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Broncos Hardcore

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PinnedProblem posting links?

I know a few of you have emailed me about not being able to post links.  1. First make sure

5 242 BigBronco 1/22/14 4:58 PM
by: BigBronco

Pinned and LockedRules Of Conduct For This Board

The BroncoReport Message Boards are a public forum and, while we encourage a free flow of

0 1020 BigBronco 11/16/11 11:18 AM
by: BigBronco

Wes Welker back at practice, 95%

He will be a game time decision, but it looks like we will get him back for Sunday night. I'm

1 4 BigBronco Today 7:20 PM
by: broncofan555555

Raiders have oldest roster in NFL

Link Can't someone in the front office see the problem here? Veterans are one thing, but

1 15 BigBronco Today 7:13 PM
by: broncofan555555

Season Countdown Thread

Multiple Pages 1 2 

44 days.

49 378 TheRealMoose Today 9:37 AM
by: TheRealMoose

Stephen Hill released by New York Jets

a look? Sanchez then Geno? I mean the guy never got a real shot to grow under a QB.

3 50 BigBronco Today 8:53 AM
by: cubuffintx

Broncos cut Duke Ihenacho and Vickerson, Dysert

man the chopping block is ugly today

9 102 BigBronco Today 8:47 AM
by: cubuffintx

Saints waive Champ Bailey

Just resign the 1 day and call it done Champ. His family is still in Denver.

2 47 BigBronco Today 8:44 AM
by: cubuffintx

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0 0 beahouse Yesterday 9:52 PM
by: beahouse

Chiefs signed Smith to a 4 year 45ml deal.

This just in.... Von miller automatically wins the NFL Defensive player of the year for the next

1 28 BigBronco Yesterday 8:26 PM
by: broncofan555555

first preseason to survive the injury bug to our core starters

Did I just jinx us?  first time in five years I heard.

3 64 BigBronco Yesterday 8:52 AM
by: Heyward4MVP

Matt prater suspended

Apparently for failing a sobriety test after a DUI a few years ago. Get this.... 4 games. So

15 164 leafh8tr 8/27/14 8:08 PM
by: broncofan555555

Could Welkers career be over ?

3 concussions in 9 months, that might be enough

3 86 cubuffintx 8/26/14 8:40 PM
by: Heyward4MVP

Season Prediction Thread

I usually wait until after the 3rd preseason game (the supposed "test run" game) to

3 69 Thuro 8/26/14 5:10 PM
by: TheRealMoose


I said when he was a senior and we were discussing QB's to draft that I thought RGIII was not

3 52 cubuffintx 8/25/14 5:42 PM
by: cubuffintx

Bradley Roby CB "The Ohio St. University"

Perhaps the best pure athlete at the position available. 5-9 195 4.34 - forty He had a well

21 485 cubuffintx 8/25/14 8:03 AM
by: TheRealMoose

Sanders looked very at home against Texas...

As mostly predicteded, it appears as if Sanders will thrive with Peyton throwing to him.

0 20 RaZeRbLaDeS 8/24/14 7:41 PM
by: RaZeRbLaDeS

New Forums

Everyone have a chance to check them out? If not, go to the main page and click on "Beta

0 27 TheRealMoose 8/22/14 10:31 AM
by: TheRealMoose

Back to the Future?

The haunting similarity between last night's Stupor Bowl and SBs XXI, XXII and XXIV has me

7 221 frankinphoenix 8/20/14 11:04 AM
by: frankinphoenix

Brock Talk

Osweiler looked pretty damn good in the time he had... Thoughts?

7 111 RaZeRbLaDeS 8/20/14 5:37 AM
by: cubuffintx

Some things change, the Raiders stay the same

0 30 cubuffintx 8/19/14 12:28 PM
by: cubuffintx

First Bronco Game vs. Colts

Ok, me and two buddies are flying out and meeting a friend for the Broncos vs Colts game.  I'm a

3 59 Fighter59 8/18/14 10:25 PM
by: Fighter59

Trevathan Injured

Knee was injured after someone rolled into it.  Carted off the field and couldn't put any weight

10 130 leafh8tr 8/18/14 7:59 PM
by: Heyward4MVP

Matt Schaub

I did not see the game, but analysts say that Matt Schaub was less than awe inspiring in his

1 68 broncofan555555 8/15/14 3:12 PM
by: RaZeRbLaDeS

Suggested 53 Man Roster

0 59 broncofan555555 8/12/14 12:31 AM
by: broncofan555555


How do you like my cousin Kennychukwu Annunike??  He is a beast and has so much untapped

2 87 sosublime 8/11/14 12:25 PM
by: cubuffintx

1st Preseason game

Didnt get a chance to watch/record.  Recognizing that the starters probably played 1 series, did

5 124 leafh8tr 8/8/14 7:38 PM
by: Heyward4MVP

The Dynamic Duo

LINK Assigning multiple blockers to both Ware and Miller is not an attractive option for

0 52 TheRealMoose 8/7/14 2:28 PM
by: TheRealMoose

Hillman - Why the double standard?

I read an article about Hillman :

7 150 Thuro 8/6/14 9:42 PM
by: Slowkill

Montee Ball - Not available til reg. season opener

Having an emergency appendectomy today. Out til the start of the season, but thinks getting back

6 120 TheRealMoose 8/6/14 9:32 PM
by: Slowkill

First Depth Chart Released

LINK OFFENSE WR- Demaryius Thomas, Andre Caldwell, Greg Wilson, Bennie Fowler

1 100 TheRealMoose 8/4/14 8:13 AM
by: broncofan555555

Raiders Looking at San Antonio

Yes, the owner is considering moving the team to San Antonio.    I think this is about as likely

5 93 broncofan555555 7/31/14 7:03 AM
by: Thuro

Terry Bradshaw really annoys me!

His latest comment was that Peyton Manning is ok if you like a good regular season quarterback

12 332 sandyw123 7/30/14 11:53 AM
by: Gronktastic

Camp Updates

Heard/saw something from the media about camp? Post it in this thread. Also: Anyone going to

2 182 TheRealMoose 7/26/14 7:33 AM
by: Heyward4MVP

2014 NFL Weekly Schedule & Picks Spreadsheet - HYATT™

It's that time of the year again, and as has been customary, HYATT™ is once again providing an

0 69 HYATT 7/25/14 10:28 PM

Several Topics

Heard on Andy Lindahl show that Cody Latimer looks pretty exciting in camp.       I only got

1 80 broncofan555555 7/25/14 8:42 AM
by: TheRealMoose

Ray Rice - 2 game suspension

... for knocking his fiancee out cold, then dragging her from an elevator. ALL OF IT ON TAPE.

2 86 TheRealMoose 7/24/14 1:57 PM
by: leafh8tr

Bowlen resigns

No, sadly, this is not a joke. It's the day we've all known was coming for some time. Bowlen

6 162 TheRealMoose 7/24/14 7:36 AM
by: TheRealMoose

Las Vegas Oddsmakers

Well, the gambling world has the Broncos and the Seahawks as the odds-on favorites in the NFL to

0 63 broncofan555555 7/23/14 9:09 PM
by: broncofan555555

Tony Dungy

Look I will be upfront and say I am probably in the minority when I say I agree with him.

8 208 cubuffintx 7/23/14 7:14 AM
by: TheRealMoose

Mr. B

As has been speculated for years it was revealed that Pat Bowlen is suffering from Alzheimers

1 70 cubuffintx 7/23/14 7:05 AM
by: NittanyBuff

The Bears End the Suspense

After the major trade with Chicago and Denver for Jay Cutler, things have gone ok in the Windy

6 143 broncofan555555 7/22/14 7:17 PM
by: Heyward4MVP

We take you to Bills Camp

Where their prize DT Marcell Dareus has decided that its ok to show up to camp and fail your

1 63 cubuffintx 7/22/14 1:27 PM
by: TheRealMoose

Primed to Regress

On NFL dot com, there was an article on players primed to regress this year.    Three of the

3 147 broncofan555555 7/22/14 11:32 AM
by: cubuffintx

Cody Latimer

On NFL dot com, it projected Cody to be a 4-5 round pick.    I am quite mystified that we traded

19 705 broncofan555555 7/14/14 5:25 AM
by: cubuffintx

Aqib Talib

The news  reported that Aqib was arrested by the Dallas police for drunken and disorderly

10 266 broncofan555555 7/13/14 7:40 AM
by: cubuffintx

Del Rio gets his wish list

Jack Del Rio says his wish list at the beginning of the off season included getting a dominant

23 446 broncofan555555 7/7/14 7:42 AM
by: TheRealMoose

Washington Redskins

We have addressed this subject before, but the attack on the Redskin name is now in full court

14 228 broncofan555555 6/24/14 8:48 AM
by: SoDakota

Jonathan Franklin to retire

This is a sad deal, I actually thought before last years draft for the Broncos scheme that

1 137 cubuffintx 6/24/14 7:57 AM
by: TheRealMoose

Top Active QBs

Who would you name as the top QBs now active in the league?  Just read an article that rated

6 214 broncofan555555 6/19/14 6:48 PM
by: Heyward4MVP
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