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The Water Cooler

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Pinned and LockedThe Hive at Forum Rules

Please read the following post for the rules and guidelines governing use of the Hive at

0 17821 RamblinReck 10/24/09 11:25 AM
by: RamblinReck

Did you know UVA has a campus song that uses the IARRFGT melody?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

It's called "From Rugby Road to Vinegar Hill" - some of the lyrics are quoted in this

21 926 NewEnglandJacket Today 11:14 AM
by: AGJacket

Good friend injured by protesters last night

He is GSP and while arresting a protester blocking his car someone threw a flare at him.  Burned

14 791 89Tex Today 11:13 AM
by: StingerSPLASH

SWMBO robbed at Gordon Biersch in Atlanta 11/25/14

The thieves were a black male with a black shirt, black jacket and a white or tan english

13 859 GoldMiner Today 11:13 AM
by: waltonbuzz

Rex Ryan - post game - He really sounds

7 572 BornAJacket Today 11:12 AM
by: WaCoJacket

HotIt's about to interesting in Ferguson,Mo tonight

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

Grand Jury announcement at 9pm eastern.

62 2158 GottaGoodBuzz Today 11:11 AM
by: waltonbuzz

You're Welcome, Version 4.0

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...22 23 24 

Let's keep it going! 

475 7814 GTMoose Today 11:10 AM
by: gtcs05

Fla State-'Bama in discussions to open 2017 in Atlanta


1 268 T0P10B Today 10:57 AM
by: Presjacket

Wednesday Humpday BsOTD

8 315 jkmckay Today 10:42 AM
by: MidnightJacket

Week 14 ATS: Rivalry Week

Went 5-0 last week!  Pulled ahead to 23-22 for the year.  We'll see how this week goes:

3 69 GTMoose Today 10:41 AM
by: beernutts

Tuesday Tushday BsOTD

8 1231 jkmckay Today 10:21 AM
by: golftango18yankeejuliet

What's on your menu for Thanksgiving?

It's the day before Thanksgiving and I usually put out our menu and hope others will do the

2 106 RamblinReck Today 10:13 AM
by: TXBuzz

When companies go private

I saw an interesting editorial in today's WSJ by Michael Dell, "Going Private Is Paying Off

7 680 pwalker8 Today 9:36 AM
by: dtm1997

Gotham...anyone watch last night?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

I thought it was pretty good, although they introduced quite a few characters in episode1.  It

72 1466 gtdmb Today 9:07 AM
by: dtm1997

French guy develops pill...well, just read the link. Just damn.

4 618 92buzz Today 9:05 AM
by: Sucrose3Kips

Restaurant ownder fined for gender specific ad

Fined for using the term "hostess" in an add....

5 709 TallJacket Today 8:56 AM
by: GTEE83

Just want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving

Not sure how much I'll be on the Hive the next few days till Saturday , so just want to wish to

1 48 stech81 Today 8:53 AM
by: GTEE83

MIT wins first playoff game ...

The unbeaten MIT Engineers, with 17 high school valedictorians on its football squad, won its

13 702 GTRambler Today 8:41 AM
by: GrumbleBee

Fantasy Football Thread: Week 13 (RG3 done in Washington?)

RG3 will be benched and is likely done in Washington.  Colt McCoy will start at Indy Sunday.

2 67 GTJT622 Today 8:03 AM
by: GTJT622


Matthew 5:1-11 New International Version (NIV) Introduction to the Sermon on the Mount

0 28 89Tex Today 7:26 AM
by: 89Tex

HotSo Arkansas gets 2 votes in the AP Poll...

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...12 13 14 

They sit at 5-5 on the season after beating LSU 17-0 and winning their first league game in

260 3435 stinger78 Today 12:06 AM
by: Flats

Yesterday, in important Thanksgiving history

John Candy & Steve Martin start their trip from NY to Chicago. The defining movie for road

4 384 joeye Yesterday 5:34 PM
by: joeye

Odell Beckham's catch last night...ever seen one better?

Edit note... quicker YouTube version video with multiple angles...

18 1079 GTJT622 Yesterday 5:18 PM
by: georgytech

HotArkansas vs Ole Miss

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

Hogs up 17-0 on number 8. Go Arkansas.

79 2218 mistertouchdown Yesterday 4:28 PM
by: colajacket


John 8:2-12 (NIV) 2  At dawn he appeared again in the temple courts, where all the

0 50 89Tex Yesterday 3:48 PM
by: 89Tex

The Falcons are still in 1st place of the NFC South

I believe that they need to win their remaining two conference games against the Saints and

15 623 technodude Yesterday 2:58 PM
by: YlJacket

I'm beginning to think the [ps] is mostly just California

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...18 19 20 

Seems like every other nasty story comes out of there.  Makes you wonder if all their cops are

382 7382 beej67 Yesterday 12:09 PM
by: colajacket

Army Surplus in Cobb or

I've searched Google and the results are spotty.   Can anyone recommend a good source for

11 657 KevinGT Yesterday 11:43 AM
by: ctmoore8

SDAoTD™ Tuesday, November 25...

New Device for Large Biological Circuits Turtle Tree of Life Links Turtles to Dinosaurs

0 52 Buzzfan Yesterday 11:27 AM
by: Buzzfan

Happy 40th, Lucy!! (well, kinda....) :>) ....

Q&A with Lucy Discoverer Don Johanson I actually took an anthropology course in

0 112 Buzzfan Yesterday 11:25 AM
by: Buzzfan

Would Kentucky beat the worst NBA team? says no. Uses advanced Basketball stats to show why. GH

6 452 colajacket Yesterday 10:19 AM
by: GTRX7

The upcoming CFB coaching carousel

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Florida's job is open.  Another high-profile job is likely to open as soon as this upcoming

21 1202 GTJT622 Yesterday 10:14 AM
by: TheDawgfather2

Harvard vs Yale espn gameday signs

Multiple Pages 1 2 

So far they are hilarious. "I took the SAT for Winston" Harvard fan "Yale

21 1993 MidsouthJacket Yesterday 9:45 AM
by: TDHV84

UGa's arch.............................

Feel free to post......................................

10 1442 gtechsta Yesterday 9:37 AM
by: ToeTheGoldLine

just in time for the holidays...

I thought these were pretty decent and picked up one of each: Art 1 Art 2

1 352 Buzz4GT Yesterday 9:14 AM
by: KevinGT

Chick Fil A's coffee is still awful

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I know they went through this rebranding effort where they got this all new coffee, but the new

24 1207 MidnightJacket Yesterday 8:54 AM
by: 65rat

Fire Mike Smith today

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Mike Smith is a good guy, however he is not smart enough to be an NFL coach. He completely blew

33 2029 BackstreetBuzz Yesterday 6:59 AM
by: olgoldandwhite

Kid dripping a bomb in the Dwag helmet

Need it please - Can't find it Thanks

2 418 techfowl 11/24/14 11:00 PM
by: techfowl

The VT-WF game is gripping stuff.....

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I'd tune in if I were you....

23 1254 CCsGhost 11/24/14 6:40 PM
by: beej67

This playoff committee is a joke

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

This reads like something from The Onion. No. 3 Florida State, once the second-ranked team,

51 1902 Flats 11/24/14 5:52 PM
by: 1990Jackets
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