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2 Days to Camp: Eric Berry Must Make Impact


Posted: 7/19/2014 8:43 AM

2 Days to Camp: Eric Berry Must Make Impact 


Nick Athan
Warpaint Illustrated Publisher

I’m probably going to beat a dead horse on this issue because I had hoped to skip my pre-camp thoughts on Safety, Eric Berry. I’ve already made my position very clear on his overall abilities but that doesn't mean he’s not critical to the Chiefs defensive resurgence.

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Posted: 7/20/2014 11:10 AM

Re: 2 Days to Camp: Eric Berry Must Make Impact 

Since you want to beat this dead horse than here we go.

It was 2008, playoffs for Ed Reed. He just finished with an outstanding 9 interceptions on the regular season. First round playoffs its the one year wonders that many Chiefs critics wanted to point to that the Chiefs sucked.I mean, if Chad Pennington can turn a franchise around in 1 off season the Chiefs....well that's another topic. Back on point. First round playoffs Ed Reed had 2 interceptions that were part of 4 on the day for the Ravens. Impressive. But it was Chad Pennington for crying out loud. And since like Berry and his critics we only want to focus on how he needs to be better...we'll fast forward to the next two games of that season when he faced better QBs. 0 interceptions, 0 forced fumbles, and only 1 pass deflected over 2 games. One resulted in a loss and exit from the playoffs. My point,where was this impact player when the Ravens needed him?

Against an average QB he dominated. Where was he against good QBs?

Now I'm not stupid. Ed Reed is one of the great safeties to play the game. But its real easy to pick apart a player when you just want to find a reason to nitpick. Berry has made an impact, he has made plays. Everyone gets beat. Its the freaking NFL dude.

If you want to nitpick about performance at crunch time you can nitpick the entire roster. Where was Bowe when the Chiefs needed a big time catch? Worried about not getting hurt instead of making a play. Where was DJ and his impacting plays against the Colts? Where was Tamba after Houston got hurt? You see we can play this game all day.

Fact remains Berry forced a fumble in crunch time. the ball took the luckiest bounce in favor of the Colts. But Berry made plays. His contract is that of the third highest paid safety and recognized by his peers as the second best safety regardless of idiot fan perception that he is a liability in coverage. He was the most targetted safety in the league and had top 5 numbers in coverage across several measurements.

Yeah the horse has been beating to death because people are using 3 year old arguments still.
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Posted: 7/21/2014 9:19 AM

Re: 2 Days to Camp: Eric Berry Must Make Impact 

Stop talking about horses around EB
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