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Skyler Howard

Posted: 10/20/2013 10:17 PM

Skyler Howard 

It looks like the RCC freshman QB is starting to find groove in CRaft's offense. The kid has thrown for over 600 yards in the last 2 games.

It was great to watch ELCO stuffing the line, trying to stop the run and ended up getting burned with some long bombs.

I think things are looking much better for RCC now. If they could only cut back allowing too many passing yards. Their corners are questionable. :/

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Posted: 10/21/2013 9:45 AM

Re: Skyler Howard 

I'm really impressed with Howard's arm strength, his accuracy on the deep ball and his ability to threaten the defense with his mobility.  He looks like he might run, the defensive back gets caught looking into the backfield, and then he just airmails it to those speedy receivers.  It is amazing to watch those guys just run by the defensive backs and run under the ball.  Obviously, RCC has got some receivers with greater speed and athleticism than a lot of the teams who are trying to cover them do in the defensive backfield.

The one thing that really strikes me about this highlight film is the number of deep passes on it. There are not a great number of short to intermediate balls being thrown, like we saw over the past three seasons.  I think that Coach Craft has done an excellent job of taking the pressure off of the young freshman with the running game.  This has allowed him to put up big numbers without actually having to carry the offense. He's not ending up in third and long very much, having to complete a ball when everyone in the stadium knows that he is going to throw it. This shows up in his completion percentage and his touchdown to interception ratio.  Look at his yards per attempt and yards per completion stats.  You can tell by looking at those that a large number of his completions go for big yardage.  The Tigers' ability to run the football is providing Howard with lots of opportunities against man coverage, and he has the arm and touch to take advantage. He may well exceed the program records for yardage and TDs with less passing attempts than we are used to seeing.

I can only guess that the Tigers had a harder time running the ball than usual against Fullerton and that the Hornets were able to take away the deep ball better than others have done this season.  The one statistic that stuck out the most to me was that RCC got the ball six times on turnovers and were only able to convert twice.  Having not seen it, I would imagine that the Tigers were forced into having to make first downs in the passing game and couldn't get it done.  I would imagine that if Howard stays for another year - and I am betting he does - we will see the short to intermediate passing attack of the Tigers next season that we've seen in previous versions. For now, the game plan of every defensive coordinator in California will be to slow down the running game, put the Tigers in difficult down and distance situations and keep those speedy receivers in front of the defensive backs.  If you let them get behind you, it's over.
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