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Looking at the Defense


Posted: 1/4/2013 7:41 AM

Looking at the Defense 

METAIRIE, La. -- Now that the most important Saints question has
been answered -- the contract status of suspended head coach Sean Payton -- it's
time to focus on the No. 2 issue: figure out what to do with the worst defense
in NFL history and its battered defensive coordinator.

That conversation
starts with Steve Spagnuolo, regarded as one of the league's best defensive
minds. Still, his first season with the Saints offered infamous

Spagnuolo's status will likely be the first major decision
Payton makes when he returns from his Bountygate punishment after Super Bowl
XLVII, or sooner if granted early release by the NFL. It is possible, though,
that Saints general manger Mickey Loomis decides to not wait until February to
make such a move, allowing the Saints to consider newly-available

By Gary Estwick / Sun Herald

Full Story – Sun

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Posted: 1/4/2013 10:49 AM

Re: Looking at the Defense 

See this is where the added time on the suspension really hurts more because Sean should be in the building right now to be able to make these decisions.

I don't even know if Sean can have those conversations.

The main problem from what I can see was the inability of Spags to be able to adjust. I understand that he has a system that he wanted to run, but at some point he had to put the  pieces together and find a product that could work or get them to where they need to be.

If you have a plan to run a stunt or a defense on first down and it doesn't work try something they were comfortable with on the next first down.

I also think that this made playing the defense to predictable.  Teams began to realize what they were going to get on just about every play. 

If I show 21 personel--2 TEs and 1 RB and I have the safety covering one TE everytime and 1 Safety covering the other TE everytime then the QB knows that he has single coverage on one receiver and a LB on the RB out of the backfield.  So then it just becomes which matchup do you like.  So if you are playing Dallas Bryant on Robinson, Witten on Harper, Murray on Shanle or Vilma.

You have to mix it up.  The most troubling thing from the article the other day calling for his firing was the idea that he never took any feedback from the players.  What do you feel comfortable playing?   

It is like when a team has a 3rd and 10.  You can play two ways.  Drop back into a deep zone and make the offense throw under the coverage and then come up and make the tackle or you can bring pressure and force a quick throw and then make the tackle.  Either way you do not let the offense get deep enough to get open and make the first down.

But you need to find out which your team feels better in playing.  If your team is solid in tackling then maybe you drop back and if they are better at pressure then you bring the house.

Saint Tiger

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Posted: 1/4/2013 8:47 PM

RE: Looking at the Defense 

I think the Saints just have a severe lack of talent on that side of the ball.

"I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use. "

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Posted: 1/4/2013 9:32 PM

RE: Looking at the Defense 

I will agree that the talent has not been there as a whole, but a lot of it has to be the scheme that they ere asked to play in.

Under Williams, he brought pressure from so many different places that the offense had to make a decision quickly and the defense just had to wrap up and tackle which they could do every so often.

I do agree that obviously everyone is a year older.

On the Saints defense I like

Vilma @ OLB

I think Smith, Ellis and McBride have limited value.  Role Players Casillas, Johnson and Patrick are decent backups.

Saint Tiger

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