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The Hive Sports Center

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PinnedBuzzLine -- Laskey, Johnson, Thomas on close win

B-back Zach Laskey talks about his 80-yard rushing performance in the 42-38 last-minute win over

0 421 JonRawl 9/14/14 11:38 PM
by: JonRawl

PinnedUpcoming Forum Testing/Changes

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Well, its time to talk about that moment in time that we have all been dying for. Yep! That's

35 3081 RamblinReck 9/13/14 6:57 AM
by: gtfireball


RVs only - We have been told that we can't park at the airport because they have filled the

14 1754 NextTimeWearGold 9/2/14 2:59 PM
by: GTJT622

Pinned and LockedThe Hive and Social Media (Twitter, Facebook)

The Hive is not just a static website and needs to grow with the times. We have a Twitter

0 29572 xenoabe 7/5/10 6:50 PM
by: xenoabe

Pinned and LockedThe Hive at Forum Rules

The Hive at Forum Rules   The Hive at forums are intended

0 57315 RamblinReck 10/24/09 11:19 AM
by: RamblinReck

NYT article about Elijah Hollifield with Tech mention

I didn't realize that Evander Hollifield has any children, much less one who plays football.

8 648 technodude Today 4:35 PM
by: fathead

Last time GT has had a come from behind victory?

When was the last game Tech came behind from double digits to win the game? I can't remember,

0 0 gtisnumber1 Today 4:35 PM
by: gtisnumber1

JT's acceleration and speed on the long TD run...

...that was called back was breathtaking. VT has a fast D but they couldn't get the angle.

7 297 socaljacket Today 4:34 PM
by: BuzzDraft

HotAge of Tech fan Base (Poll)

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

My son pointed out to me at the game last Saturday that the GSU fans were much younger than the

83 1446 buddyroe Today 4:33 PM
by: 1techfan

HotSince our last UGA win, how many upset wins has PJ had?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

USCw Any others?

49 1600 midatlantech Today 4:33 PM
by: LeatherneckJacket

HotGT vs VT postgame - NO VENTING!

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 

Great job on the road. 8 points allowed in the 2nd half by the D.

103 1641 technodude Today 4:33 PM
by: GlennW

Im very happy with Roof right now

Unlike previous coaches, he adjusted today and decided to blitz rather than let the QB stand

13 574 TampaBayJacket Today 4:31 PM
by: MITYellowJacket

Prediction Contest Results (WHO'S...YOUR...DADDY!)

Look at it up baby. 27-24. Called it. And for all y'all that said VT would win........oh yee

10 159 buddyroe Today 4:30 PM
by: thwgeorgia

JT = Russell Wilson?

Wow we finally got ourselves a QB. Reminds me of a young Russell Wilson. This is going to a fun

12 511 technodude Today 4:26 PM
by: Protagonist

Who did it?

Anybody want to fess up to stealing the "T" from Lane Stadium?

1 98 beethe12thbee Today 4:22 PM
by: stech81

The GOOD, The BAD, and the UGLY....Deep fried Hokie Edition

Good: 1)JT played unbelievable. He obviously was banged up at the end of the game and

0 80 DEATH2UGA Today 4:21 PM

I gave gave up...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

just admit it! Justin Thomas will CHANGE GT football! Mark MY words.

28 1098 buddyroe Today 4:19 PM
by: dixiejacket

Where to watch the replay of GT @ VT

I recorded the game on my DVR with Xfinity and the recording ends with 8mins to go. How do I

2 92 GTvarsity Today 4:18 PM
by: Peachtreebuzz40

Never in doubt.


1 144 viningsbee Today 4:13 PM
by: LambertJacket

Any other 4-0 teams from Georgia ?

Just wondering.

1 170 oldwreck Today 4:07 PM
by: joeye

Substitution penalties on VPI? Could anybody

tell what they were doing wrong time after time?  How many sub penalties did they get? 9 or 10?

1 152 BSIM79 Today 4:06 PM
by: Protagonist

Passing and Defense...WOW!!!

Season is starting to look a lot better as of right now. What a great win!...what a great day

2 190 chemjacket2 Today 4:04 PM
by: joeye

My gosh - the DEFENSE stepped up BIG!!

The defense scored a TD and set up thewinning FG. And, they forced a fumble that SHOULD have

6 352 buddyroe Today 4:02 PM
by: buddyroe

CPJ earned his salary on this one...

The confidence he showed in Thomas with the play calling was a huge reason why we came back and

1 246 mistertouchdown Today 3:55 PM
by: buddyroe

ACC road win and did it without Perkins.

I know injuries are part of the game, but we badly need Perkins running and BLOCKING at A-back.

0 92 BSIM79 Today 3:54 PM
by: BSIM79

HotGT vs VPISU Official Score Prediction Contest

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Alright, you five know the drill by now.  Here's the link to submit your prediction:

36 1532 gtcs05 Today 3:49 PM
by: ArchEast

There's a game tomorrow... How do we win?

Multiple Pages 1 2 


22 1179 Monster11 Today 3:43 PM
by: beethe12thbee

HotBecome more like UGA?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

Would you be willing for our football program to become more like UGA's (and other SEC schools)?

80 2060 MWT89 Today 3:43 PM
by: GTswarm

HotReport: Jonathan Dwyer questioned for domestic violence

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...5 6 7 


128 4548 ArchEast Today 3:38 PM
by: NewEnglandJacket

HotFirst Tech game

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

Do you remember your first Tech football game?  I don't remember the specific game, but mine was

64 927 MWT89 Today 1:44 PM
by: GTMathTeacher

Jameis Winston Suspended

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

1st half of Clemson game. This due to an outburst by him in the FSU student union on Tuesday.

40 2687 RamblinRed Today 12:35 PM
by: Gitanole

Time to break out the No Huddle Triple?

So, is there where we get to see the no-huddle, hurry up triple option? It was widely

4 248 BeeBeeBall Today 11:57 AM
by: hdtvfan


4 200 GoldMiner Today 11:18 AM
by: T0P10B

Jameis Winston out for entire game vs. Clemson

per ESPN report

7 1160 helluvaparamedic Today 10:22 AM
by: T0P10B

Visiting Destin today? Yellow Jackets on the AJs jumbotron!

Just a shout out for those Emerald Coast Hivers or those that love visiting the area.  In two

0 134 swarmee Today 10:02 AM
by: swarmee

HotGreat photo from 1978 Goal line stand vs Florida

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Here's an incredible scanned photo taken from the 1978 Tech vs Florida game at Grant Field.

44 2030 ScionoftheSouthland Today 9:30 AM
by: 79rat95grad

Now here is a d-lineman for us

9 1464 TallJacket Today 9:14 AM
by: ramblinwreckguru

VBees lose last night

Our young Vollybees lost to arch rival UGA (3-1) at O'keefe last night. Saw the match on ESPN3,

0 112 hoae89 Today 9:10 AM
by: hoae89

VA Tech puts East Carolina behind, looks forward to GA Tecch

BLACKSBURG, Va. — In much the same was as it tried to avoid a letdown last week after a big road

1 354 GlennW Today 8:36 AM
by: ramblinwreckguru

GT Charter--DL8907

I believe the Tech Charter is DL8907...Per Flightaware....the flight circled Roanoke several

16 1567 orangewreck Today 8:29 AM
by: GoldMiner
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