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Re: I played a "new" golf course Saturday

Posted: 03/27/2012 4:21 PM

Re: I played a "new" golf course Saturday 

5 Golf Balls???   Paul you're getting soft in your old age. tongue

Did they some how replace all the soil?  That place used to have standing water on most of the holes year round,  water just did not run off or soak in.  Looks like a lot of layout changes were made, not very recognizeable.
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Posted: 03/27/2012 4:36 PM

Re: I played a "new" golf course Saturday Post Rating (1 vote)

they moved MOUNTAINS of dirt.  Doesn't even resemble the same piece of ground. They've even put in a new street with future building sites that will be inside the course. New clubhouse, new restaurant, about the only thing the same is the cart barn.

as for the rating, keep in mind that I was comparing it to other 9 holes courses around the state.  And doing a quick review in my mind of 9 holers on the coast......this may now be in first place.  Of course you're only talking about 12 total courses and among those you are looking at Sunset Bay, Neskowin, Coquille Elks, Bandon (re-opened....yuck) and Seaside....5 that will live in infamy  ohlord
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