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Posted: Yesterday 9:04 AM

Re: UNCheat 

Nemo594 wrote:
straightjacket wrote:

If UNCheat beats Clemson, I'm going to do what "the authorities" aren't doing:  

I'm going to put myself on NCAA Football probation.  

The consequence of my probation?  

I'm going to penalize myself by vacating this ENTIRE season going back to September, deleting my TiVo recording of the "Miracle on Techwood Drive, and I will NOT watch any bowl games OR playoff games.  

Sadly, that's more consequences than UNCheat had, and they SHOULD be serving a DEATH PENALTY for 19 years of fraud.  Or .. at the VERY LEAST, playing football with ZERO scholarship players.  

Can't believe how far college football ethics has dropped since SMU's death penalty ... with NO meaningful consequences for UNCheat.  

Soapbox off, and back to my ...

Players that have nothing to do with scandal have beaten us 2 years in a row.  That should be your biggest concern as a GT fan.

+1.  One would think by now that resolution and "book" balancing was a done deal. Who knows?  

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