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Re: Titans still play catch up to Colts


Posted: 8/29/2007 1:07 AM

Re: Titans still play catch up to Colts Post Rating (2 votes)

Still fans................... in Nashville? .lol I remember when I lived in Nashville when they were voting on even having a Football team in Nashville and the city didnt even want to vote on it.

I remember driving down the road and literally seeing signs in peoples lawns saying NO.

 Unless the dope,. acid, X, or whatever you are helping yourself think more positively , you need to come back to earth.

The Titans are ABSOLUTELY not in any mix at all, not now and not at any point for the division.

I guess you have a shot at .500  which would be another step in the right direction.

The thing that might upset Titans fans the most? Colts are even younger than the Titans and have  more upside!!! OUCH.
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Posted: 8/29/2007 9:21 PM

Re: Titans still play catch up to Colts 

How many points did the colts beat us by last year?
Oh yeah 1.

VY is gonna run all ova the Colts D....AGAIN.

Through their lows and highs, i'm a Warrior for Life!
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Posted: 8/29/2007 11:04 PM

Re: Titans still play catch up to Colts Post Rating (1 vote)

Well good observation. Because Young has quite a bit to learn as a passing QB.. Gotta love these athletic QB's that think they can run and pass in the failure rate, 90%.

The Colts are even better defensively.  You wont beat us and you wont be a playoff team. Sorry, but atleast thats an honest assessment.

You went to the SB and lost, we won. Sorry, but thats the way it goes. The division is still a two team race.

Maybe when good ol Nashville becomes a sports town, things will get better. Until then, enjoy the country music.
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