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Posted: Today 7:07 AM

Someone tell e-duck we won Post Rating (9 votes)

E-duckers are nothing if they are not predictable. Every win is not good enough for them and every defender is garbage. What kind of life do you have to have to actually believe every game should be 100-0? They just watched one of the great games of the season and you would have thought we lost by 30. When will they see a great offensive show by both teams and realize those are some very talented kids on both sides of the ball and realize our D is actually pretty good.

It could be worse, we could have Cal or UW's defenses. Educk clowns ignore that Cal has one of the best QBs and receiving corps in the nation as well as a very good RB. If that is the case than they are on scholarship for being able to avoid tackles and throw into very good coverage, but e-duckers dismiss that and expect every pass to be an INT and every run to be for a loss or our player shouldn't be on the field. Heck, I've actually seen pros miss tackles and have passes completed on them as well as TDs, so I expect it to happen against college kids who most will not make the pros. They bleed green and gold or whichever color Phil has them in, so they are our team.

Pellum is learning how to be a DC in the pac and this D is getting better every week. The stop on 4th and one was what turned the game and gave us the momentum to take the lead. That was the dumbest call by a coach in a while as he decided he had to play Oregon ball without the logic that goes with it. Going on your own 40 is not gutsy, it is stupid as he melted down on the side. The blitz and sack that caused a TO put them in a hole they were never able to recover from. So on a night that Marcus was not always magnificent the D won the game and kept us alive for another week.

What the dumb e-duckers have to understand, with this offense and the way it is pounding the ground and filling the air, if our D keeps the other team under 30 we win. Enjoy the ride and quit being so hard on some great kids like Hill, Ifo, Dagger Dargan, Malone, Walker Duck Ranger, George Washington, Bald, Ham Sandwich and the crew leaving everything on the field and all they get forom educk is insults. It is old and it is tiresome, you got rid of Alliotti who bled green and gold and had some of the best schemes especially in bowls, so how about a big bowl of shuttie and give these kids some credit. After all, if you were on the field, every play would be a TD as they carted you off the Sacred Heart. And let's not even imagine if bil or claw were our DP.

Thank you Don, this was a classic Pac shootout and an entertaining game to watch that put two excellent QBs on the same field and you are building towards a very special season. Cal had nothing to lose and were shooting at that target. Keep up the great work and thank the kids. Of all the games being played next week, there is only one we have control of and it is in Autzen.

Bring on the Krytonite
Pac 12 Basketball Champions
Fiesta Bowl Champions
Rose Bowl Champions

Last edited Today 9:24 AM by HuskyFreeNW

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Posted: Yesterday 11:54 AM

Re: Great article on Ernie Kent 

Two elite 8's and he sucked? Wow Debbie. Learn something about basketball before you spout off.

--- Debbie wrote:

Ernie was certainly not a saint, though he preached like he was. He also sucked as a game coach. Altman is ten times the coach.

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