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Bengals Insider

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At, we take great pride in building and maintaining a community where

0 3852 zerawkid 2/8/07 10:10 AM
by: zerawkid

Baltimore Ravens-Round Two

At this point it's looking like AJ Green and Rey Maualuga will miss another game, at least.

0 2 BengalFanInTO Today 2:34 PM
by: BengalFanInTO

Marvin Lewis Presser

It was pretty quiet on the sidelines there in the second half, even when you guys were still

12 255 BengalsRule85 Yesterday 6:19 PM
by: KVHale

Oh, good in his third year...

They think they should teach Burfict how to tackle.

1 34 LostInDaJungle Yesterday 3:54 PM
by: WTFBengalsWTF

Questions Going In To Week 8

Any word on the injuries and potential game status for Hall, Thompson, Green, Burfict, Maualuga

4 131 BengalFanInTO 10/22/14 5:43 PM
by: BengalsRule85

What states/regions produce what positions in NFL -

Here is a complete breakdown of all the POSITIONS and players currently in the NFL and what

0 8 Jamie Newberg 10/22/14 5:42 PM
by: Jamie Newberg

AJ Green AMA on Reddit

Here you go kids:

3 74 HavePityPlease 10/22/14 10:32 AM
by: BengalFanInTO

Trade Gresham?

I can't believe that the Bengals would dare to trade a Pro Bowl TE, College All American, and a

4 145 bluejayfanohio 10/21/14 9:21 PM
by: birkshnart

PollHow long before Burfict's next concussion?

1 36 LostInDaJungle 10/21/14 3:01 PM
by: BengalFanInTO

Sewer Brewer: Week 7

I've never given it to the entire team or to Marvin Lewis.  What say you?

8 177 tibor75 10/20/14 10:48 PM
by: BengalsRule85

Gameday - Bengals at Colts

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...7 8 9 

It's on....

166 235 LostInDaJungle 10/20/14 5:59 PM
by: BengalFanInTO

Where do NFL players come from?

There are 2,178 players in the NFL. Here's a look at w hat states, areas and counties produce

4 104 Jamie Newberg 10/18/14 12:45 PM
by: LostInDaJungle

Dr Nick once again working for the Bengals...

Marvin Jones off to see a specialist about his ankle injury.  The same injury he had BEFORE he

4 144 tibor75 10/16/14 4:32 PM
by: BengalFanInNJ

Gameday - Panthers at Bengals

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...7 8 9 

Ummm... Hooray? Let's see if the Bengals can get their sh*t together after last week.

172 264 LostInDaJungle 10/16/14 8:29 AM
by: KVHale

Sewer Brewer: Week 6

Missed most of the game, but watching overtime.   Big Fatty for those 2 consecutive penalties

15 273 tibor75 10/15/14 9:52 PM
by: PantheraTigrisAltaica

PollWhat will Mike Nugent do now?

7 144 LostInDaJungle 10/15/14 9:46 PM
by: PantheraTigrisAltaica


4 182 BengalsRule85 10/15/14 9:43 PM
by: PantheraTigrisAltaica

So I guess it's Sanu, Sanzenbacher, Gresham and Tate then...?

Ugh. Just what we really didn't need to happen:

7 194 UKTiger 10/10/14 8:38 AM
by: KVHale


Does this waste of a draft pick have any support on this site anymore?  I started a thread last

3 129 bluejayfanohio 10/9/14 9:13 AM
by: KVHale

Do the Bengals have a chance against the Patriots?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Let's see... Media singing praises of the Bengals, thinking they are one of the favorites for

20 444 tibor75 10/8/14 12:21 PM
by: WTFBengalsWTF

Sewer Brewer: Week 5

I have missed most of the game, as I have been traveling from Tennessee.   I see that Gresham

16 230 tibor75 10/8/14 8:40 AM
by: BengalFanInNJ

Bengals - Patriots Game Thread

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 

So much hype around this one, mostly centered around NE's new-found infamy.  I'm somewhat

108 284 HavePityPlease 10/6/14 9:58 PM
by: bluejayfanohio

This week in the Bengals

I believe that the end of the game the Bengals will be 4 and 0.  Several of the "Talking

4 89 jwayne 10/5/14 2:45 PM
by: jwayne

Bye Week Topic-Current Concerns

I am not trying to be a downer...I'm really not. I am very excited about this team now, and in

11 250 BengalFanInTO 10/4/14 12:01 PM
by: jwayne

The Next Ten - RBs

Last week I profiled the top ten RBs in pro football history. Who are the next ten? Who are

0 46 Jamie Newberg 10/1/14 11:48 AM
by: Jamie Newberg

And like a redneck daughter with her loving Daddy...

...the Steelers choke! Against the Bucs of all teams   Boy was that some sweet watching. And to

3 127 UKTiger 9/29/14 7:27 PM
by: mbark74

Bengals Offense

Some key stats: Rushing Yards/Attempt = 3.6 yards (24th in NFL) Passing Yards/Attempt = 8.9

4 138 WTFBengalsWTF 9/26/14 11:30 AM
by: LostInDaJungle

10 greatest RBs of all-time?

As a football junkie since as long as I can remember it's the running backs I remember the most

9 167 Jamie Newberg 9/26/14 10:17 AM
by: KVHale

Devon Still...GREAT story

Browns fan here.... good luck to his daughter. With all the crap going on these days this is

0 26 GriffBr1 9/25/14 6:38 PM
by: GriffBr1

All this Bengal love is starting to make me itch

And not the normal jock kind of itch. As long as the Bengals ignore the hype, it will be

4 116 BengalFanInNJ 9/24/14 4:07 PM
by: BengalsRule85

Are the BENGLAS going to win AFCNorth? .... schedule tough

No I am not a Bengals fan. But looking at the standings and future schedule I would like to

14 446 CBSFootball 9/23/14 8:26 AM
by: WTFBengalsWTF

Sewer Brewer: Week 3

Prime spot for a Andy Dalton turnover fest.  Week 1: PacMan Jones Week 2: Nugent

14 280 tibor75 9/23/14 8:19 AM
by: WTFBengalsWTF

Fun fact

The Bengals have demolished in the Ravens, Falcons and Titans. Those 3 teams are 5-1 against

2 77 LostInDaJungle 9/23/14 8:13 AM
by: WTFBengalsWTF

Bengals - Titans Game Thread

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Green in, Burfict out.  The numbers say we should be favoured, but is that a good position for

54 290 HavePityPlease 9/22/14 2:43 PM
by: BengalFanInTO

Ray Rice....terminated.

How quickly RB's fall. He was my keeper pick going into last season for FFL.  Needless to say,

18 362 PagalBengal 9/20/14 12:35 AM
by: WTFBengalsWTF

Sewer Brewer: Week 2

Will be attending the game so no updates until tonight.  Who will impress the most with ol Tibor

12 291 tibor75 9/15/14 4:33 PM

Bengals - Falcons Game Thread

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

Looks like Burfict is going to play, as well as Dennard. This should be a real test for the

71 314 HavePityPlease 9/15/14 11:33 AM
by: BengalFanInTO

Can anybody think of a time this Org generated positive PR? this?

13 282 PagalBengal 9/14/14 4:54 AM
by: Sox62

Petition To Fire Roger Goodell

1 69 brownsfan1993 9/11/14 3:49 PM
by: PagalBengal

Hey, anybody paying attention....

Clevelands left guard is a schmuck.... lol The Bengals should make hay with him....

0 104 jwayne 9/9/14 12:13 AM
by: jwayne

Sewer Brewer: Week 1

It's that time of year again.  Despite the fact that the team is now respectable and the fact

14 346 tibor75 9/8/14 10:03 PM
by: tibor75

Bengals - Ravens Gameday Thread

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Here we go, let's see what losing our coordinators really means.

51 275 HavePityPlease 9/8/14 11:28 AM
by: BengalFanInTO

OT: LeBron and The Cleveland Browns Still Sucks

You can go back home Lebron, but you are helpless versus the Curse.Kosar, Mark Price, Harper,

2 188 hutchdaddy 9/7/14 6:41 PM
by: hutchdaddy

This is a f'ing classic


2 243 birkshnart 9/7/14 12:10 PM
by: birkshnart

Hutchdaddy's 2014 Bold Predictions

1. The Texans will make the playoffs 2. The Lions will make the Playoffs 3. The Stealers will

7 260 hutchdaddy 9/5/14 4:46 PM
by: BengalFanInNJ

Fantasy ?

If this has been asked somewhere else please forgive the new thread on it. Are we doing a

15 247 BengalRage 9/4/14 1:00 PM
by: tibor75

Paralegal cut

As expected the BJGE "era" is over.  His shining moment as a Bengal was when he

2 133 tibor75 9/1/14 4:18 PM
by: tibor75

OT: Beta Forums

Does anyone else have access to our "Beta Forums?"   If so,

9 224 zerawkid 8/31/14 5:44 PM
by: BengalsRule85

Bengals sign Burfict

This time, they took care of the defense, securing the services of Vontaze Burfict. NFL Media

12 339 WhoDey69 8/28/14 5:52 PM
by: BengalFanInTO

Wasn't impressed with the offensive line last night

Not sure about the rest of ya's, but I am not a big fan of the offensive line play so far. I

5 151 BengalFanInNJ 8/26/14 11:55 PM
by: WTFBengalsWTF
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