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Re: Notre Dame Recruiting Board 2014


Posted: 2/8/2013 6:42 PM

Re: Notre Dame Recruiting Board 2014 

DBG46 wrote: In the opinion of those more knowledgeable about recruiting than me, who are the Must-gets in 2014, and who are the Want-to-gets?  These lists might be different.

Depends on your definition on those "must gets" because I dislike the term. To me the real only "must get" from 2013 was Jaylon Smith. 

You can see how highly ND rated Dawkins as he is the lone QB offer. ND is doing well with tons of good OL and DL. The stuff really likes some kids like Enoch Smith Jr and is putting a lot of effort in Elijah Hood. That said, ND needs some good ILB this class so I would think getting at least one more of the staff's top priorities like Morgan would be nice. 

"If you were there no explanation is necessary. If you weren't no explanation is satisfactory. "
~Lou Holtz
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