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Indianapolis Colts Football

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PinnedWhat's Colts' No. 1 need ... right now ...

Is is a pass rusher or a cornerback or something else? Just curious what everybody thinks.

7 112 PhillipBWilson24 Yesterday 2:45 AM
by: IronPony1965

PinnedIf you were defensive coordinator ...

Seriously, what do you do when an offense keeps seven guys in to block? Do you drop back and

6 68 PhillipBWilson24 Today 1:05 AM
by: IronPony1965

PinnedRank the AFC's best teams right now ...

Curious what everyone is thinking. My top five right now: 1. Denver, 2. New England, 3. San

9 54 PhillipBWilson24 10/29/14 5:00 PM
by: holeymoley99

PinnedThoughts on Giants matchup?

They've had trouble protecting Eli at times, they just lost a LB for the season, and Victor Cruz

6 52 PhillipBWilson24 10/29/14 2:55 PM
by: jersey73

PinnedJust like that, mojo all gone?

I know Sunday was frustrating, but are fans really convinced the Colts are bad now? I mean, I'm

6 66 PhillipBWilson24 10/29/14 3:00 PM
by: jersey73

PinnedWhat do I have to do to get premium posts?

I'm just curious. I can't seem to generate enough comments on the premium board. Does this mean

5 42 PhillipBWilson24 10/29/14 12:56 AM
by: supercolts99

PinnedPosted some threads on Premium side

Hoping to stimulate some conversation on the Premium board. It's been too quiet lately.

1 23 PhillipBWilson24 10/23/14 2:04 PM
by: supercolts99

PinnedNew ticket plan

We’ve been working on new benefits for Premium members, and we’re excited to

1 58 PhillipBWilson24 10/16/14 2:16 PM
by: supercolts99

PinnedColts Blitz Board Rules and Visitors

Please review Scouts TOS to understand all the Board rules for all Scout Members. I encourage

1 624 supercolts99 10/7/13 11:00 PM
by: supercolts99

Vontae Davis

Guess we can now agree this guy was worth a 2nd round pick to this point?

0 31 calicolt Yesterday 6:02 PM
by: calicolt

Worse display of secondary play I have ever seen

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I cant recall a worse performance collectively by a Colts secondary ever. From top to bottom.

20 282 supercolts99 Yesterday 12:47 AM
by: IronPony1965

Colts team not a serious Super Bowl contender

Pretty obvious after Sunday's debacle against the Steelers that this Colts team is not a serious

19 186 MikeB1 10/29/14 11:08 PM
by: Rihdus

NFL Roster Series - Where players are from?

I spent the month of Sept and early Oct researching the NFL rosters and all 2,178 players and

0 8 Jamie Newberg 10/29/14 9:22 PM
by: Jamie Newberg

FA Class 2012 Part 2

In an earlier post I talked about the offensive players that were signed as FA's in 2012. Part

0 18 RJInda 10/29/14 7:02 PM
by: RJInda

2014 Midseason Report--Colts are what we thought they were....

On offense, a high-octane, explosive team with multiple game-changers sometimes limited by

6 82 Drljshap09 10/29/14 1:09 AM
by: supercolts99

Luck isnt great yet

" until he performs better and smarter, especially early in games and against top

8 128 supercolts99 10/29/14 12:55 AM
by: PhillipBWilson24

Lack of defensive talent exposed in loss to Steelers

The biggest takeaway from this game, however, should be the reminder that the Colts defense

5 70 supercolts99 10/29/14 12:33 AM
by: supercolts99

I'm just checking in to say I'm OK......

I haven't been released yet but I believe it'll happen. I appreciate all supportive calls and

1 36 advanced32 10/29/14 12:27 AM
by: PhillipBWilson24

2012 FA class lookback

The Colts made quite a splash in the FA market in 2012. Those players have been with us for 11/2

3 50 RJInda 10/29/14 12:27 AM
by: supercolts99

No excuses for this kind of loss and poor coaching

Great leadership all around, but zero answers. How did a Steelers offensive line that is

3 64 supercolts99 10/29/14 12:26 AM
by: PhillipBWilson24

Have you revised your outlook?

At the beginning of the season many of us predicted how many games we thought our Colts would

7 120 RJInda 10/27/14 9:08 PM
by: supercolts99

Early NFL MVP Race

5 108 supercolts99 10/27/14 9:05 PM
by: supercolts99

Colts Defense now a legitimate strength

Well lets still wait and see..... Been down that road havent

6 137 supercolts99 10/27/14 4:41 PM
by: jersey73

Colts-Steelers in-game thread

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

We'll chat during Sunday's Colts-Steelers game on this free thread. Look forward to the

73 225 PhillipBWilson24 10/27/14 4:10 PM
by: supercolts99


He had a rough game this week and hasn't been playing very well this year. I was looking on

3 68 RJInda 10/27/14 4:09 PM
by: supercolts99

Moncrief coming out party

We just saw the future today. Im thinking Nicks is no longer a viable option. 8 Games now and

5 84 supercolts99 10/27/14 10:08 AM
by: supercolts99

Colts-Steelers Post Game Thoughts

One week after putting together the best defensive game I have seen as a fan, the unit put

8 192 Rihdus 10/27/14 10:01 AM
by: supercolts99

Did anybody REALLY get off on our D yesterday?

....Like I did? Anybody? I am a defensive minded person. I'd rather play it...I'd rather watch

12 180 advanced32 10/26/14 7:37 PM
by: supercolts99

Phil - Walden ejection

Phil, what was the scoop with this?  It looked like there were a couple of players (not sure

11 228 RevColt 10/26/14 5:33 PM
by: calicolt

Peyton has the most talented team he has ever had

For his age , how blessed is he to have a team this good? Things happen for a reason and

1 42 supercolts99 10/26/14 3:30 PM
by: PhillipBWilson24
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