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Big Ten Alum Makes First SEC Trip to BR - Expectations SURPASSED

Posted: 11/5/2012 1:40 PM

Big Ten Alum Makes First SEC Trip to BR - Expectations SURPASSED 

Had a wonderful time at the tailgates and in the stands. Will not soon be forgetting the experience.
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Posted: 11/6/2012 9:27 AM

Re: Big Ten Alum Makes First SEC Trip to BR - Expectations 

Good damn article ! I'm glad to hear you had a great experience at Baton Rouge and LSU's Death Valley.Thanks for sharing....biggrin

By the way,love the photos....yes indeed !

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Posted: 11/6/2012 9:32 AM

Re: The Tailgate 

Sports Rapport:

This past June, I read Dixeland Delight, a book by Clay Travis in which he traveled to every SEC stadium in one season. As I turned the pages, I realized three things:

1) I had to go to travel to my first SEC game this season. (I’ve been to three bowl games where Wisconsin played SEC teams – Auburn, Arkansas, and Tennessee, but I wanted to see an intra SEC matchup in its natural habitat.)

2) I had to go to a night game at LSU.

3) That game had to be against Alabama.

Everything about the experience surpassed my very lofty expectations.

The Tailgate

As I was boarding my Friday flight from Chicago to New Orleans, the airport television showed clips of diametrically opposite Obama and Romney responses to the exact same data set in that day’s jobs report. I laughed about it and made some joke with the two people in front of me in line. We started talking, I told them that I was headed down South to see Bama-LSU, and my new friend Dennis said that he was also going to the game and invited me to his tailgate where they would be roasting a pig and cooking a full cauldron of jambalaya. Yes please.


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Posted: 11/11/2012 10:12 PM

RE: Big Ten Alum Makes First SEC Trip to BR - Expectations SURPA 

People in the South love football and just love sharing it with other people. Glad you had a great time.
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