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Re: Rate The Central Oregon Courses For Me

Posted: 04/02/2012 8:38 AM

Re: Rate The Central Oregon Courses For Me Post Rating (1 vote)

I like your list, even though I wwas never a big enough hitter to consider Crosswater appealing. My order might be somewhat different, but the list is good.

--- SalKeizDuck wrote:

<blockquote dir="ltr" ><strong>69duk wrote:</strong> 1. Crosswater
2. Glaze Meadow
3. Big Meadow
4. Woodlands
5 Broken Top
6. Tokatee
7. Aspen Lakes
8. Jupiter
9. Widgi Creek
10.Lost Tracks
11. Meadows
12. Awbry Glen
13. Eagle Crest
14. Eagle Ridge
15. Rivers Edge
16. Mountain View
17. Kahneeta

Haven't played Brasada, Pronghorn, Bend, Calders, Crooked River, Prineville or Quail Run</blockquote>I hear your #8 is outta this world !!    I've played Juniper and really like that course, never played the one you mention......<img src="" alt="biggrin" border="0" />

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