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Indianapolis Colts Football

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PinnedPosted some threads on Premium side

Hoping to stimulate some conversation on the Premium board. It's been too quiet lately.

0 0 PhillipBWilson24 Yesterday 11:31 PM
by: PhillipBWilson24

PinnedNew ticket plan

We’ve been working on new benefits for Premium members, and we’re excited to

1 46 PhillipBWilson24 10/16/14 2:16 PM
by: supercolts99

PinnedColts Blitz Board Rules and Visitors

Please review Scouts TOS to understand all the Board rules for all Scout Members. I encourage

1 612 supercolts99 10/7/13 11:00 PM
by: supercolts99

Polian path to HoF

NFL added a HoF category for contributors. The candidates for contributor do not take votes off

5 29 LuckyHorseshoe Today 12:04 AM
by: RJInda

Would you trade LaRon Landry?

Just asking out of curiosity. The Colts have paid him a lot and he doesn't seem to fit the mold

1 12 PhillipBWilson24 Today 12:01 AM
by: RJInda

Phil - Walden ejection

Phil, what was the scoop with this?  It looked like there were a couple of players (not sure

10 168 RevColt Yesterday 11:48 PM
by: calicolt

Colts @ Steelers

This is going to be a tough win. Colts Historically dont play well in the Burgh. Im looking

8 156 supercolts99 Yesterday 11:39 PM
by: PhillipBWilson24


I was looking at the snap count analysis that Colts Stampede does and I noticed that Josh

6 102 RJInda Yesterday 11:30 PM
by: PhillipBWilson24

What states/regions produce what positions in NFL -

Here is a complete breakdown of all the POSITIONS and players currently in the NFL and what

0 6 Jamie Newberg Yesterday 5:44 PM
by: Jamie Newberg

Did anybody REALLY get off on our D yesterday?

....Like I did? Anybody? I am a defensive minded person. I'd rather play it...I'd rather watch

6 78 advanced32 Yesterday 5:39 PM
by: advanced32

Who would you most like back for Bengals game?

Of the Colt players who missed the Houston game, who would you most like to see return this

9 135 RJInda Yesterday 4:26 PM
by: LuckyHorseshoe

Colts considering trades

17 319 supercolts99 Yesterday 4:22 PM
by: LuckyHorseshoe


Does anyone else feel that there is too much attention in sports today on individual records or

3 22 RJInda Yesterday 2:39 PM
by: supercolts99

If Luck was just mediocre - would we still pull for Manning?

I got to thinking how most Colts fans would feel if Luck turned out to be just average not the

9 102 MikeB1 Yesterday 2:36 PM
by: supercolts99

Pat McAfee asks Antonio Brown not to step on him

Pat cracks me up!

2 49 jersey73 Yesterday 2:35 PM
by: supercolts99

Who did our D reminds you of Sunday...a survey

A. The Visigoths sacking of Rome in the 5th Century. Hairy and dirty little visigoths running

2 40 advanced32 10/21/14 12:42 AM

The last time I watched a D performance like that....

...from a COLTS team I believe it was in 1968. I'd have to look it up, but off the top of my

8 102 advanced32 10/21/14 12:13 AM
by: supercolts99

Colts flex their AFC muscles

0 42 supercolts99 10/20/14 2:15 PM
by: supercolts99

Colts-Bengals in-game thread

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 

I'll offer observations from the Lucas Oil Stadium press box from today's Colts-Bengals game.

104 269 PhillipBWilson24 10/20/14 1:22 PM
by: PhillipBWilson24


I thought Hampton, Duerson and Singeltary all played really good today!

4 96 RJInda 10/20/14 10:45 AM
by: advanced32

Manning now the all time leader in passing TD'S

What a feat. Couldnt have happened to a better person and player. Congrats Peyton Manning.

4 69 supercolts99 10/20/14 10:27 AM
by: holeymoley99

Who has impressed you most on defense?

I'll admit the Colts' defense surprised me with its performance against Baltimore. Not trying to

17 230 PhillipBWilson24 10/19/14 1:34 PM

Early NFL MVP Race

4 90 supercolts99 10/17/14 6:06 PM
by: jersey73

Have you revised your outlook?

At the beginning of the season many of us predicted how many games we thought our Colts would

6 100 RJInda 10/17/14 11:44 AM
by: PhillipBWilson24

Spygate Revisited

A lot of information in there that I didn't know about.

3 108 jersey73 10/16/14 11:48 PM

Yardstick Game

I think the game against the Bengals is a good game to measure where are Colts are as a possible

4 63 RJInda 10/16/14 11:36 PM

Anybody else a bit wary of Bengals?

We see the Bengals are banged up, particularly at WR, we hear that Andy Dalton hasn't wowed 'em

7 88 PhillipBWilson24 10/16/14 11:35 PM

Moncrief or Nicks

Curious as to who you guys(girls are welcomed to respond as well) would rather see get more pt

5 74 RJInda 10/16/14 10:37 PM
by: RevColt

Should Colts watch out for Vontaze this weekend?

The Panthers players are saying that the Bengals LB Vontaze Burfict took several cheap shots

4 59 isamuelson 10/16/14 6:52 PM
by: rock8591

Where do NFL players come from?

There are 2,178 players in the NFL. Here's a look at w hat states, areas and counties produce

2 45 Jamie Newberg 10/16/14 2:19 PM
by: Jamie Newberg
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