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Broncos Hardcore

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PinnedProblem posting links?

I know a few of you have emailed me about not being able to post links.  1. First make sure

5 151 BigBronco 1/22/14 4:58 PM
by: BigBronco

Pinned and LockedRules Of Conduct For This Board

The BroncoReport Message Boards are a public forum and, while we encourage a free flow of

0 919 BigBronco 11/16/11 11:18 AM
by: BigBronco

Peyton says Montee is ready

PM express confidence that Montee Ball is ready to be Denver's starting RB.    I sure hope that

13 119 broncofan555555 Today 7:27 AM
by: cubuffintx

General Comments

I wanted to post on several matters.     I have read that Manning has been working out with his

1 47 broncofan555555 Yesterday 12:29 PM
by: cubuffintx

Chris Johnson

I doubt that this will happen, but Doug Ottewill, the Editor of Mile High Sports is urging the

24 263 broncofan555555 Yesterday 12:17 PM
by: cubuffintx

Mock Draft 2.0

Here is my mock draft 2.0 I have the Broncos with WR Brandin Cooks. Who would you like to

19 237 Jamie Newberg 4/15/14 11:29 PM
by: broncofan555555

Matt Schaub

Chris Wessling had an interesting article on Schaub.    He is skeptical about the Oakland

2 54 broncofan555555 4/13/14 6:25 PM
by: RaZeRbLaDeS

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0 22 mattbrew01 4/11/14 9:01 PM
by: mattbrew01

Brock Osweiler

Mike Klis of the Denver Post argues that Brock Osweiler may never play for the Denver

3 84 broncofan555555 4/10/14 5:38 AM
by: cubuffintx

Manning and his receiving corps

3 78 broncofan555555 4/9/14 1:59 PM
by: Heyward4MVP

Christ Wessling's Summary of Free Agency for the AFCW

His analysis of the off season in the AFC is that "John Elway is playing chess against Bill

2 89 broncofan555555 4/8/14 6:07 PM
by: randymon

Coach Fox

Mike Klis has noted that the contract with John Fox is up after the 2014 season, and he has not

9 154 broncofan555555 4/5/14 10:16 AM
by: broncofan555555

Champ to the Saints....

2-year deal, no terms. Dont figure it to be a ton of money but good for him. Unlike some,

3 77 Heyward4MVP 4/4/14 10:05 PM
by: Heyward4MVP

Broncos sign Will Montgomery.

Broncos agreed to terms with C Will Montgomery, formerly of the Redskins, on a one-year

22 260 Heyward4MVP 4/4/14 12:30 PM
by: randymon

The Biggest Fool in Franchise History

We can have some fun with this.   The article ranks the "biggest fool" in each

3 117 broncofan555555 4/4/14 9:48 AM
by: leafh8tr

Orlando Franklin

Orlando Franklin according to an article I read tweeted an angry tweet apparently about the

11 149 broncofan555555 4/2/14 1:20 PM
by: SoDakota

What do you think?

Here is an article on the upcoming draft:

9 161 broncofan555555 4/2/14 7:24 AM
by: Westsiders13

DeShaun Jackson

... in negotiations with the Broncos. Looking at a two  year "prove-it" type deal.

9 175 TheRealMoose 4/1/14 6:55 PM
by: broncofan555555

I call BS on this story...

7 196 frankinphoenix 3/31/14 8:53 AM
by: TheRealMoose

Free Agency Rumors Thread

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

Mike Mitchell

145 639 SoDakota 3/30/14 11:47 AM
by: broncofan555555

2 million dollars Moreno or MJD ??? what say ye ?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I love Knowshon he is one tough SOB, that said as bad as J-ville was on offense last year MJD

72 448 cubuffintx 3/29/14 9:40 AM
by: randymon

Knowshon Moreno

First and foremost I want say Thank You to Knowshon Moreno he had a lot of bad luck early in his

1 62 cubuffintx 3/28/14 9:23 AM
by: randymon

Did we choose wisely?

In the movie "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade," Indy squared off with his nemesis

11 172 broncofan555555 3/27/14 6:06 PM
by: broncofan555555

Let's Make A Guess for #31

I would like to start a thread on who the Broncos will draft at the #31 spot, realizing that

11 197 broncofan555555 3/26/14 6:28 PM
by: randymon

Odell Beckham, WR, LSU anyone?

More I read about him the more I'd like to see a physical catch-everything receiver on the

5 108 frankinphoenix 3/26/14 9:52 AM
by: cubuffintx


Given Ben Tate's $7M/2yr deal, I would think Moreno is affordable to bring back.  Tate was

20 339 SoDakota 3/25/14 2:59 PM
by: frankinphoenix

Oakland Faders

Just read on NFL dot com that the Faders expect to be looking to land a ton of free agents with

11 236 broncofan555555 3/25/14 2:43 PM
by: broncofan555555


Just getting this down in writing... if Blake Bortles is still on the board at #20 the Cardinals

6 128 frankinphoenix 3/24/14 4:38 PM
by: frankinphoenix

Draft needs?

So what do we think the Broncos need to do in the draft? Here's my position wish list, in some

22 326 frankinphoenix 3/21/14 1:28 PM
by: randymon

Bears to release WR Earl Bennett..

..according to Any takers?

5 108 frankinphoenix 3/18/14 5:59 PM
by: TheRealMoose

Emmanuel Sanders signed! we just got a ton Better

34 479 BigBronco 3/18/14 5:20 PM
by: TheRealMoose

Robert Ayers visiting Cincinnati today..

I was kinda hoping to keep him in Denver.

5 92 frankinphoenix 3/18/14 4:22 PM
by: frankinphoenix


By this I mean either I'd like to see them gone, or I don't care if they leave: Bailey

9 193 frankinphoenix 3/18/14 2:06 PM
by: frankinphoenix

John Elway--Bronco Fans Should Be Very Happy

Not only did John Elway provide us with many years of exciting football when he was on the

0 56 broncofan555555 3/17/14 3:41 PM
by: broncofan555555 Mock Draft 1.0 - Broncos with...

... WR Jordan Matthews.

28 341 Jamie Newberg 3/17/14 3:06 PM
by: frankinphoenix

Need to get better on the O line?

With all the D signings the last few days, how can we get better on the O line to protect

18 264 daskon 3/17/14 5:44 AM
by: cubuffintx

Adam Shien:the Broncos were actively speaking to Steve Smith

I'm all for it, if we can find the money.

22 319 BigBronco 3/15/14 10:17 AM
by: broncofan555555

Aqib Talib?

Someone on facebook said, per Shefter, we got him 6yrs for 57 mil....Anyone hearing this, I cant

31 436 RaZeRbLaDeS 3/14/14 9:04 AM
by: Heyward4MVP

Vince Wilfork asks Patriots to release him

This is one I didn't see coming, if the big Man gets his way and is released, they happen to

7 135 cubuffintx 3/13/14 8:35 PM
by: randymon

Decker to the Jets

The guy pulled down $36.5 million.    He will be their number 1 receiver.    This was a SHOCKER

6 124 broncofan555555 3/13/14 11:11 AM
by: broncofan555555

DWare signed

20mill 3 yrs according to Rappaport

15 315 cubuffintx 3/12/14 1:57 PM
by: KSadler1

Seahawks release DE Chris Clemons

I'd take him over Allen if we're still looking at DEs....

0 73 frankinphoenix 3/12/14 12:34 PM
by: frankinphoenix

Dansby to Browns.. bummer

So how do we feel about LaMarr Woodley?

9 172 frankinphoenix 3/12/14 12:20 PM
by: SoDakota

2014 NFL Draft Top 100 - 3/12/14

Here's a long notebook overlooking each position of the NFL Draft Top 100 with links

0 54 Jamie Newberg 3/12/14 8:30 AM
by: Jamie Newberg

Jared Allen is on a plane to Denver

Per multiple sources, make it 2 before the days end ?

8 221 cubuffintx 3/12/14 7:12 AM
by: frankinphoenix

Kuper retires.

Per the DP. Not a surprising move, just cant physically hold up anymore. Around 29-30 mil

4 98 Heyward4MVP 3/11/14 3:25 AM
by: cubuffintx

Champ Bailey released....

Lionel Bienveno @lionelbienvenu Broncos and Champ Bailey discussed a salary reduction this

29 302 Heyward4MVP 3/10/14 8:47 PM
by: frankinphoenix


According to Peter King of, the Broncos are likely to resign DRC due to the fact

0 68 broncofan555555 3/10/14 2:13 PM
by: broncofan555555

Odds we resign Decker

Any thoughts on us resigning Decker, maybe they can sign him for that 7-8 per year, with the

5 130 peytonajohns 3/9/14 3:30 PM
by: Heyward4MVP


Saints are shopping him, and could possibly cut him as soon as today. He's got the return

7 119 TheRealMoose 3/8/14 11:00 AM
by: SoDakota
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