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Grade The Patriots 2012 Draft


Posted: 4/29/2012 4:14 AM

Grade The Patriots 2012 Draft 

How did the Patriots do in this Draft?

Think they hit  a home run, or laid an egg, let us know. 

What did you like / not like about this Draft and what grade would you give them now?


    What Grade Do The Patriots Deserve?

  1. Poll closed on 05/30/2012
  2. A - Excellent: 7 votes
  3. B - Above Average (Good, but not perfect): 11 votes
  4. C - Average (They could have done better): 5 votes
  5. D - Below Average (They should have done a lot better): 3 votes
  6. F - Epic Fail (They missed with nearly every pick): 0 votes

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Posted: 4/29/2012 9:23 AM

Re: Grade The Patriots 2012 Draft 

Went B.  I was not, and still am not, a fan of the 2nd round pick.  Not the player, but when he was selected.

They got great value with their two 1sts (both were top 15 on Maylock's big board) and Dennard.  They also went heavy on the two areas they were weak on - pass defense and secondary.  I would have liked to see them go defense on the final pick just to see a clean sweep of defense in the whole draft.

If Jones becomes what these analysts are saying he will become, the draft becomes an A, with two pro-bowl caliber front-seven guys.  If Dennard gets over that horrible week last week and becomes a quality starter in the secondary, it becomes an A+.
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Posted: 4/29/2012 12:37 PM

Re: Grade The Patriots 2012 Draft 

Agreed.  B for now.

There's a reason why Jones was moving up draft boards, has a chance to be a solid DE for a long time.  And I wondered about HIghtower given Mayo and Spikes in the middle, but then watched highlights.  He's a bigtime hitter with better quickness and rush than I thought, and BB will use him all over.  Might even be out there in a 4-3 sometimes, with Mayo in the middle and Ninkovich on the other side.  Who knows, but he's better than Upshaw on tape, quicker to the ball.  And stronger than McLellin, who I thought they were targeting.

Wilson will be either another BB diamond in the rough, and he will arrogantly but justifiably laugh at the critics, or a total reach and bust.  We'll see, but I'm skeptical.

Loved getting Dennard that late.  Secondary depth, with 2-3 round talent.  Necessary these days.

Don't know enough about the other guys.  Except I loved watching the Ebner rugby tape.  Both hilarious and intriguing.  If he can do something close to that on the football field, and who knows if he can, look out.  Vrabel had to be in on this one.
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Posted: 4/29/2012 2:59 PM

Re: Grade The Patriots 2012 Draft 

B for now. 

We won't know about Jones for at least half the season. Hightower will be a factor immediately. Dennard will be a factor before mid-season. Wilson is the only pick I really didn't get - but I'm rationalizing it by swapping him and Dennard chronologically in my brain. Watch out for Ebner - there was a feature video on him (not the rugby highlight film) and you can't help but be impressed with the guy - if I was BB, I'd have this maniac returning kicks. That WR they picked up at the end ... don't know ... I would have rather seen them use the Wilson pick for a really good WR.

They did address all the areas of need, but we won't know how well for at least half a season.
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Posted: 5/1/2012 11:54 PM

Re: Grade The Patriots 2012 Draft 

The flaw with doing this kind of evaluation is we're left to judge picks:player and base it all on how good that individual player is.  When in reality, the BB draft is about getting versatile players for a "system," and evaluating players based on combine, college stats, Mel Kiper just doesn't translate, yet he sees how these guys fit in and, ultimately, it's about the number of team wins.

It's why, when Asante Samuel or Deion Branch want big dollars, it's an opportunity to see a) how/if they still fit into the system, and b) if there's a chance they can be replaced through the draft (Sebastian Vollmer) or free agency (Rob Ninkovich) by undervalued/underapperciated pieces.

And the common thread is versatility. Ask Troy Brown, Matthew Slater, Danny Woodhead, Devin McCourty, Gronk, Julian Edelman....
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Posted: 5/2/2012 6:56 AM

Re: Grade The Patriots 2012 Draft 

No way to tell yet, - no one's played a single down. Like every other year, ... some will work out & some won't.
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Posted: 5/6/2012 9:23 AM

Re: Grade The Patriots 2012 Draft 

Grade? Compared to what? Looks like they may be getting tired of loosing the close one's. I see an excellent draft here. These guys should vastly improve the D over time and, push the starters, some out the door.
Yes, it is correct to say they have not played a down yet. Based upon the order and selection I would say they are a skilled, capable draft class. 
Looks to me that Belichek has adopted a new draft strategy. I am "pumped" at what I see. I grade the NEP against themselves, over past years. A+biggrin

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Posted: 5/9/2012 10:53 AM

Re: Grade The Patriots 2012 Draft 

On paper I give it a B. See me in 3 years for the real grade. I gave a B because in my warped mind I thought they could have used the Wilson pick on someone else and still gotten him later. The Dennard pick for a player who could have and would have been taken in either the first or second round if not for the incident I believe is a real steal. Had they gotten Wilson later and still picked Dennard where they did I would have graded higher.

The good thind about the kid is that he can play multiple DB positions. The Patriots really need that.

Chance favors the Prepared Mind.

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Posted: 6/22/2012 8:20 AM

Re: Grade The Patriots 2012 Draft 


Pat fans have to be jacked-up this year over whats happening with the player situation. I know I am. Really now, last time we saw this aggressiveness(sp) was when, what.they signed Moss & Co.?

Sure, it could have ended on a better note but, fighting a fight on 3 fronts certainly led to distrction, led by Senator you know who.

Hey Holmes,  how's things in Philly???

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Posted: 7/13/2012 6:52 AM

Re: Grade The Patriots 2012 Draft 

They got it done and, they ain't done getting it done!
This new "test-tube" BEAST will come to full life in the 2ND half and at that point I sill say.



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