move in our house this upcoming weekend, and I'm wondering if anyone has

8 540 Connell62 Yesterday 2:26 PM
by: Connell62

You're Welcome, Version 4.0

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...16 17 18 

Let's keep it going! 

352 5899 GTMoose Yesterday 2:11 PM
by: ESPNjacket

Groupon - Samsung 55" 4K 120hz Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV

For those looking for a TV deal .  $1,679.99

4 573 RamblingRick Yesterday 1:31 PM
by: ivery40

Monday BOTD

2 972 jkmckay Yesterday 1:12 PM
by: colajacket

Showtime Series

I just recently got access to showtime on demand. Where should I start? Why? For reference

15 833 TDHV84 Yesterday 11:07 AM
by: GTKirk99

Any DISH hopper users?

We have a 722 receiver and a 622 receiver and I am considering swapping them for a hopper.  Any

5 277 65rat Yesterday 10:56 AM
by: 65rat

Week 5 ATS thread...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Hope you all are having success this year. Here are a few games I like this week. Wisconsin

28 824 ontheflats Yesterday 7:54 AM
by: StingemSC93

I'm beginning to think the [ps] is mostly just California

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...17 18 19 

Seems like every other nasty story comes out of there.  Makes you wonder if all their cops are

364 7064 beej67 9/28/14 7:51 PM
by: beej67

Miami's Navy Uniforms Are Sharp

Best deviation of their traditional uniform, meaning not jade green or orange. The detail

7 883 NorthernVAJacket 9/28/14 6:13 PM
by: GoldMiner

What to do with travel bags after checking out of hotel?

I do a lot of 'work' travel, but I almost always drive because I carry a lot of 'stuff' in my

8 825 SunBum 9/28/14 5:44 PM
by: WhenYouSayBud

I’m tired of hearing “Todd F’N Gurley”!

I’m tired of hearing “Todd F’N Gurley”!  I realize he is good… BUT could they not come up with

14 1760 lostmtnjacket 9/28/14 3:33 PM
by: WhenYouSayBud

I'm only going to say this once so you had better listen closely

I'm sure many of you will agree with me, but I want to set the record very straight and one last

11 1387 GTJT622 9/28/14 12:27 PM
by: olgoldandwhite

Europe wins Ryder Cup

I didn't realize that this competition occurred this weekend until I checked the sports page

0 186 technodude 9/28/14 11:38 AM
by: technodude

Upton Brothers set mlb history last night

With Frank Wren's meddling ways out of the way, the below record setting performance by the

4 685 technodude 9/28/14 11:27 AM
by: pwalker8

Build your own cloaking device

Interesting article with specs near the end on building your own.

1 259 65rat 9/28/14 11:24 AM
by: pwalker8
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