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Panther Nation

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which is worse RT or LT

Amini Silatolu isn't likely to play &    Mike Remmers will start

0 12 kepickle Yesterday 7:25 PM
by: kepickle

Happy Thanksgiving from

I wanted to wish all of Panther Nation a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

2 38 PanthersPublisher Yesterday 7:20 PM
by: kepickle

Breaking Down the NFC South race

Breaking Down the NFC South Do you want to see the Panthers play for the playoffs or a

4 107 PanthersPublisher 11/27/14 11:54 AM
by: sivikingfan


We look absolutely pathetic and inept on offense!

8 414 BleedingOrange238 11/25/14 8:55 PM
by: Battlecat1

Jason Avant Released

He was cut by Panthers today.So does it mean Philly Brown will move into his spot?

3 155 sivikingfan 11/24/14 7:12 PM
by: Jackofalltrades1977

Should the Panthers re-sign Cam Newton?

Next season will be Newton's final year of his rookie contract. Would you want to re-sign him?

5 250 PanthersPublisher 11/24/14 7:11 PM
by: Jackofalltrades1977

Well well well

I popped in to talk a little ish about our game Sunday, but I see everyone has bailed this forum

6 263 bigbirdy 11/24/14 8:02 AM
by: gmonet

Panthers Twitter Mailbag

Here is a link to this week's Twitter mailbag.

1 39 PanthersPublisher 11/23/14 8:05 PM
by: kepickle

Panthers Final Five Games

Here is  a quick overview of the Panthers final five games:

5 235 PanthersPublisher 11/23/14 7:57 PM
by: kepickle

Grades are in for Week 10!

Here are the links to the Panthers grades for Week 10 against the Eagles. Offense:

3 91 PanthersPublisher 11/23/14 7:54 PM
by: kepickle

Carolina Panthers 2-3 year game plan

I will probably get crucified for suggesting this, but as a fan of the Panthers I have to think

2 125 FuNdInGtHeMeNtAl 11/17/14 2:46 PM
by: FuNdInGtHeMeNtAl

Where were the at?

If Carolina played as good { if you can call it good } in the 4th through the the rest of the

0 69 PastorJohnnyJohnson 11/10/14 11:34 PM
by: PastorJohnnyJohnson

NFL Roster Series - Where players are from?

I spent the month of Sept and early Oct researching the NFL rosters and all 2,178 players and

0 36 Jamie Newberg 10/29/14 8:56 PM
by: Jamie Newberg

Week 8 Panthers Report Card

Here are the links to the Panthers Report Card for Week 8. Offense:

2 160 PanthersPublisher 10/29/14 6:40 PM
by: PanthersPublisher

What states/regions produce what positions in NFL -

Here is a complete breakdown of all the POSITIONS and players currently in the NFL and what

0 58 Jamie Newberg 10/22/14 5:32 PM
by: Jamie Newberg

What an embarrassingly poor performance

No one showed up except Kuechley

3 373 WVUEd 10/21/14 4:44 PM
by: Battlecat1

Really Missing Greg Hardy

We're just not as good without him, from top to bottom.  I'm glad we got a chance to see what

7 502 Realguyjeff 10/17/14 1:01 PM
by: gmonet

Nothing worse then a tie

-------------------- IMO neither team deserved to win that game.  Panthers and bengals both had

2 144 TheBlackandBlue 10/17/14 12:57 PM
by: gmonet

Where do NFL players come from?

There are 2,178 players in the NFL. Here's a look at w hat states, areas and counties produce

1 126 Jamie Newberg 10/14/14 9:05 PM
by: Jackofalltrades1977

What happened to the Panthers defense?

They have gone from one of the absolute best defenses last year to one of the absolute worst

0 149 oxfordtiger12 10/12/14 5:05 PM
by: oxfordtiger12

Prediction Thread: Bears at Panthers

Who do you think wins today?

4 131 PanthersPublisher 10/10/14 8:20 PM
by: Realguyjeff

What is the key matchup for the Panthers against the Bengals

Here is my article highlighting three key

1 103 PanthersPublisher 10/10/14 6:46 PM
by: TheBlackandBlue

Is it time for Brown or Winston

Is it time to kick the tires on Levi Brown or Eric Winston????  We need O-line help and we are

1 168 izzydapantha 10/2/14 6:22 AM

The Next Ten - RBs

Last week I profiled the top ten RBs in pro football history. Who are the next ten? Who are

0 77 Jamie Newberg 10/1/14 11:35 AM
by: Jamie Newberg

The Perfect Week (Divisional Round)

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

Carolina when i update this thread: 10-0 Carolina when I don't update this thread: 2-4 In

88 2455 EgoDogg 9/30/14 12:36 PM
by: EgoDogg

Panthers vs. Ravens Prediction Thread

Who do you think wins today? What is the final score? Who is the deciding factor in today's

7 339 PanthersPublisher 9/29/14 11:53 AM
by: oxfordtiger12

10 greatest RBs of all-time?

As a football junkie since as long as I can remember it's the running backs I remember the most

4 161 Jamie Newberg 9/26/14 2:55 AM
by: WVUEd

Greg Hardy arrested on suspicion of domestic violence

Multiple Pages 1 2 

LINK Tough offseason for you guys.

30 1635 KtoLV 9/21/14 11:32 AM
by: gmonet

Stadium Parking

My friend has a parking pass in the lot called "West parking lot" at the corner of

0 48 DaleJr8Daytona 9/17/14 8:39 AM
by: DaleJr8Daytona

Petition To Fire Roger Goodell

5 193 brownsfan1993 9/16/14 3:25 PM
by: Realguyjeff

Game 2: Panthers vs. Lions 9-14-14 @ Bank of America Stadium

So after the week one win against the overrated bucs the Panthers get the lions at home. I

12 473 TheBlackandBlue 9/16/14 2:17 PM
by: Stiffler715

Productive Week

The Panthers win and the rest of the NFC south loses! To top it off, the anointed Seahawks lost.

3 188 FakePlasticTrees 9/15/14 9:52 PM
by: FakePlasticTrees

Game 1: Panthers @ Bucs 09/07/2014 4:25pm

So.... What are your thoughts on the game upcoming? I'm excited to see Benji in a real

9 285 Stiffler715 9/11/14 7:42 AM
by: gmonet

Panthers have announced they've signed WR Stephen Hill

@ josephperson     12s Panthers have announced they've signed WR Stephen Hill to the

2 238 kepickle 9/7/14 12:26 PM
by: FakePlasticTrees

Where do you think the problem is?

I know its preseason, but my concerns carry back to last year.  Coaching is still the problem.

16 513 caddyme 9/5/14 12:36 PM
by: Battlecat1

UDFAs Norwell, Foucault Land on Panthers Roster Norwell, an undrafted rookie

4 182 kepickle 9/2/14 1:50 PM
by: ncmountie1

here's my 53 man roster

QB=Cam Newton.Derek Anderson RB=DeAngelo Williams,Jonathon Stewart,Darrin Reaves or FA pick

7 842 kepickle 8/31/14 5:24 PM
by: Battlecat1

The List and Comments About the Panthers 22 Cuts

The List and Comments About the Panthers 22 Cuts Position Name Move

0 107 kepickle 8/31/14 7:13 AM
by: kepickle

Bad news for Greg Hardy

3 259 GoPanthers95 8/30/14 3:56 AM
by: Realguyjeff

cam injury

-----------cam has a hairline fracture of the ribs. Rivera says he is optimistic that cam will

0 102 TheBlackandBlue 8/25/14 8:54 AM
by: TheBlackandBlue
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