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Arts and Entertainment

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Most underrated TV actor

Schneider from One Day At A Time

17 2049 Go OR Ducks 10/29/14 3:16 PM
by: AugustDuck

Tom Petty ticket

I have one ticket for this Thursday nights gig at Matt Knight. I will sell face value $85

1 126 meanandgreen 10/29/14 3:13 PM
by: AugustDuck

Best Television Series of All Time

I am almost finished watching "The Wire" via onDemand and it's fantastic. It

1 246 snotty69 07/30/14 5:15 PM
by: cptime

Grateful Dead Spring 1990

The Grateful Dead have released the rest of the shows from their 1990 spring tour. Two years ago

0 149 deadheadduck 07/13/14 5:29 PM
by: deadheadduck

Do you think Morton Downey Jr was a racist?

Also what do you guys know about this Jessica Hahn character?

14 1869 laxduck 07/09/14 9:48 AM
by: snotty69

Five stages of grief

0 159 DJDuck 06/16/14 3:38 PM
by: DJDuck

Famous band guilty of the unthinkable

0 223 DJDuck 06/08/14 6:18 AM
by: DJDuck

Scorcese's Wolf of Wall Street ?

"Wolf" previews look A Lot like a big star rip off of the vastly under

7 622 cptime 04/22/14 9:36 PM
by: Gaiser

Top Five Most Overrated Musical Groups/Artists

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

All in fun of course as I know many take music seriously, and a lot of my favorite bands could

46 3857 GarethKeenan 04/16/14 1:51 PM
by: snotty69

I'm interested in discussing "Prisoners"

Right off the bat, I'd like to say upfront that there is almost no way to discuss this movie

0 241 Kilgras47 04/16/14 12:15 PM
by: Kilgras47

The ending of Dexter

Does anyone else feel like they were just taken on an 8 year journey to nowhere?

1 467 Mosster47 02/04/14 7:00 AM
by: FirstDuck

Grateful Dead May1977

May 1977. The Trail Blazers were on their way to the NBA championship, Rich Brooks was about to

0 687 deadheadduck 06/20/13 2:55 AM
by: deadheadduck

Ethan Hawke's Trilogy

In a sea of Superheros and Blockbusters all with predictable plots. I read once that the

0 698 cptime 06/09/13 7:25 PM
by: cptime

Oscar winning film? How did that slip through?

The Lives Of Others —by Dirty Harry  Set in 1984, The Lives Of Others  takes

4 1269 pac10er 05/25/13 4:07 AM
by: cptime

2012 movie lists

Here is my top 10 movies of 2012: 1. The Hobbit - Biased pick for me, I'm sure most people

1 756 hawaiiduck1 01/01/13 9:45 PM
by: beeharpie

Holiday date movies, Plus & Minus

"Silver Lining", Brad Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence. A- Terrific work

1 981 cptime 12/31/12 10:55 AM
by: hawaiiduck1

Summer reading

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

I highly recommend Terri Jentz's "Strange Piece of Paradise". In 1977, as a 20 year

57 3208 Kilgras40 09/24/12 12:58 PM
by: duckhonk

Best movies I saw 2011-2012

Trying this again in a new thread... Warrior - Really is the new "Rocky".  Some

4 336 hawaiiduck1 09/13/12 8:25 AM
by: Kiddabcde


that is all.

0 904 hawaiiduck1 05/08/12 12:26 AM
by: hawaiiduck1

1 272 referringyou 04/26/12 11:56 AM
by: pac10er

What the heck?

Why were the most recent posts added to that long thread?

0 300 hawaiiduck1 03/30/12 2:14 PM
by: hawaiiduck1

I avoided the Miami Vice movie but....

Back in the day I was hooked on the TV Miami Vice.  I was sure this movie would be an

13 1916 duktape 12/28/07 10:28 PM
by: duktape

Oregon bands

Lot of TV & film threads, doesn't seem to be anything in music. So how about those

16 2348 keeerrrttt1 12/21/07 11:38 PM
by: JediMaley

PollShould they remake Red Dawn?

I was just watching Red dawn on AMC and I personally think they should remake this movie.  It

5 1865 Sec16Duck 12/21/07 10:24 AM
by: greengoblin

Footloose remake in the works

I just ran accross this article

1 1824 Sec16Duck 09/14/07 9:46 PM
by: laxduck

Footloose remake in the works

I just ran accross this article

4 1885 Sec16Duck 09/14/07 9:45 PM
by: laxduck

PollFavorite WWF/WWE wrestler ever

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Last night I was scanning through the channels and came across WWE Raw and it inspired me to

20 2485 superduckdc 08/28/07 8:13 AM
by: SteveSummers

Van Halen reunites with Roth

Eddie is just out of rehab and looks 10-12 years younger. Micheal Anthony is gone and is

1 1633 Sec16Duck 08/14/07 8:13 PM
by: WestlinnDuck

Question for ATV owners

Not sure where to post this...I'll take a shot here. I have been thinking about buying a quad

0 1449 Sec16Duck 08/12/07 11:16 PM
by: Sec16Duck


I saw the preview for this flick and it looks cool.   Anyone else?

11 1522 HITHEREduck 08/08/07 8:47 PM
by: Sec16Duck

"God" on Coldplay/U2

I don't know if Clapton sounds like a grumpy old man or just refreshingly candid.  Either way,

5 1460 87ducks 08/07/07 3:32 PM
by: Matt68

Any John from Cincinnati fans out there?

I found a neat place list site of most of the music played on the program: John From Cincinnati

0 1405 SteveSummers 07/23/07 4:46 PM
by: SteveSummers

Buddy Guy I have no specific reason to post this old Buddy

1 1208 Gaiser 07/16/07 9:03 PM

Plasma vs LCD Flat Screen T.V.'s

Need your help.  Would like to purchase a flat panel 42inch or larger t.v.  What's a good brand,

1 3350 deathbysharpie 07/16/07 5:10 PM
by: CharlotteDuck

The "Lookout" is out on DVD (sept 3 )

..and was an unexpected find for me.    Actors elevated a good yarn to a real good movie.  The

2 1184 pac10er 07/09/07 2:36 PM
by: Spacefrog13xx

ratatullie Im shure thats spelled wrong

Took my 6 soon to be 7 year old to see it yesterday good movie great animation maybe the best

0 1618 AtomicDuck 07/04/07 5:52 PM
by: AtomicDuck

The Secret

Has any one on this board either seen the movie or read the book Te Secret? If so, what did you

1 1200 Buckshot 07/04/07 5:19 PM
by: hawaiiduck1

Saw Spiderman 3 yesterday...

and not so good.  too long and some really, really cringe inducing scenes for the actors.

1 1229 Hines1 06/17/07 11:05 PM
by: WazzuCoug82

Best TV Comedies

I just watched the most recent Office so I felt inspired to post this.  My Top 5 TV Comedies:

6 1311 hawaiiduck1 06/06/07 11:24 PM
by: hawaiiduck1

UFC 71 Liddell vs. Jackson

Alright on Saturday May 26th Chuck Liddell will be fighting Quinton Jackson at the MGM Grand for

0 994 830Duck 05/24/07 2:35 PM
by: 830Duck
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