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You guys got hosed


Posted: 9/29/2013 4:48 PM

You guys got hosed 

Texans got fked IMO .....I saw obvious  2 hits to Schaubs head that were ignored, but they call that terrible BS on Kareem Jackson......that was not a " body slam " it was a perfect tackle ....NFL is becoming a farce, it is obvious to me that the Searags are Goodells new darlings ......

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Posted: 9/29/2013 11:15 PM

Re: You guys got hosed 

Yeah, the call on Kareem was BS. (imo)
It pretty much handed them the game winning field goal.
Shoulda never came to that though...banghead
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Posted: 9/30/2013 8:20 AM

Re: You guys got hosed 

Seriously? You gonna blame the loss on those two calls? Do you realized the Seahawks played with 3 backup OL? With such a dominant DL, Houston should have won.  eek1
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