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The Hive Sports Center

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PinnedBuzzLine -- UNC sends Tech to second straight loss; Players; CPJ

North Carolina pulls out a win over Tech with 11 seconds on the clock, as the Jacket defense

0 96 JonRawl Today 1:24 AM
by: JonRawl

PinnedUNC-CHeat Tailhook - OCT 17-18

RV parking is free at the Friday Center Park and Ride Lot off of NC Highway

14 1650 NextTimeWearGold Yesterday 6:54 PM
by: RGHelluvaJetEngr

PinnedUpcoming Forum Testing/Changes

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Well, its time to talk about that moment in time that we have all been dying for. Yep! That's

44 4151 RamblinReck 10/8/14 11:21 PM
by: Buzzrock

Pinned and LockedThe Hive and Social Media (Twitter, Facebook)

The Hive is not just a static website and needs to grow with the times. We have a Twitter

0 30824 xenoabe 7/5/10 6:50 PM
by: xenoabe

Pinned and LockedThe Hive at Forum Rules

The Hive at Forum Rules   The Hive at forums are intended

0 59537 RamblinReck 10/24/09 11:19 AM
by: RamblinReck

It is theoretically possible...

For us to have a good offense AND a good defense on the field at the same time? It feels like it

8 352 Melanie Today 10:01 AM
by: LeatherneckJacket

So all you believers when we were 5-0...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

... what is there to believe in now?  I could really use a positive to stay interested in this

28 1431 TampaBayJacket Today 10:00 AM
by: Wrecker1

ACC/Conference Business/Sports Business Lounge Thread No 5

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...64 65 66 

We're almost season.  Its been a long wait. Kook math, McCants interviews,

1301 10871 WesternStormer Today 10:00 AM
by: UofPitt

HotRecruiting under Furious George

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Can someone in the know please tell me what changed regarding who we could recruit under O'Leary

34 1792 yllwjckt Today 9:44 AM
by: GoldZ1

Quiade Weimerskirch is Commit #21.

He committed today after informing Louisiana-Lafayette he was decommitting from them.

19 3588 midgajacket Today 9:28 AM
by: Wrecker1

Chan Gailey comes out of the closet

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 

According to AJC article, the ole Chanster has come out as a BullDwag fan. Explains a lot.

115 6223 helluvaparamedic Today 9:25 AM
by: 67King

HotGT vs UNC post game thread... no venting

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...7 8 9 

I know everyone is upset.  I am too.  But let's keep it civil and in bounds.

174 5007 JOJATK Today 9:21 AM
by: LeatherneckJacket

After a good night's sleep

I've had a chance to sleep on the North Carolina game and decided to catch my breath and take a

16 2104 GlennW Today 8:57 AM
by: T0P10B

Sooo...why not kick it onside every time?

At least against Clemson/UGA, as we can probably play straight up against Pitt et al and win.

15 899 THWG2017 Today 8:45 AM
by: stinger78

BeBe catches #509!

Glad he got that one. Goes down in the record books.

13 619 Buzz4GT Today 8:26 AM
by: hpt84

smelter should have run out of bounds at..

Multiple Pages 1 2 

10 yard line. Taken 3 minutes to score. I know this is tongue and cheek. But it we did on

24 1699 BeeProudBeeLoud Today 8:12 AM
by: 67King

Thomas Catches Manning's Record-Breaking TD

Congrats to Demaryius Thomas and obviously Peyton Manning.

1 189 TerminusTechie Today 12:42 AM
by: GrumbleBee

Weimerskirch Chooses Georgia Tech (Link)

Quaide Weimerskirch Makes A Change To GT Quaide Weimerskirch has put up some

2 1005 georgiapanther1 Today 12:28 AM
by: WhiteGoldNAVY

The "Rudy" Play from a Tech Man on the Field

Steve Raible played WR at Tech and is the Announcer for the Seahawks ... Read the link for the

1 657 GoldSeater Today 12:11 AM
by: GottaGoodBuzz

BeBe Thomas is now in the NFL history books...

Just caught Peyton's Record NFL passing TD...... # 509

0 100 BeeProudBeeLoud Yesterday 9:45 PM
by: BeeProudBeeLoud

I'm proud of Tech's players! They didn't quit tonight.

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Tech fought hard to come back and almost pulled it out. We were playing an UNC offense that

20 1583 GT172852901 Yesterday 9:36 PM
by: ringGOLDinTampa

Any news on Laskey?

Looked like he was in a lot of pain.

10 3589 stresshound Yesterday 9:26 PM
by: vapspwi

HotProblem on Defense? Roof, Talent, or both?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

I personally think it's a talent issue. Across the board we have one of the least talented units

81 3461 GTTiger Yesterday 8:33 PM
by: waltonbuzz

The Solution?

Maybe all of these GT has no talent on D posts by the die hard HIVE fans should be posted in the

1 498 RamblingRick Yesterday 7:15 PM
by: 4shotB

What's the song we play after the Budweiser song?

The sorta hip-hop beat that we play over the speakers. Seems whatever team has the momentum, the

5 1199 viningsbee Yesterday 7:10 PM
by: Indyjacket

Niumatalolo's son coming to GT.....

saw this on the Michigan board, the article lists GT as one of his 5 schools of interest.

0 1087 ReckfromAthens Yesterday 6:31 PM
by: ReckfromAthens

Screen pass

Is this an un-defendable play?   Every time UNC ran it, it went for positive yards.  The

13 1262 RoswellBuzz Yesterday 5:53 PM
by: stech81

FRIDAY FOCUS - Need some help here JTGT

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

All these feel good stories are neat.  Attendance numbers, meh.  Dook is showing up tomorrow

78 3085 GoldMiner Yesterday 4:14 PM
by: GoldMiner


Sorry I am late,but just returned from N.C. Monday we welcome the Asst. AD in charge of Special

0 138 RAMBLERTECH Yesterday 3:58 PM

I hate senseless penalties

For the second week in a row we lost momentum and wound up playing catch up because of an

14 1287 okeefe Yesterday 3:14 PM
by: gtjackets1729

HotPass Defense

Multiple Pages 1 2 

It's not just the fact that we give up so many yards- it's irritating watching our corners line

26 1994 hammonds Yesterday 2:40 PM
by: straightjacket

Ok, just finished watching it

It sucks, yes. But I saw something new from CPJ.  I see the birth of a at least trying to mix

12 2131 CheekGT95 Yesterday 12:43 PM
by: GoldMiner

Update: TV times for @Pitt: 3:30 on ESPN something.

This has "RSN" written all over it.

11 2301 NicStorr Yesterday 12:12 PM
by: NicStorr

SWMBO actually impressed me with this saying:

As she is learning the game of football as our 11 year old plays. DEFENSE WINS GAMES.

4 542 gt9589 Yesterday 12:00 PM
by: mistertouchdown

I saw the sign...Win all but Guaranteed Tomorrow

I work across the street from McCamish so I go for a run on campus a few times a week. Today on

14 2438 xenoabe Yesterday 11:41 AM
by: tdb

Nine Takeaways from Tech-UNC ...


1 923 GTRambler Yesterday 10:39 AM
by: MountainBuzzMan

Biggest challenge of the season...say something nice about UNC

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

I know this will be difficult, but give me your best.  Then again, when you think about it, it

44 1879 GTJT622 Yesterday 4:50 AM
by: Gitanole

Smelter has an arm

Smelter hits crossbar from 50 yards

8 2030 gtnutcase Yesterday 4:12 AM
by: BigGTMike

ACC Refs

Not sure whether it is "crew-specific" or not, but Dook has benefitted once again from

17 1573 straightjacket 10/18/14 7:35 PM
by: stinger78

GT vs UNC Prediction Contest

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Alright, we're almost done with another week, almost to another game, which means it's time for

29 1744 gtcs05 10/18/14 4:26 PM
by: gtcs05
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