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Draft Big Board

Posted: 2/6/2012 9:26 PM

Draft Big Board 

GBN has their updated Big Board:

Top 32:
QB - 3
RB - 1
WR - 5
TE - 0
OL - 7
DL - 9
LB - 2
CB - 4
S - 1

Looks like the best talent is in the trenches - DL and then OL.  WR surprisingly has more than they typically do in the top 32.  CB is also solid.  Weak RB, TE, LB, and S least at the top.  QBs are always overdrafted, another may slide into the 1st, but then there is a huge dropoff.  OTs going early would be good too because the Patriots have 3 good OTs.
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Posted: 2/7/2012 7:51 AM

Re: Draft Big Board 

Interesting draft this year.  Most of those top DL's are actually DT's and then there's a lot of OL's too so there isn't a lot of flash in the first round.  Not many really sexy picks.    Then as usual there are a number of guys on that list that I have a hard time viewing as a first round pick.  This could be another unimpressive draft class.

BB may have to face another year with fans berating him for not drafting the so-called "impact" players that they want, even though the teams drafting around where the Pats are picking are highly unlikely to find those type of players.
“I don’t have a response. If I had a response to everything that people said about me or us, then I’d be busy all freaking day responding to things." -- Tom Brady, September 2007
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