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Posted: 10/20/2014 8:59 PM

Was at the Chapel Hill game 

Wanted to wait and let the emotions settle out before posting after the gut wrenching loss. My brother, a friend from Georgia and I went to the game. Just wanted to share a few positive things I saw at the game that maybe weren't seen on TV. I'm not gonna discuss the defense, hoping Smelter would run out of bounds or other in-game issues. I can't add anything new or useful to that which has been already discussed ad nauseam.

- After his injury, later in the second half Laskey came out of the locker room with a shoulder brace on. The Tech section gave him a nice ovation and he seemed to notice it. The injury looked pretty serious. I hope he can recover to play before the season ends. He has been productive and gives great effort on the field and deserves a better ending for his football career at GT.

- When Smelter ran the reverse for the touchdown, he went directly to the Jacket fans in the endzone corner. Everyone was going nuts celebrating and he was soaking in the moment. Definitely the best part of the game. Too bad there were still 3 minutes left.frown

- During the timeout just before UNC started that last drive, the small Tech contingent was making as much noise as they could to support the D. The players on the field in turn were waving their arms for more noise. I was hoping all together we could somehow will them to come up with that important stop but it didn't turn out that way.

- After the game ended, all the players slowly walked past the Tech section and band to the locker room. The remaining Tech fans applauded as they walked by. The last player to walk off the field was Justin Thomas. Of course he looked a bit down. But the crowd cheered louder in appreciation for everything he did in the game. JT looked up in acknowledgement. He did not look dejected or beaten. He seemed to have an expression of resolve and encouragement on his face. He looked like the leader of a team. My brother likes to make the analogy between Joe Hamilton and JT. JH was up and down in his sophomore year but his junior and senior years were something special. He thinks JT will be similar.

I still like this team and think they can have a good year despite the noticeable issues we all see. They seem to have excellent team chemistry, play hard and don't give up. It's been fun to cheer them on whether it was the thrill of victory in Blacksburg or the agony of defeat in Chapel Hill. I hope everyone continues to support the boys in White and Gold because they definitely appreciate it. Go Jackets!

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