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Indianapolis Colts Football

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PinnedColt Power Board Rules and Visitors

Please review Scouts TOS to understand all the Board rules for all Scout Members. I encourage

1 516 supercolts99 10/7/13 11:00 PM
by: supercolts99

Just read a guy say, Thornton may start this year

Multiple Pages 1 2 

...based how the staff sees it coming down.  If he does and he plays anything like the way he

21 437 advanced32 Today 12:14 AM

Our LG, Thomas, reinjured quad & probably out 4 year

We, and by we I mean our GM, put all his faith in a dude who....#1 has never started for a whole

1 18 advanced32 Yesterday 10:44 PM

Pagano : Colts ready to compete for SB

7 102 supercolts99 Yesterday 4:31 PM
by: indykj

How good is Andrew Luck?

This is an interesting take on Luck. I disagree with some of the writers take and the type of

1 18 supercolts99 Yesterday 4:23 PM
by: indykj

Colts Camp 2014 Info and Dates

Open Practices as follows  admission is free minus parking which is 5$ and buses are $20. Also

5 64 supercolts99 Yesterday 12:20 PM
by: supercolts99

Colts new signees.....

Trying to find depth for Ballard's loss.

0 18 supercolts99 Yesterday 12:17 PM
by: supercolts99

Ballard out for the season- Torn ACL

We lost our 3rd string rb for the season, not the worst news but not good either.

19 282 holeymoley99 7/29/14 11:22 PM
by: supercolts99

Do the Colts need a Fullback?

I asked this question about a month ago. I renew it now. Personally, I think the Colts can do

2 46 BIGDL 7/29/14 6:07 AM
by: indykj

Ben Utecht's Song To His Wife & Kids

Very sad song and video.  Ben's worried about losing his memory from multiple concussions.  So

3 160 jersey73 7/27/14 6:55 PM
by: JoeAverage

2014 NFL Weekly Schedule & Picks Spreadsheet - HYATT™

It's that time of the year again, and as has been customary, HYATT™ is once again providing an

2 70 HYATT 7/26/14 6:41 PM

Bleacher Report : what should we expect of Wayne

4 95 supercolts99 7/25/14 3:17 PM
by: supercolts99

Ron Jaworski : Andrew Luck a Top 5 QB

High praise indeed for a guy who has only 2 seasons under his belt.

8 108 supercolts99 7/25/14 3:11 PM
by: supercolts99

Where are all the people who are lurking on this blog?

I look at all the active names who are lurking on this site, and yet few if any ever post. I

6 94 BIGDL 7/25/14 3:08 PM
by: supercolts99

Colts hoping good Luck can make a SB run

0 20 supercolts99 7/22/14 7:19 PM
by: supercolts99

Yahoo AFC South Preview

0 34 supercolts99 7/22/14 7:16 PM
by: supercolts99

The 53 players by position

I am not about to get into the personalities of who makes the team at the end of pre season (

8 120 BIGDL 7/21/14 7:47 PM
by: advanced32

UPDATE: LaVon Brazill CUT!!!

Violating substance abuse policy again.  JUST CUT HIM NOW!  Not a smart person at all!

13 327 jersey73 7/13/14 1:02 PM
by: ckIN64

2014 Colts preview FOX

0 116 supercolts99 7/12/14 1:17 PM
by: supercolts99

For those of you who think TR was to blame...

thornton gets discarded by the tackle (red box) while te’o (orange circle) reads the

1 121 advanced32 7/11/14 1:45 AM

Its time for a history lesson...Today...Soccer

Soccer or football, as everyone else in the world calls it, is the worlds most popular sport

5 174 advanced32 7/6/14 12:18 AM

Brandon Flowers

I mean if we can get him for cheap.....

8 353 ColtsMavsFan 7/2/14 11:32 PM
by: calicolt

1999 - 2000 it out

As the resident Colts & Rams fan on the board, that year was special for me as the

1 92 jersey73 7/1/14 9:49 AM
by: supercolts99

The Colts can't be happy with Landry right now

Landry: paid like a difference making defensive player, played like crap in the second half

4 276 BIGDL 6/21/14 6:25 PM
by: ColtsMavsFan

Mike Adams signed

Big pick up that fills our biggest hole.  Made my day.

9 377 holeymoley99 6/21/14 4:04 PM
by: ColtsMavsFan

Time to brag...on myself

Was checking out something and found where I was suggesting last year that we trade back from

8 225 advanced32 6/17/14 10:16 PM
by: advanced32

Dallas Clark to retire as a Colt on Wednesday

Will always remember some of those great clutch catches.  Like the one handed one for a TD

5 168 jersey73 6/17/14 1:30 PM
by: advanced32

Marvin Harrison helps stranger

0 89 supercolts99 6/17/14 10:59 AM
by: supercolts99

Legendary coach Chuck Noll, dead at 82

2 103 jersey73 6/15/14 4:35 AM

Is #14 really that Steve Urkel?

When I first saw this picture I thought Nicks's TShirt was his gym shorts pulled up. I laughed

1 149 advanced32 6/13/14 2:42 PM
by: supercolts99
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