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Heather Buck


Posted: 2/1/2012 9:25 AM

Heather Buck 

I really have not been following the Lady Huskies that closely, but what I have seen is that Heather Buck is no longer much of a part of the rotation of the Husky bigs. I knew she had hurt her wrist, and was out for a bit, but now it seems that she is no more than a garbage time player. She had battled Brittany Griner, when they played Baylor, but not it seems that she is nothing more than a spare part, and not an important one at that. It's sad to see. I had followed her career from Stonington to Storrs, and had hoped that she would be an asset to the program, especially once Tina Charles had graduated. Alas, it has turned out not to be. With this development, will it sour Geno on recruiting instate kids to play, at Storrs. It appears that instate kids, with the exception of a Jennifer Rizzotti, and Maria Conlon have not really been major contributors. What does this say for Connecticut high school basketball programs?

Finally, it's over, and I can walk away knowing I did a good job.
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Posted: 2/4/2012 12:55 PM

Re: Heather Buck 

There are only a handful of Connecticut high school basketball players that can even play at the level needed against high-caliber Division I competition. Nothing is wrong with the programs across the state which produce numerous players that compete at Division I programs across the country. It should not be judged based on one example. It took Conlon nearly 2 plus years to become a important piece to the puzzle.

One things which CT needs to change is having a shot clock. Geno has often said that not having a shot clock is the one thing which he would like changed. 

In regards to Heather, the injury came just at the wrong time, and now Kiah Stokes has started to develop in the player that the coaching staff envisioned her to be from reading several articles over the past month.

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