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How to use My Forums


Posted: 6/26/2014 11:25 AM

How to use My Forums Post Rating (1 vote)

If you have an interest in multiple clubs in the scout arena of offerings, and if you thought it would be nice if you could pick and choose the specific forums that you liked from all the clubs that you frequent and have them in one place, well, you can. Sorry Aunt Betty, I know that's a run-on sentence or otherwise grammatically flawed structure. Take a look at the My Forums feature. Here's a brief intro to using it.

First, you have to select a forum from any (I assume any) of the scout clubs that interest you. You're in the Gardening Club's New Members forum right now. But you have to be looking at the list of topics, not be reading a topic.

Second, locate the Add to My Forums button at the top left or bottom left of the screen and click it to add the current forum to My Forums...

To view all forums that you have added to My Forums, hover over the My Menu drop down menu and choose My Forums...

You will see something like this once you have added several forums to your version of My Forums. I chose a few at random from three different clubs for demonstration purposes. I think it's pretty useful if you have cross club interests...

To remove a forum from My Forums, simply click the Remove button next to the forum that you want to remove.

It's very easy to use this feature, but it has not been advertised, so people don't know about it. I found out about it by accident, but thought I'd share with everybody else.

Do you like these little How-To's? Are they helpful? Want to see more? What topics would you like a How-To for?

I'll leave the reply feature available for a while to discuss and then I'll clean it up and lock it like the How-To on Signatures.

Thanks for reading.

Chris Behrens
Pendleton, SC (near Clemson, SC)
USDA Cold Zone 7/AHS Heat Zone 7
National Home Gardening Club member since 1998