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Time to release Welker & Lloyd??? ...

Posted: 2/12/2013 5:17 PM

Time to release Welker & Lloyd??? ... 

The New England Patriots are faced with a tough decision, do they re-sign Wes Welker, who will become an unrestricted free agent in March, do they franchise tag him or do they release him? Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe believes the Patriots should release Welker along with wide receiver Brandon Lloyd. "We’ve addressed this before, but the Patriots have to be discussing the direction of the offense. If you take Welker out of the mix, they can tweak the offense only slightly, making [Aaron] Hernandez the slot receiver, and he and [Rob] Gronkowski can rule the middle of the field. If I’m the Patriots, I let Welker walk, I don’t pay Brandon Lloyd’s $3 million option (making him a free agent), and I use that money to find the best X receiver on the market to threaten defenses down the left sideline." Placing the franchise tag on Welker for a second consecutive season would cost the Patriots $11.4 million If the Patriots only had Gronkowski, then Bedard believes the Pat...
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Posted: 2/12/2013 6:53 PM

Re: Time to release Welker & Lloyd??? ... 

If they indeed find a go to receiver to fill that role that would be grand! I just worry if they let those two guys go (ww and lloyd), they`ll add some scrubs similar to what they did in 06-when they added reche caldwell and doug gabriel. I`m still hopeful Welker and management can come to a fair agreement. If they lose him and do what I mentioned above then, good night nurse; because the running game is solid, but not yet promising, Hernandez and Gronk are injury prone, JE is ok, but he`s no welker and play`s too wreckless where he`s always apt to injury...

I hear alot grumbling`s about a possible trade for Percy Harvin, but like finding the land of oz; that`s just wishful thinking.
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Posted: 2/12/2013 7:16 PM

Re: Time to release Welker & Lloyd??? ... 

Unless someone gives them a deal for WW they can't refuse, they need to keep Welker. He and Brady make a deadly combo - if all the TE's are healthy then WW won't take so much of a beating. But WW and his agent need to be realistic and if WW wants to stay in NE, he's going to have to give a little.

Lloyd not so much. 900+ yards isn't bad, but I don't like his "turtle" move after every catch. Compare that to Stallworth who always makes YAC. That lone TD of his was probably more YAC than Lloyd had for the whole season. And Stallworth is only a year older than Lloyd, it's not like there's a huge age difference there. 

If they keep WW and Edelman, and bring Donte back, then that's the veteran base. Then they can add a couple young WR's to the mix and bring them along.
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Posted: 2/13/2013 8:46 AM

Re: Time to release Welker & Lloyd??? ... 

If WW decides, through his agent, to play hard-ball negotiations, my guess is he is a gonner. Yes, he has been #1 in the NFL at that position but, factor in Mr. QB and the NEP system and the bet would be there are others out there younger and tougher to fill the void.
A fair understanding of available cap money indicates WW's 11.5MM is over half of what NE has to spend. Now, you are the GM. What would YOU do?
Me, I let him go, but only after some heart to heart discussions. LLoyd? Thank him for his contributuions and give him his release.

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Posted: 2/13/2013 12:17 PM

Re: Time to release Welker & Lloyd??? ... 

I'd hate to see Welker go, - but his age plus his salary demands are only going to buy him a bus ticket out of town. - I'm sure if he's more "team friendly" in his demands, BB/Kraft would keep him around at least for another year. No matter what though,  - his role will be smaller each year.

Last edited 2/13/2013 3:07 PM by Hunter07

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Posted: 2/13/2013 12:35 PM

Re: Time to release Welker & Lloyd??? ... 

The hook is that he is still massively productive and for the kind of game he plays, he probably won't get all that much worse in the next 2-3 years. He doesn't rely on break-away speed, so as long as he can still work well in small spaces, he'll be the best slot WR in the game.

I can understand WW's perspective - he'd like to get a solid pay-day and to know where he'll be for at least the next 2-3 years. You don't want to become a journeyman at the end of your career.

But he knows RK/BB and their method of setting value on players all too well also. And he knows what you lose going from the Pats to a team like the Browns or Raiders. Your job ain't as much fun when you lose more than win.

Both sides need to be smart here and give a little.
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Posted: 2/13/2013 1:30 PM

Re: Time to release Welker & Lloyd??? ... 

Both sides DO need to be smart. Wes' camp has been whistlen the same song for what, two seasons now? Unlikely he cares where he finishes off his career. My guess is that the Pats will make a real effort at retaining him, falling short of his $$$ demands.

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  • DerekLarsson2
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Posted: 2/15/2013 2:38 PM

Re: Time to release Welker & Lloyd??? ... Post Rating (1 vote)

For Lloyd yes, they should try to find a better X-position receiver than him.  He is insufficient as a lead wideout.

But the Welker decision is a no-brainer.   If you look at his productivity and his durability, there is no one on the team that can replace all that production (and reliability).    So the question isn't:   "is Welker worth the money".   The question is:   with that same money in your pocket, could you ever accomplish that level of production with anyone else?

The answer is no.  Neither Edleman nor Hernandez can carry the volume level, and the load the way that Welker can.  And they both have their weakenesses.  Hernandez has allegator arms (resulting in missed plays or INTs), and even more drops than Welker does.  Edleman is inconsistent and spotty.  And neither one are as tough as Welker (or as reliable).  In fact, neither one of them can even stay on the field for 6-straight weeks without going down on an injury.  And with their only other true pass weapon (Gronkowski) also an injury-prone player, this trio of characters is simply is not good enough period.   

Face the facts.  Look at all the problems that were created for them by ditching Asante Samuel?   (6 years later.....their Defense has still not come back to that level, and they spent all the money anyway on numerous rejects and failed experiments).  Too many fans here envision that you can just ditch the high salary talent, and have lower quality players good enough to beat the Jets...and then that's good enough.  But the real goal here is to have the talent to matchup with The 49-ers, and to outplay the Ravens in a slugfest (or a shootout), and to have opposing Defenses unable to cope with your matchups.   Star players deserve Star Dollar.  Why is that hard to understand?

So you pay Welker his market value, and do so with a smile on your face, and you keep him, and enjoy his 1000+ yards and 100+ catches.  

But we need to get better wideouts. 

The Patriots miss having a player like David Givens -- who if you recall set a record for 7 straight Playoff games with TD catches.  He was tall enough, and physical enough to outfight defenders for the ball, and outjump many of them.  That physicality at the wideout position allowed Tom Brady to just roll-on unstopped throughout the Playoffs, because as the competition-level got harder and more physical, we had the type of players that could deal with that.   Anquan Boldin is the perfect example of the type of receiver that the Patriots need, but do not have.

Last edited 2/15/2013 8:18 PM by DerekLarsson2

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Posted: 2/15/2013 4:48 PM

Re: Time to release Welker & Lloyd??? ... 

The big question is "who"? The top FA WR's besides Welker are Bowe, Jennings, and Wallace. From what I've read, KC intends to keep Bowe. Jennings has injury issues. And that leaves Wallace - who would be an awesome pickup and worth a 2nd round pick if they could make the deal.

Amendola is a name we've heard, but he's like a less durable Welker.

Hartline from MIA is an option, Cribbs from CLE is another - but he's almost 30.

Looking at the list of available FA WR's on Rotoworld isn't very encouraging once you get past the top 5 or 6. Especially if you're looking for someone under 30 like the Pats should be doing. 

Meanwhile, there are some decent VFA DL/LB out there - which means maybe BB will draft a WR in the 1st or 2nd round afterall. Oh Lord.
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