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The Hive Sports Center

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PinnedBuzzLine -- Tech great Reggie Ball; ACC Coastal Champs; UGA talk

Reggie Ball, Georgia Tech quarterback from 2003-06, is host Jon Rawl and Jonathan Leifheit's

0 315 JonRawl 11/24/14 12:24 AM
by: JonRawl


The folks at EZ Parking that hosted us two years ago will do the same this year but the location

2 1012 NextTimeWearGold 11/21/14 11:56 AM
by: FormerlyBRD

PinnedUGA Tailgate Info

Once again we will be in the Clarke Central High School lot off of Baxter Street.  It is a

4 1116 FlunkoutGT Yesterday 7:44 AM
by: WhenYouSayBud

PinnedUpcoming Forum Testing/Changes

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Well, its time to talk about that moment in time that we have all been dying for. Yep! That's

48 5737 RamblinReck 11/22/14 11:52 PM
by: pwalker8

Pinned and LockedThe Hive and Social Media (Twitter, Facebook)

The Hive is not just a static website and needs to grow with the times. We have a Twitter

0 32396 xenoabe 7/5/10 6:50 PM
by: xenoabe

Pinned and LockedThe Hive at Forum Rules

The Hive at Forum Rules   The Hive at forums are intended

0 63119 RamblinReck 10/24/09 11:19 AM
by: RamblinReck

Proof we dont get a fair shake in the Georgia media

Check out this writer bio: Murray Poole Murray Poole served as sports editor and

10 686 TampaBayJacket Today 1:43 PM
by: EdwardHaskell

Complete fool dwag fan writes nonsense on Bleacher Report

LINK  Sorry for the redundant subject line. This is the type of idiot that makes COFH fun.

2 205 ESPNjacket Today 1:42 PM
by: barefootjacket

HotSchultz: Tech season a loud response for Johnson critics

Multiple Pages 1 2 


29 2703 gtnutcase Today 1:38 PM
by: GTJT622

Epic prank on UGA, presumably by Tech fans.


9 3041 RamblinWreckItRalph Today 1:33 PM
by: helluvaengineer96

GT vs U[sic]GA Score Prediction Contest

All right, here it is, the final regular season contest for 2014.  Some people had asked that I

9 432 gtcs05 Today 1:29 PM
by: GTJT622

HotCPJ Sort Of Downplaying UGA Game Again...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

And I would to if I were him. He stated that UGA probably considers the SEC championship more

36 2617 CumberlandIsJacket Today 1:20 PM
by: GTJT622

Championship Watching in San Fran

My wife and I will be in San Francisco the weekend of the 6th. I was wondering if any alumni are

1 77 bassettlover Today 1:11 PM
by: RamblingRick

So I haven't watched an SEC Network game before

Multiple Pages 1 2 

to the best of  my knowledge. Does this mean super homers for dwags with a full SEC promotion

23 1040 GoodTimes Beer Today 1:00 PM
by: BornAJacket analyzes the future of Beamer at Va Tech


0 320 GTJT622 Today 12:36 PM
by: GTJT622

Anybody familiar with the Charlotte area?

Notably the south end of town.  I have a hotel booked right off 77 about 4-5 miles south of the

3 269 GoGATech Today 12:33 PM
by: GoJackets

Breaking Tendencies: Key Plays for Saturday

As in every game, there will likely be some key plays on Saturday that are a result of

12 1402 cbmjr2001 Today 12:29 PM
by: jrecatiu

Where are your seats at the Cesspool?

Me, Buzzrock and my brother are in 603, row 18. Anyone near us? Kind of ticked becuase we

13 804 JoeHamIsMyHero Today 12:06 PM
by: GTstang

Snoddy back on campus after injury ...

Good news on 'ol Broderick!

4 588 GTRambler Today 12:02 PM
by: gt9589

HotACC/Conference Business/Sports Business Lounge Thread No 5

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...90 91 92 

We're almost season.  Its been a long wait. Kook math, McCants interviews,

1837 16367 WesternStormer Today 11:57 AM
by: Gitanole

Incentive to win COFH game?

Could one of you well-connected Hivers answer these 4 questions:   1.  Does CPJ's current

1 270 1923GD Today 11:56 AM
by: GlennW

Advanced Stats Preview Georgia-Georgia Tech

This looks like a pretty evenly matched team just going by the overall F+ ratings. It's two Top

0 208 GlennW Today 11:50 AM
by: GlennW

HotUGA worries about us all year

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

From Chattanooga TFP: Said Jenkins: "We prepared for Tech in camp. We prepared for

64 3888 Ringgold Today 11:30 AM
by: dawggystyle

AJC Ken S: Jabari Hunt-Days may play in bowl game

Multiple Pages 1 2 

“There’d be no reason not to play him,” coach Paul Johnson said of Hunt-Days. Link:

23 2951 GTJT622 Today 11:26 AM
by: GTsnakes

HotHow does UGA try to stop us...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Seems like teams either focus on our B back and Thomas or on the edges.  Miami did not

28 1899 3Bees Today 11:09 AM
by: 45Auto

All For Contract Extension, But We Need To Beat UGA...

once in a while. Otherwise, we should have kept Gailey. I understand the talent gap but every

5 280 CumberlandIsJacket Today 11:08 AM
by: BackstreetBuzz

So much to Bee thankful for again this year. Let's wish the

greatest Athletic Band Director, Chris Moore and his family- A Happy Thanksgiving! .....and to

0 73 kjmc15 Today 11:03 AM
by: kjmc15

Tickets and hotels

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

How about a thread dedicated to ticket puchases and hotels in charlotte? I was looking at the

82 4106 tsrich Today 10:45 AM
by: tsrich

Strength of Schedule

Anyone care to better explain or share their opinions on strength of schedule? According to

9 995 gtgtgt1 Today 10:44 AM
by: BSmash

Preseason Ranking 2015

I'll be honest, I have not done the research to know who we are losing....  so I'll ask you

15 786 gtpico Today 10:42 AM
by: kjmc15

Atlanta "Beat the Dogs" Game Watching Party........

Come join fellow Tech fans to watch the Jackets defeat the bulldogs this Saturday at noon!!!

1 396 MMMbee2 Today 10:09 AM
by: extremejacket

DeFoor put ACC school at top of his list (LINK)

DEFOOR PUTS ACC SCHOOL AT TOP OF HIS LIST Calhoun, Georgia offensive lineman Jack

4 568 RamblinReck Today 9:58 AM
by: NOVAJacket

I'm thankful for CPJ! And boy what we could do if....

our entire fan base rallied behind that! Having been a high school football coach, I get

7 757 fansince67 Today 9:57 AM
by: thwgeorgia

Isaiah Johnson

He is currently listed as Kiper's #10 safety for the 2015 draft. He ranked top 10 prospects by

2 346 fastballjacket Today 9:46 AM
by: ejgcba

HotUrgent! Need UGA jokes for work.

Multiple Pages 1 2 


39 2906 WaterBuzz Today 9:20 AM
by: StockbridgeSteve

MBB: Marquette on Thanksgiving night

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Marquette under new HC Steve Wojoj'dlkjaljsdjasjdksajdlkmsadkmskdmaskmdksmdsdski is 1-2 and

21 2058 GTJT622 Today 9:18 AM
by: PossePartner

Jackets up to 16 in CPF

About as good as we could expect. Louisville 22, Clemson 21.

17 2135 TulsaBee Today 8:53 AM
by: BornAJacket

UNC Enjoying The Results of Cheating

4 1579 sting71 Today 8:45 AM
by: sting71

Ever wondered what the middle column in the UGA Arch was for?

Structurally unnecessary, it's real purpose is revealed.....

3 1048 ScionoftheSouthland Today 7:42 AM
by: helluvaengineer96

Final Exams For The Jackets Starts With Test vs Georgia Bulldogs

“Clean Old-Fashioned Hate” is what the rivalry between the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets and

0 224 GlennW Today 7:28 AM
by: GlennW
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