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Re: something to talk about during the rainy season

Posted: 01/30/2012 5:09 PM

Re: something to talk about during the rainy season 

You and I know that we'll have a tough time finding anything worse than the afternoon at Ontario, my-my that was obscene.  105 degrees, burnt out greens, hot air off the airport tarmac on one side of course, mosquitos from the flooded sugar beet fields on the other side and and inch of slime on the "water hazards".  At least we got the HOT golf cart.
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Posted: 01/31/2012 2:26 PM

ahh the memories from Onterrio Post Rating (1 vote)

biggest mosquito's I've EVER seen on a golf course.  Here are a few pictures of that "wonderful" course

typical tee box

almost every green looked like this....simply pathetic

you thought Nate was kidding about the inch of slime and scum on the water?  He was being kind saying it was only an inch thick

it was HOT over there

630amPendletonCC.jpg 6am Pedleton CC

the city of Onterrio simply doesn't even care

so it really was 105* the day we played, but on this tee box it was about 125* after this plane took off

Ontarrio 15th tee

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