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Posts of the Day

Posted: Today 4:45 AM

Re: FishDuck and Grizzled Coach all in on Taggart! Post Rating (8 votes)

Dude has gotten so full of himself. He's a real pro at having some football coaches break down what happened in a game the week before. Can't make any sort of accurate prediction about what will happen in the future, but so good at drawing lines on videos. "Hanson pulled and sealed the linebacker." Oh really? Thanks so much, Lombardi.

Then he comes on here spouting his book knowledge and talking about how "nobody knows what they're talking about."

Reminds me of a college kid who read all the books but can't apply of it once he gets a job
--- duckhuntnes wrote:

How many times does this article talk about how knowledgable fishy is because some "big time" and "major" high school coach contacted him?


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Posted: Yesterday 1:41 PM

Re: Fleck Post Rating (7 votes)

Yes I laugh at the guy calling me passive aggressive. You're engaging in it in nearly every Fleck thread today, Pot. Voiced some concerns? So that's what you call it. Kinda like when those of us voiced our concerns about Marky. NegaDucks!!!!

As far as riding my jock that's a statement of fact so deal with it. Now run and cry to Marty about the meanies hurting your feelers, Clown.

Go Ducks!

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Posted: Yesterday 11:31 AM

Re: Willie Taggart Post Rating (1 vote)

I shudder anytime i hear the name willie.

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