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The Hive at Forum Rules


Posted: 10/24/2009 11:19 AM

The Hive at Forum Rules 

The Hive at Forum Rules


The Hive at forums are intended solely for the entertainment of its users. Posting a message on any forum (free or premium) constitutes an agreement to the terms and conditions outlined below. Failure to adhere to any or all of the terms and conditions could result in the suspension or removal of your message board account.


1. You must drink while posting. While this is not an enforceable rule, it is intended to promote the idea that these forums are to be used for fun and not to be used as a means to attack, vent, or otherwise express overly negative behavior. Personal attacks, name-calling, and other such nonsense is prohibited.


2. Use of the Hive Message Boards is a privilege not a right. Management reserves the right to deny your usage of the message board at any time without stated reason.


3. The use of profanity, obscene, adult-oriented or abusive language/material is strictly prohibited. Attempts to use substitute characters to post profanity is prohibited. Profanity includes to usual array of 4 letter words as well as synonyms for butt/bum/arse and the one for a female dog. Inserting $'s or other characters IS NOT an acceptable substitute.  *'s, &'s, and @'s are all characters to which I was referring. If one can reasonably infer what word you meant, then that post will be toast.


4. Posting of cut and pasted copyrighted, trademarked, or otherwise protected material is strictly prohibited.


5. Posting of advertising or other commercial speech is strictly prohibited. Websites or businesses that wish to advertise on should contact for a discussion of advertising rates.


6. There is no rule #6!


7. Attacks made on GT Student-Athletes (including recruits) will NOT be tolerated.


8. Disruptive behavior or excessive abusive behavior will NOT be tolerated.


9. Georgia Tech fans will conduct themselves at all times as though they are a representative/ambassador of Georgia Tech (or your respective school). If you are a fan of a rival, you will not bait, inflame, talk smack, or otherwise be disruptive.


10. Posting of unsubstantiated rumors which may, in any way, denigrate Georgia Tech, its athletic teams, its coaches, or its athletes is prohibited.


11. All ticket requests/sales and GT merchandise items should be posted on the North Ave Trader. Ticket brokers are prohibited from selling on the Hive at forums. Selling tickets to GT events for amounts above face value is prohibited. Do NOT use any forums to advertise businesses or other web sites. Use of the forums to buy and sell tickets for above face value is expressly forbidden (i.e. NO ticket brokers/scalpers). All such posts will be pulled and repeated violations could result in revocation of posting privileges. Websites or businesses that wish to advertise on should contact for a discussion of advertising rates.


12. Posters will not call for anyone to be fired/removed that is associated with Georgia Tech. It will not be done directly nor indirectly. It will not be implied. It will not be done via innuendo or subtle implication (this includes phrases like "time for change" and other vague general phrases of that sort).  Posts will also not include calls for resignation. It also includes floating names for a position that is not open. It will not be tolerated and anyone that does so will see their account suspended for an indefinite period of time. .


13. Discussion of political topics is NOT allowed on any forum of The Hive at Topics that are out of bounds include but are not limited to Iraq, elections, Fair Tax, Global Warming (aka Climate Change), legalization of drugs, healthcare, and all of the usual topics about things occurring in Washington DC (and across the country). This prohibition also includes the insertion or mention of political figures or beliefs in political systems in any thread.


14. Posting of pictures of women (or men) should adhere to the following guidelines

a. No nips, no bush on the women and no sticks and berries on the men. If you can see the aforementioned items through the clothing, then it is against the rules.

b. No nude women (or men) and no topless women. These guidelines hold true whether or not the picture violates the first rule.

c. Pictures should be tasteful. This means that no pictures of a woman where it zooms in on certain areas only or where the clothing is stretched so tight as to leave NOTHING to the imagination.


15. Please direct all questions about this policy to or send a Private Message (PM) via the Scout messaging system to RamblinReck.


Use of The Hive at public Forums

In determining which forum content/threads should be posted, use the following guidelines:


The Hive Sports Center

  • All Georgia Tech sports subjects (includes out of conference opponents for the 2 weeks prior to the game) with the exception of in-game thoughts/updates
  • All ACC Sports subjects


The Water Cooler

  • Non-sports subjects
  • Sports subject not related to Georgia Tech or the ACC


GT Sports Gameday Forum

  • All in-game thoughts/updates of Georgia Tech sports events


The Hive Archive

  • Responses only (please) to classic posts that have been saved for posterity.


Jacket Report

  • Reports on club meetings or other gatherings where Georgia Tech coaches or administrators gave speeches or presentations.


The North Avenue Trader

  • Buying/selling/trading of GT related items and other items including (but not limited to) game tickets and Georgia Tech memorabilia.


Test Drive

  • This forum is designed for use in testing signature changes, posting pictures, or other testing where no content is posted and the intent of the post is purely to test how to do something.


The Hiver Insider

  • This forum is available for use by premium subscribers only to discuss Georgia Tech sports content.


"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain......and most fools do." - Dale Carnegie

Last edited 10/16/2014 4:14 PM by RamblinReck