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Posted: Yesterday 12:16 PM

Re: Great news --- dad says Devon Allen will be back! Post Rating (3 votes)

Ok, I'm wrong, you're right. 

This is what I was going to post but I thought long and hard against it, because I thought why keep this silly little tit for tat thread going because someone viewed what I was saying as fact with a topping of conjecture, hell I don't even know what conjecture means. I do know that I was stating my opinion based on the information I had received that day. (Yikes, I think that's the oppostie of conjecture) Now, I know we haven't concluded the end result to this situation, but I just didn't want to stir the pot. I'm so glad I thought about this and cooled down and didn't post it. 

There's so much anger going in your post that I felt that I didn't want to strike back and get those panties in anymore of bunch. Let's make this simple. I talked with Devon at the team hotel in Dallas, he just had surgery. Based on our conversation, I didn't think he would be back for the 2015 season and I still don't think he will be back, that's my OPINION, it doesn't mean it's fact. Come season time, if Devon is playing, then you can bring up this thread and say I'm an idiot for stating my fact (I'm mean, my opinion, sorry), and you can tell me what non-sense my post was. Now, if Devon doesn't play, then I will come back here and say nothing even though I know, you'll know that I was right and that's the only thing that matters here is that I was right and you were wrong, right?
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