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Indianapolis Colts Football

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Just got suspended for. 4 games,now who plays safety

16 195 genecolt Yesterday 11:33 PM
by: PhillipBWilson24

PinnedColts extend Mathis

I understand the Colts agreed to extend Mathis one more year so he will be a Colt next year. The

2 29 RJInda Yesterday 10:24 PM
by: supercolts99

PinnedAnybody want to vent about Landry or Rogers?

It's an obvious topic, given today's news. I know some have suggested cutting LaRon Landry, but

7 92 PhillipBWilson24 Yesterday 6:36 PM
by: PhillipBWilson24

PinnedTitans Vs. Colts Post Game Thoughts

Another outstanding performance today.

2 104 supercolts99 9/30/14 12:34 AM
by: PhillipBWilson24

PinnedAnybody on here Pacers fans?

I know we're all about Colts on here, but I'm building the Pacers message board from scratch,

7 80 PhillipBWilson24 Yesterday 12:54 PM
by: Curtis32

PinnedFleener, still have faith or patience wearing thin?

Ever since Coby Fleener arrived at his first Colts training camp, I watched him drop passes. He

17 281 PhillipBWilson24 Yesterday 11:53 PM

PinnedShould Colts stick with the run?

Sunday's game at Jacksonville is all-important. I'm wondering what kind of run-pass split you

15 221 PhillipBWilson24 9/27/14 2:25 PM
by: LuckyHorseshoe

PinnedMonday night message board chats?

I've planned on doing free message board chats on Monday nights, and wanted to make sure there

8 128 PhillipBWilson24 Yesterday 10:11 AM
by: supercolts99

PinnedColts Blitz Board Rules and Visitors

Please review Scouts TOS to understand all the Board rules for all Scout Members. I encourage

1 595 supercolts99 10/7/13 11:00 PM
by: supercolts99

Brady now knows how Manning felt

No Oline, run game etc............... Brady posting his worse numbers of career. 2 year decline

2 24 supercolts99 Today 6:50 AM
by: indykj

Around the league……Good reads...

2 34 faffy23 Yesterday 10:26 PM
by: supercolts99


Silly boy only rich white owners can go out on a bender and still stay in the NFL. Otherwise

7 96 calicolt Yesterday 10:10 PM
by: advanced32


Multiple Pages 1 2 

From "The Football Scientist" KC Joyner on ESPN: Richardson's main issue in

26 426 SOCALCOLTFAN Yesterday 8:31 AM
by: rccolts


I understand the Colts added Andrew Jackson to the active roster. I wonder if that means Freeman

3 96 RJInda 9/30/14 12:39 AM
by: PhillipBWilson24

12 Colt Quarters Banked; Best player surprise? Disappointment?

Surprise upside--Ship. And I stand corrected. Was livid at Grigson for not picking up a proven

10 169 Drljshap09 9/29/14 10:58 PM
by: calicolt

Luck tied and then broke a Peyton Manning record today

With that last TD that put the Colts up at 34 points, Andrew broke a Peyton record. He tied it

8 122 isamuelson 9/29/14 11:47 AM
by: isamuelson

Game mismanagement

Up 20-3 less than a minute before half w/ one TO left and starting on your own 20. Go into half

6 115 calicolt 9/28/14 10:28 PM
by: supercolts99

Colts Oline has finally come together

Well lets not get ahead of ourselves here but boy, it def. has looked improved with each week.

10 176 supercolts99 9/28/14 10:26 PM
by: supercolts99

Titans vs. Colts Preview

0 26 supercolts99 9/25/14 7:48 PM
by: supercolts99

Fake spike

I do not like that play.  It is like someone calling for a fair catch and then not doing it.

9 191 RevColt 9/24/14 1:25 PM
by: rccolts

Former Titans kicker Rob Bironas killed in car crash

Wow...R.I.P. Rob.  While he played for a rival and always seemed to make huge, long FGs against

4 68 jersey73 9/24/14 11:40 AM
by: RJInda


I thought Moncrief looked played well and best of all showed things you can't teach.

6 137 calicolt 9/23/14 9:27 PM
by: BlueMooner

Luck looking to make Amends

He is going to have to. The mistakes have hurt us combined with other issues but we will only go

4 64 supercolts99 9/23/14 8:18 PM
by: supercolts99

Colts Add Kelcy Quarles

Depth move for injured Jones.

7 139 supercolts99 9/23/14 8:16 PM
by: supercolts99

10 greatest RBs of all-time?

As a football junkie since as long as I can remember it's the running backs I remember the most

0 21 Jamie Newberg 9/23/14 11:24 AM
by: Jamie Newberg


Say what you want, the guy is bringing energy to the defense and has been applying pressure .

8 159 calicolt 9/23/14 7:49 AM
by: PhillipBWilson24

Holmes Inactive for Jag's game

A little disappointing. I thought he was on track to play a bit and start next weekend. On the

7 90 SOCALCOLTFAN 9/23/14 7:38 AM
by: PhillipBWilson24

2014 NFL Season Predictions

Ok Rich, you go first my friend...   Ok Colts Fans, record this year? you can break it down by

10 177 supercolts99 9/22/14 10:42 PM
by: holeymoley99

Despite 0-2 Start Colts should still win 9 Games

Interesting article on Colts winning 9 Games.

5 78 supercolts99 9/22/14 5:17 PM
by: rccolts

Colts - Jaguars Post game thoughts

Much easier to enjoy a game when we were up 30 pts at halftime.  Here my thoughts... 1.   In

3 92 Rihdus 9/22/14 1:31 PM
by: RJInda
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