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2013 Draft Thread

Posted: 11/8/2012 9:49 AM

2013 Draft Thread 

Creating a separate thread like I did last year so I don't hijack anyone else's thread.  Once the season is over, I'll post these on the draft forum.

Who to watch this weekend.  Top 100 rankings from site to site are still all over the place.  I am going to stick with this site for the rest of the year.  Purpose is more to highlight guys who might enter the draft than what their actual rankings are right now.

Tonight - Florida State @ Virginia Tech
#17 DE Werner, FSU
#30 QB Manuel, FSU
#31 DE Carradine, FSU
#38 OLB Jones, FSU
#53 DE Gayle, VT
#59 CB Rhodes, FSU

Tomorrow - Pittsburgh @ Connecticut.  Noone shows up on the Top 100 list.

Sat early games - not a ton to see.  I'd recommend this one, though UNC has a few interesting draftees
Iowa State @ Texas
#16 DE Okafor, UT
#25 DB Vaccaro, UT
#72 CB Byndon, UT
#84 LB Knott, Iowa State
#87 LB Klein, Iowa State

Sat afternoon Game.  MUST SEE - 13 of the top 100 in this game
Texas A&M @ Alabama
#3 OT Joeckel, aTm
#6 OL Warmack, Bama
#13 CB Milliner, Bama
#26 OT Matthews, aTm
#27 OL Jones, Bama
#32 LB Johnson, Bama
#34 DE Moore, aTm
#36 LB Mosley, Bama
#45 DL Williams, Bama
#46 LB Porter, aTm
#49 S Lester, Bama
#64 OL Fluker, Bama
#95 RB Lacy, Bama

Sat evening game - Georgia @ Auburn
#5 LB Jones, UGA
#8 DT Jenkins, UGA
#63 S Rambo, UGA
#69 QB Murray, UGA
#70 S Williams, UGA
#71 LB Ogeltree, UGA
#82 DL Geathers, UGA
#93 LB Washington, UGA
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Posted: 11/8/2012 6:53 PM

Re: 2013 Draft Thread 

Interested in watching college games... CFN ( has updates on the college football landscape

MORE: Patriots News -- FaceB -- Twitter: @PatriotsInsider
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Posted: 11/8/2012 6:57 PM

Re: 2013 Draft Thread 

Patsadmin wrote: Interested in watching college games... CFN ( has updates on the college football landscape

Not to hijack the thread.

Here's another Patriots Insider top pick for Draft news.  Eric Galko and crew actually work for pro teams doing scouting and are a little more experienced in providing actual Draft grades to Pro football teams than a lot of fans sites.

Not to knock James Christensen and co who do a very good job for a fan site.

MORE: Patriots News -- FaceB -- Twitter: @PatriotsInsider
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Posted: 11/8/2012 9:52 PM

Re: 2013 Draft Thread 

Please - by all means put any draft or college player stuff in here.  The draft forum doesn't get read during the offseason, so having a thread on this forum is very useful for draftnicks like me. :)

I'll use that big board for future posts - the big boards at this point IMHO are still way to preliminary because 1) we don't know which underclassmen are going to declare; 2) the college season is only 1/2 over; and 3) pro days and overrated as they are, impact the boards.

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Posted: 11/9/2012 9:34 AM

Re: 2013 Draft Thread 

Current Draft Order

1 Kansas City 1-7 .504
2 Jacksonville 1-7 .553
3Cleveland 2-7 .492
4Carolina 2-6
5 St. Louis (from Washington) 3-6 .492
6 Tennessee 3-6 .554
7Cincinnati 3-5 .447
8 Oakland 3-5 .450
9Buffalo 3-5 .462
10 Philadelphia 3-5 .485
11 NY Jets 3-5 .511
12 Dallas 3-5 .515
13 New Orleans
3-5 .519
14 St. Louis 3-5 .548
4-5 .576
16 San Diego 4-4 .454
4-4 .473
17/18F Tampa Bay 4-4.473
19 Detroit
20 Minnesota 5-4 .560
21P Seattle 5-4 .515
22P Pittsburgh 5-3 .421
23PDenver 5-3 .457
24PIndianapolis 5-3 .466
25P New England
5-3 .496
26P NY Giants 6-3
27PGreen Bay 6-3 .560
28P Baltimore 6-2 .455
29P San Francisco 6-2 .511
30P Chicago 7-1 .511
31PHouston 7-1 .500
32PAtlanta 8-0 .412

The Jets have to start tanking it a little more if they want a shot at a new franchise QB.
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Posted: 11/9/2012 8:10 PM

Re: 2013 Draft Thread 

I am a big fan of the texas prospects especially Okafor.Their defense has given up yards but i like Okafor as a pass rusher.
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Posted: 11/10/2012 11:49 AM

Re: 2013 Draft Thread 

I really like Okafor as well.  I think it would be great to get another pass rushing threat opposite Jones.  Nink does a great job but teams don't have to give him the kind of attention that they do to Jones.  However, with Jones, Nink, Cunningham, and Bequette already here, a pass rusher may not be a priority this draft.

I'm all over the Georgia guys this year.  Jenkins would be a great guy to backup Vince. Conditioning needs to improve, but who better than Vince to get him in shape.  His play does remind me a lot of Vince.  Another Georgia guy I really like is Shawn Williams at safety.  I'm not sold on his coverage skills but the guy makes plays all over the field.  They definitely need to draft at least one safety this year.
“I don’t have a response. If I had a response to everything that people said about me or us, then I’d be busy all freaking day responding to things." -- Tom Brady, September 2007
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