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Posted: Yesterday 11:01 AM

Re: Our class sucks Post Rating (2 votes)

to add ...

College coach's performance is measured in a variety of ways.  Sure WINS is an obvious and easily identified measure.  But coaches are expected to perform other functions in their job ... start with Compliance - a coach has to comply with NCAA rules in recruiting and program operation to a level of detail that would strangle an organization.  Yes, there is AD staff to assist, but the actual responsibility for compliance falls on the coach.

So with that in mind, if a Coach finds a great football player in the recruiting process and then gathers lots of info before offering a scholarship, could it be possible that the coach (or staff) finds indicators that this player may in fact be a risk to compliance.

A coach is measured by Graduation Rate.  Some players are not focused on the schooling, only the sport.  Again, eligibility comes into play.  But also the coach has an obligation to the school (and again compliance) to maintain a reasonable graduation rate among 85 scholarship players.

A coach is measured by the type of player/person that represents the school We all know about the arrests and other issues we have seen in our program and other programs.  The cost of the bad publicity from 2 or 3 players on a 100 man roster can cost the school in many ways, including future prospects for scholarship athletes.

Some players don't want to be bound by the expectations of academics and curfews and other policies that are in place to protect the school and the team.  They want to smoke pot, run around, be out late at parties ... if a coach can identify those tendencies in a kid during the recruiting process, then the coach has an obligation to avoid that player - 5-star D-tackle or not.

Some of us want to sit in judgment about the ranking of the current class.  Maybe take a step back and look at other measures over the next 2 or 3 years with this class.  Maybe you will appreciate few arrests, graduating students, and a TEAM that wants to play together.

thevolv wrote:

I love when pessimists try to tell everyone that you're an idiot if you don't think everything isn't going down the drain.

Not a single one of us knows how next season will turn out. We could go 14-0 and win the NC, or we could go 3-9 and fire our entire coaching staff. Literally, none of us know. So, why the heck would you think your opinion is the be-all-end-all of opinions and anyone who disagrees is a delusional homer?

I know absolutely nothing about what will happen next year. However, I know that I love my Ducks, I want them to do well and there are tons of reasons to think they could be quite good next season. Until I am proved otherwise, I choose to keep a positive outlook and hope for the best. Sure, I know in the back of my mind that it's a possibility things could blow up and it could all come crumbling down, but, that's true with just about any program, plus, what the heck fun is it to dwell on that?

I am a Duck fan because it is fun. I am a Duck fan, because I enjoy rooting for my team and seeing them succeed. If they are playing a game, I am going to believe that they can and will win it, and I will continue to do so until proven otherwise. I don't care if they're playing the Denver Broncos, I'm rooting for and believing in my Ducks.

You can call that being a homer, or "wearing green and yellow glasses", or drinking the Kool-aid, or whatever dirty word for optimist you want to throw at me, but, I don't really care.

Sports is supposed to be fun, and constantly trying to convince everyone that my favorite team is going down the drain and everything about them is a disaster is neither fun, nor productive.

Do you really think a coach or AD is going to visit this message board and say "Wow, these fans are really disappointed in our team, we should actually start trying now!"

No. No one gives half a **** what any of us think, and they shouldn't. They are doing their jobs to the best of their ability, and they will make decisions that they think are best for the program and team. If you think that they are just gonna kick their feet up and say "our fans are happy with 8 or 9 wins, so, let's just try to do that; no more, no less." than you are dumber than you lead on.

The idea that the only people who "care" or "have their eyes open" are pessimistic is beyond idiotic. Just because you are depressed and hate everything around you, doesn't mean that you should try to bring everyone down to your level. Take a deep breath, remember why we're all here, and try to have some freaking fun with this whole thing... for once in your life. I mean, it's just football. If you're not having fun, you're doing it WAAAAY wrong.

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Posted: Yesterday 10:55 AM

Re: Our class sucks 

Sheldonduck wrote:

One last thing. If I am incorrect, I will come back and eat so much crow it will make the vegitarians gag. But trends are trends and math is math. Old people, try to keep up.

Math is math. Regression is regression. Standard deviation is standard deviation. Outliers are outliers. Variables are variables. Sample sizes are sample sizes.

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Posted: Yesterday 10:53 AM

Re: Our class sucks Post Rating (5 votes)

Wallow wallow is back.

wallawalladuck wrote: The trend of the program has reached it's peak and is going downward slowly.    When they see the amount of season tkts this month decline that will start to hurt too.   Recruiting class rankings down.   End of season ranking down.  Preseason ranking for next year down.  It was fun while it lasted.
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Posted: Yesterday 5:39 AM

Re: Our class sucks Post Rating (15 votes)

It all starts at the top.  The program has been in decline the second Helfrich was hired.  He's a deer in headlights.

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