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Posted: Yesterday 1:47 PM

Re: okay, morphine wearing off, so be aware Post Rating (7 votes)

Ummm ... PDX ... can you honestly tell me what you expect to be the result of your post?

I cannot imagine what positive result you expect.

Maybe accept this advice:  stop posting on this topic.  you add nothing of value ... and as you seem to be intent on telling others - find something better to do with your time than posting in this thread.
PDXDuckFan wrote: You know what you posted, and I certainly don't have to treat you any differently now that you allegedly are dying.  

Backing away from what you posted is cowardly.  Also, idiot, I didn't change anything in my post after reading whatever jrlaco posted.  I don't even know what he posted, but apparently he posted at 12:44, and I edited my post at 12:39.  eek1

I modified my post because it didn't correctly portray what I meant to have said, but now that you're being you again, I'll be less nuanced.

Now go waste another 15 minutes of the rest of your life playing the victim on an anonymous message board.  It's pathetic.  And yes, clearly it bothers you that I remember your disgusting act on the Penn State board, and how you were laughing about it on this board after you got banned from the Audibles board.  I'm not flaming you at all.  I think you seriously have a screw loose, and did long before cancer, and I would advise you, for karmic reasons, to try to make amends with the horrible things you posted.

Or, are we all supposed to say "oh, it's OK, the a-hole is dying and wants to be loved on a freaking anonymous message board," and everybody holds hands and pretends that you aren't a jerk as a poster.
beavermobile wrote: I didn't want to address this with you as I don't want to start a flame war with you. But if you insist, i'm your huckleberry.

Oh, I enjoy how you modified your post. The  unmodified  post  started BEFORE "i hope you are able to enjoy"

Sure changes the tone of the post, now doesn't it? Unmodified post calls me a jerk, BUT after modifying it, you attempt to be the GOOD GUY after getting called out by jrlaco, you changed the post1

love it!

YOU are the only one that would remember me that way. And since I don't know, have never met you, and don't consider you a friend in any way shape or form, I question what your motive is by your post.

remember, morphine is wearing off, so I better hurry and finish this before I get more riled up. and EVIL BM makes an appearance.

First, I did get banned from the PSU bard along with a cast of millions.
And here was the post!. (paraphrased)

You know pedophiles love slowing down to 10 mph in school zones?

Gives them time to look.

period, that got me banned. and again, with millions of others.

Okay, now on to YOUR absolutely incredibly stupid claim that I posted it impersonating a Duck fan.

really PDX?

lets review.
I posted as Beavermobile. Zero connection to Oregon.

two, my avatar is the BEAVERMOBILE!  Does that connect me to Oregon? I think not.
Third the pic in my post, which I will post at the nd of this, seals the deal I'm not from U ofO.

PDX, if I was able to walk at all, making it the 15 feet from my chair to the bathroom is an exercise in pain that I hope NOBODY has to endure.

And tell me, oops, morphine has totally run out so strap your self in, who the hell YOU are to 'advise" me (BTW I know you aren't dispensing advice, your flaming me) to spend time with abused children?

I guess I end this with PDX being PDX.

the pic in my post. Certainly identifies me as a Duck fan!

maybe you should see an optician.

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